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Where were you when they did the same with Trump?

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So if the tests are fake then there are no record breaking numbers of cases, correct?

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What are these "Covid Cases" that you are referring to?

If I remember correctly, you do not believe that the virus exists.

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I am not "offering my perspective".

I am stating facts. Facts that can be verified by 2 minutes of research.

You on the other hand didn't do any fact-checking, as usual. Instead, you post some bullshit sensationalist tweet that is nothing but a lie because it fits with your agenda.

If you had bothered to read the article linked in the tweet beyond its bullshit headline, you had already known that the claim was bullshit.

But of course, you did not.

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Fucking disinfo as usual. The FGÖ is a Union and does not speak for the Bundesheer.

The Bundesheer fully supports the Austrian government's measures and e.g. runs several vaccination centers.

Fucking sheep believing every shit that confirms their bias. Didn't you wonder why OP didn't link you to the website of the actual Bundesheer?

Probably because then you would have seen that the Bundesheer is fully onboard with the Corona measures.


Also the Bundesheer has given out orders banning its members to wear uniform at the protest.

So much for "The Armed Forces...will participate".

Fucking liars and demagogues who make up this shit.

Fucking sheep who believe this shit.

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but honestly the numbers speak for themselves

What number? You posted a screenshot of some post on the internet.

I see you still accept any bullshit as legit source as long as it confirms your bias.

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Now go home and get your fucking vaccine.

GEOTUS told you so, didn't he?

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37, 36, 20, etc etc




Proves once again that reading headlines is all it takes to create fake outrage.

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Great source you have there.

Now I am convinced.

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That has nothing to do with your utterly retarded statement about climate change based on this cartoon.

You are too fucking dumb to understand anything scientific so you rely on fucking cartoons to confirm your bias.

And you completely miss the point of the cartoon because you are too fucking retarded to even get it.

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how did that one work out for you?

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You keep posting these articles but you also believe that Trump isn't president.

So what is the point? Showing us how all these articles are wrong?

In your opinion, who ordered the airstrikes?

Edit: banned for exposing Axo's cognitive dissonance.

No, Axo. Exposing how you contradict your own narrative is not trolling.

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