So I got my corona vaccine yesterday and I believe they gave me a fake one.

I am still alive, haven't turned blind, didn't become a zombie, no blood clots, facial paralysis, and keys won't stick to my arm.

I can only conclude that the "vaccine" they gave me was just water.

Why would they do that? Why single me out and exclude me from the Great Reset Depopulation Plan?


Gone for months. Axo doesn't care about moderating anymore as well.

Are they busy with something else?

He also has a Cuban sex slave who has been living with him since the boy was 12 but apparently, that is all A-OK since he isn't a Democrat.



Someone fucked up the site setup and hasn't even noticed yet.

This is just too funny.

Protip: when you make a change to your website, do a full regression test.

Edit: after two months of fucking up and not even noticing that new users could not post, they fixed it today after getting some very strong hints by me but of course not before insulting me.

Fucking amateurs

I remember it very well.

We do agree that such a demographic would be highly dangerous and problematic, right?

I just noticed that there are now word filters and posts with specific keywords are being automatically removed.

I just thought you might find this interesting.


How much has Trump given to Israel? (media.conspiracies.win)
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