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this is retarded, every single aspect of the people who push the propaganda resisted the chinese lab leak for over a year until the faucci emails got FOIA'ed...

they called you racist for even thinking it.

then suddenly once we all got to see proof that not only did they know, but they fucking funded it... then and only then did they dust off john stewart from the basement and march him onto the daily show with his old pal steven colbert to make "hershey's factory" analogies.

they only admitted it when they couldn't deny it anymore...

and now you think that because we forced the admission that the admission is the thing we should be suspicious of?

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The beauty of the oil/concentrate pens is you can titrate your dosage to exactly what you're looking to get.

It's ideal for microdosing.

THC is THC, if you smoke it your body breaks it down differently than if you eat it.

Same drug.

If you live in a state where it's rec legal, buy yourself a rec legal cart and give it a try. i'd suggest sativa derived live resin but honestly with concentrates most of the CBD gets pulled out anyway leaving you with mostly THC like you get with sativas.

I'm a big fan of the cerebral "high" over the body buzz, so i stick to the sativa strains, but if you need pain relief or help sleeping... go with indica strains.

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I honestly don't believe that at all, THC has a pretty well documented baseline for how long it takes your body to process it after it enters your body.

obviously smoking it is different than eating it, but smoking is gone in 4 hours tops.

and i'm not sure about the "you don't even get high anymore", i smoke all day for years with an oil pen and i get high every single time.

i microdose during the day to remain "undercover" then as soon as i get off work i'm high as fuck.

wake up the next morning sober as can be.

eating pot takes a LONG time to process through your body, crashes on you in waves as your body attempts to break it all down through your liver into a mildly hallucinogenic form of THC. it's completely different from smoking/vaping.

either way, my point is that when you talk about testing for pot... they are testing for INNACTIVE metabolites, not ACTIVE metabolites, and they do this to screw people out of the workers comp claims they are entitled to when being hurt on the job.

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Tell me you've never smoked weed without telling me you've never smoked weed.

You can't honestly believe that someone will stay high from smoking weed after sleeping 6 hours...

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Straight up no bullshit, if you want any advice i'm happy to help in DM's

Based on world events i'd say get things liveable asap... even if it's glamping level liveable... have a place to go.

my first place (this place) i used an old RV and parked it on the lot while i built the polebarn to park it in.

once the polebarn was up i focused on getting "hookups" for the RV installed ASAP. solar on the roof, well, septic.

once that was done, even if shit had hit the fan (and it sorta did on a personal level) i had a safe place to live with almost zero bills.

if you can do this it's a huge weight off your shoulders and it gives you a spot to live while you build out your house.

i ended up building a kitchenette and a bathroom against the back wall of the polebarn to make RV life easier...

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if i smoke a joint three weeks ago with my friend, then take a drug test today, i would "test positive" for inactive THC metabolites.

they don't test for ACTIVE metabolites, they test for INNACTIVE ones.

this is because they developed all the tests to screw people on probation and for insurance companies to deny your "i got hurt at work" claims by claiming you were stoned off your ass when you got hurt because you toked a joint at a concert a month ago.

there is a difference between being high at work, and being someone who has a job that smokes when they are off the clock.

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All the dystopian novels are coming true, but Atlas Shrugged may indeed be the ultimate forewarning for what is to come.

Everyone i know who has money who was living in the city has purchased land over the last 5 years and moved far into the country. States like Texas and Florida are getting all of the attention but a majority of people i know moved to the Dakotas, Idaho, Nebraska, Utah, Alaska, etc...

Years and years ago i moved away from detroit into the UP of michigan, as of 2 years ago i started looking at property, just before covid hit i purchased land in one of the states i just mentioned above.

Before the Snow flies this year i'll be dried in with power, water, and septic up and running... it's not going to be a posh mansion, it will however be a functioning working compound/homestead easily able to support a dozen or more of my family and close friends.

Most of the people i know who have the funds are doing the same thing.

Quitting their jobs in the city, liquidating all their assets, removing themselves from the evil machine that is grinding everyone down.

There is a reason the deep state spiked lumber and construction prices.

There is a reason they are attacking states like Texas and Florida...

Shipping is next, they will prioritize cities and try to starve out the rural areas.

When all that is left for them are the worthless, the moochers, the looters, the droves of degenerates with their hands out...

they will devolve at an accelerated rate, destroying themselves...

when they come for you, where will you be?

I'll be set up to live without them, all the smartest people are doing the same thing.

