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I think

Yeah, I prefer facts over feelz.

aligh perfectly

Let's see your data then.

The documents shown do not provide any evidence for biowepaons. What facts have made you believe that those are bioweapon labs?

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I haven't watched it. I am not the one claiming that the movie shows evidence of criminal behavior.

Are you confusing me with someone else?

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Wait I thought I was a Nazi.

Make up your mind.

Why do you love killing Ukrainians so much?

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Has anything that has been presented in the movie been reported to the FBI yet or been part of a lawsuit that claimed election fraud?

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election integrity and related crimes are out of local police jurisdiction

report it to the FBI then. Why haven't you?

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You have to pretend overthrowing the democratically elected PM and installing Soros'cousin zelensky as a puppet regime never happened.

Correct. That only happened in the minds of Russian retards and their useful idiots.

Nobody fucking said that, pathetic thieving liar


Putin explicitly denied that Ukraine was a sovereign nation.

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If the movie shows evidence of crimes, the normal thing to do would be to report the crime.

Has anyone done it yet?

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You mean Ukraine?

Yes, I mean Ukraine which was invaded by Russia.

The fuck are you talking about shill?

I am talking about Putin openly stating that Ukraine should not exist. Pay some attention.

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Please watch it and then please file a police report with all the "evidence".

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2 more weeks! Pillowguy, Crazy Lady, and Leakin' Rudy will release the Kraken any time soon! Please donate here!

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Preventing Ukraine from becoming a NATO military pawn is the most vital of vital interests to Russian leaders.

Here you go. Forget about denazification, Andrenochrome harvesting plants, Nazi Bioweapon labs or "protecting" its colonies.

Russia wants to dictate to Ukraine who they can ally with. That is what this farce is all about.

Thank you for your honesty.

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Russia is getting their asses kicked in a blundered invasion of Ukraine and somehow, this is the fault of The West.

I guess that Ukraine should just roll over and die. Is that what you want?

Nobody asked Russia to invade. Threatening nuclear war is solely on Russia, nobody else. Russia wanted this war and now they have to deal with it.

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Stonehenge was mentioned in 12th-century writings. You think they faked Stonehenge back then to "make money"?

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Those pictures are from well-documented restorations undertaken in the 20th century.

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On Sunday Morning True the Vote published this alarming post on their Facebook account.


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  1. Invade another country

  2. Set up two colonies in that country, annex another part of it

  3. Try to repeat the same shit again years later after spending years telling your people how that country belongs to you and should not even exist.

Sounds pretty imperialistic to me.

Today will be an embarassing day for you guys.

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