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the whole thing was a waste of time till the end where he's claiming something in south africa, china, and near Colorado will happen today (the 18th of july).

i guess we'll find out, i'm not holding my breath, sounds like the ramblings of a madman.

however if something does happen today then we'll know that it has something to do with dimensional beings who are working with world governments and military.

there... i just saved people a lot of reading.

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The "pipe bomb threat" was a fucking movie prop.

Look at the pics they posted online of the "device" they found.

...could you pick a bigger fucking clock?

Mr. DeMille, I m Ready for My Close Up https://youtu.be/zIcC8YJrevQ?t=15

Seriously go on amazon right now and look at egg timers... there's like a 1000 of them. now try to find one bigger than the one used in the making of that "device"

Good luck i tried.

Fucking glaring white god damned sundials supposedly used to construct a "covert device"


But hey lets just say this is what they say it is... it's an actual device planted by actual people looking to do actual harm.

...sooooo can someone fucking explain to me why you build a device with a 1 hour timer for a device you planted half a dozen hours before people were going to be there?

1 hour timer somehow magically set to go off 6 hours later... but nobody seems to notice that and i'm a "crazy conspiracy theorist" for even noticing.

This was one of the most blatantly fake pieces of propaganda i've ever seen and it's directly tied to the jan 6th Reichstag fire.

Remember the "Q bomber" with his perfectly placed brand new bumper stickers covering his white free candy van?

Those "bombs" were fake as fuck to, but you were never supposed to find out about that. Some bombtech at one of the places who received them fucked up and didn't get approval from his handlers when he posted the x-ray of one of the devices...

Once the pics went up on the web bombtechs and "hobbyists" from all over the world started calling them out on their bullshit because it was clear to anyone who's ever dabbled with even backyard fireworks that these devices were completely inert and weren't capable of hurting anyone.

They were also movie props and that story was also quickly memory holed the instant the narrative fell apart and the bombs were exposed as being faker than 90's pornstar titties.

So was the jan 6th devices.

Fake and gay.

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oddly enough what supports this theory the most IMO is that one of the first and only "facts" the media presented about this guy was that he supposedly scouted out multiple locations for this shooting... the one they always use as an example is some rap concert.

IMO that is being fed to the public as a distraction to attempt to take focus away from the fact that this was a country music concert being shot up shortly after trump won. He was targeting a country music concert because most country fans are trump voters... mockingbird intentionally presents "evidence" that he considered shooting black people so people would be less likely to consider the actual motive.

to this day if you mention that there are pics of him in a bernie shirt and that he was targeting trump supporters the first thing people say is "but he can't be anti-trump because he almost shot up a rap concert".

again, why have we never seen the note that you can clearly see sitting on the nightstand next to the blown out window in the scene photos...

because they can never publicly admit that anti-trump propaganda inspired this, it doesn't fit their narrative.

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it depends on the type of bump stock used, the round being fired, and the gun.

it also depends on how hard you are pulling the gun into your trigger finger.

all of these factors will generate different rates of fire.

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i'd just like to point out that every single time this theory gets floated it's the same 10 seconds of rate of fire being scrutinized over and over again...

if this had a shred of credibility the same rate of fire would be present during the entire shooting

it was not

it was only present during a small fragment of time when one of the many guns paddock was using matched that rate of fire...

for 10 seconds.

also in order for you to buy this nonsense you have to completely ignore the sputtering rate of fire you hear at the very end of this "proof" video which again proves he was using jam-o-matic bumpstocks.

if you've shot guns before, and especially if you've shot guns with bumpstocks before... and you listen to the gunfire from that shooting... you know EXACTLY what you are hearing.

mag dump, switch guns, mag dump, etc... till all his guns were out... then a long pause while he re-racked all of them before the pattern started again.

he left a note, why have we never seen it?

the answer is real simple, dude was inspired to do this by the constant anti-trump propaganda on mockingbird media and they will never admit this because they don't want the most deadly mass shooting in US history to have been carried out by a socialist bernie bro all hopped up on CNN cultist indoctrination.

They will never admit that, they can't, it would be used against them in every single gun debate from now till the end of time.

How many years ago was it that other bernie bro shot up the congressional baseball practice? They just quietly admitted the other day that it was a "hate crime" motivated by hatred for a political opponent.

They will NEVER tell the public the truth about the vegas shooting because the truth is the media and the radical left is responsible for it and they could never admit that publicly.

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each redaction is using a grey box instead of black lines... these redactions all come with a letter and number code.

both are indicators of military redactions.

many of the letter/number codes correspond with codes that would lead a person to believe we are indeed at war with china.

or at the very least, that this entire covid thing is being viewed as an act of war (which would point to intent)

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Anything posted by someone who thinks "JFKJrIsQ" isn't someone anyone should take seriously.

Things like that were created to, are used to, and effectively do paint us all as blithering retards.

We have to be more careful which "ideas" we entertain and also be more vocal in pushing back against blatant well poisoning.

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yeah man totally a chinese spy, you've cracked the case.

i shouldn't be telling you this but fair is fair... see, the chinese government pays me so much money to come here and call you a pathetic basement dwelling glory hole working pinksocked shitdicked faggot, that i need you to keep responding to me with incessant 24andme drivel just to feed myself.

this comment alone will earn me a bag of rice, 3 dead cats, and a bottle of soy sauce.

...actually, i'm gonna need something to wash that down with, perhaps some sake... so your mothers a filthy aids infested whore and you're a sloppy bathhouse bottom.

thanks again man i really appreciate it.

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Thank you for using your brain.

he had two options... push it through as an emergency which gives you the OPTION, or doing nothing and allowing the election thief to FORCE you to take the MANDATORY "tested" vaccine.

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Daily reminder that the ONLY reason you aren't MANDATED to take the vaccine is because trump made it an emergency.

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the thing is trump isn't exactly "one of the elites", financially sure but not by the standards of influence peddling and swamp creature type stuff. he's always been that rouge element that they all sorta had to put up with... like the loud boisterous guy at the party that everyone secretly talks shit about but lets him in because he's usually kinda funny and he brings all the hot chicks and good coke.

they despised him but they tolerated him... probably because they were all trying to sink their claws into him and bend him to their will.

they were probably scared shitless of him because he knew way to much, think about the kinds of offers that dude has had over the years... the people who've tried to approach him with shady shit... he knows what all these fuckers have been up to and they all know he's the type of guy who gives zero fucks about putting them on blast for it.

IMO the 2016 election was in the bag for hillary, the fix was in... but someone somewhere stepped in and stopped the steal.

thats why they were so fucking pissed at him.

i've been thinking all these years that the whole "russian hackers" thing was because someone in russia... either military or white hat... stepped in and fucked up their plans to get hillary elected.

they will never come out and admit that is why they were so angry with trump and russia... but they cooked up a bunch of fake russia troll farm hacker bullshit and the steele dossier to try to implicate both parties (trump and russia) in the "theft" or the stolen election.

she was never supposed to lose...

thats why they were all so shocked... why the mockingbird fucks were so shellshocked... why the next day they all looked like their dog just got hit by a car.

they had all the suppression polls fixed to project her winning, they had all their media darlings chirping away at how great she was and how horrible he was...

and he still won.

imagine how fucking pissed off they all were when that happened... how much they owed everyone for all those pre-paid "favors"... how terrified they were when he took power...

the best part about the whole thing is they did it to themselves... they intentionally pumped trump up during the primaries to make sure he was the nominee because they knew they had the billy bush bus tape and they had gloria allred on standby with her parade of lying cunts to bandy about on stage screaming rape over a tit stare...

they thought it was an easy layup, and he just started punching them in the face...

the "cause you'd be in jail" line will go down in history as the greatest mic drop in presidential debate history... and the best part is he did this in front of a crowd that included a bunch of bill clintons rape victims that were guests of trump.

it really is a masterclass on how a blunt truthteller can top rope elbow drop an eloquent liar when you give them a microphone and a podium.

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so check this out...

if you have evidence that some dude is planning to kill his wife, it's a lot harder to prove than if you have evidence that some dude already did kill his wife.

it's also a lot more trouble for that guy...

knowing the dems were going to steal the election is one thing, proving they did is quite another. we now have evidence of crimes committed... not just planned.

they set them all up by letting them do it.

if you follow the whole 11dot code stuff, it's exactly how this would all play out.

they've been fucking with elections for years, probably decades... but how do you prove it?

you set them up to commit the most blatant act of election fraud the world has ever seen... you win by such huge numbers that it is impossible to cover up.

this now not only implicates the left, but the right who sat on their hands and went along with it, and the media who smeared and attacked anyone who stood up for what is right.

this exposed everything, it was brilliant if you think about it.

now we can only wait and see if what i said is true... the fact that they are all shitting their pants claiming "trump is claiming he is coming back in august" is very telling IMHO.

it's like they are out in a rowboat and they are trying to patch a leak with a shotgun... every time they over react and freak out it just causes a dozen more leaks

make fun of Q all you want... but the concept of "the great awakening" is certainly underway... normies are starting to realize what in the fuck has been going on and they don't like it one bit.

i'd bet money they are going to try to arrest trump in the next 30-60 days... that will be the tipping point.

thats when you know they are in a pants shitting panic.

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