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I stargaze every night that’s not cloudy. A few months ago I saw an anomaly. (Well, I see anomalies every night, but this was a big one.) Two nights ago I witnessed it again with my husband to corroborate. A silent triangular UFO moving at the speed of a jet above our populated city out West. Moving north to south through the valley. I’d seen these pop up in documentaries and online in first-hand accounts. Are these extraterrestrial or terrestrial-made with inspiration from alien tech? Where else have you guys seen these?

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From the studies and research I’ve been doing, the triangular craft are our own creation, using lift technologies that are derived from the nazi bell experiments (which were derived from the Sonora Aero Club (SAC) and NYMZA’s technology) where lift was achieved by inducing massive amounts of current through a rotating mass of mercury (the liquid metal)

Now, towards the end of the war and after during Project Paperclip, it was revealed that someone had figured out how to produce a “red” mercury that needed far less current than what was used in the bell. This is closer to what SAC and NYMZA were rumored to have figured out.

The red mercury is spun and induced with current AND certain harmonics that apparently can cause the vessel it is contained in to start levitating and moving. The electrical current and rotation of the mass cause it to become weightless, the use of harmonics and sounds are what steer it and cause it to move.

The UFOs of today (which are not “alien”) are just the developments of a secretive group (with heavy Nazi ties) that is so far above our surface-level governments that most politicians are telling the truth when they say that they don’t know anything about these UFOs (note: there are actual government-funded ufo programs [secret space program] that use inferior versions of the technology or different tech all together).

Now the triangle shape was supposedly developed with the purpose of stealth (think b-2 bomber, modern jets, etc. all employ very sharp triangular shapes to amplify stealth) as the triangular shape used in conjunction with special coatings is in fact the stealthiest shape in the sky.

You may ask why they need to build according to stealth. Well, I am under the belief that even with all of this secret technology packed into a craft that allows for silent flight, instant acceleration in all directions, these things still show up on certain radars and other detection equipment.

So you’re not crazy if you see one. They really do exist. They are not aliens, just secretive people. Just be glad that they don’t care you spotted them (mainly because the ufo well has been so poisoned that most people wouldn’t believe you) and in macabre sense, admire the technology and the advancement.

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I have heard of red mercury before, but no one seems to have a good answer for what it is. I’m guessing it’s similar to enriched uranium or plutonium, and having a difference that’s discernible to the naked eye in the form of a different colour. Have you heard anything else about red mercury? Creation, details, use besides flight craft etc?

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Red mercury is an amalgam of mercury and sulfur, slow heated until it turns reddish in color. Also known by alchemists as Philosophical Mercury. Mercury is mined from cinnabar, which is mercury sulfide, a red rock. A carbonaceous sulfur hydride compound (H3S–CH4) is reportedly a room temperature superconductor...

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Yes! I forgot about that!

Great fact to remember 👍🏼👍🏼

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You know how h2o is called water but nuclear cooling water is h3o and called “heavy water?”

Red mercury is similar to that; it’s probably not red at all but instead looks the same but holds very different properties.

As far as I can tell, it is not derived from typical chemistry as we know it, but instead from alchemical processes developed by Russian scientists. As a matter of fact, it may not be derived from elemental mercury at all but instead given the name “mercury” in reference to it’s alchemical nature. We know it’s a gooey viscous liquid, and that’s about it.

Joseph Farrell explains more about it in his book SS Brotherhood if the Bell, which is where I’ve gotten some of the information. There’s some really obscure websites you can also find that explain their own ideas of what is, so my conclusion is sort of a combination of a variety of places.

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Calling it something it’s not is indeed nothing new when it comes to descriptors in this world, but it makes understanding for those learning the subject matter a pain in the ass. It’s quite possible red mercury isn’t a form of mercury at all, perhaps even named that to send competitors in the same field on a wild goose chase. The rotating liquid metal at the centre feels very planet like in description. Our own planet being said to have a liquid iron core at the centre creating s magnetic field, it does beg the question what would planets with different metallic cores have for effects. We as a species have long understood the power potential in a spinning flywheel, but the idea of a spinning fluid metal being able to generate propulsion still seems very science fiction-y to me. I know there are many things we can’t see or even measure yet, and until we get the tools to do so we’re in the dark about a lot of reality. Different frequencies obtain different results. High frequency radio waves carry music and data. A high pitched note from someone who's trained can shatter a crystal glass. Whistling a perfect 2600 hz note in the phreaking days could net you all kinds of fun. But having your steering be sound related feels like it has a major disadvantage of needing very complicated shielding and soundproofing to keep anyone from disrupting your crafts navigation with eternal sound devices. Think a missile that doesn’t have to hit any of the crafts but could emit the right tone to cause them to all start flying down towards the ground and crash a whole squadron at once kind of situation. It’s interesting technology to be sure, but everything and I mean everything has limitations of one sort or the other.

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You’re not wrong about there being pros and cons to steering with frequency.

As for the sciencey part of rotating masses, this is where aether theory comes into play;

Our world is not a world of relativity, photons, and “space time” but instead a world where there is a medium that that all forces travel through and that travels through everything; the aether.

You may have heard it was disproven by the Michaelson-Morley experiment, but that is not at all what their experiments showed. The MM experiment showed that there was no “aether wind” and only in a particular direction. Upon dissection of the experiment, you will see that an unknown force kept getting measured that showed there was an aether, just not a force as strong as their hypothesis.

For more information on the aether, look here: http://www.orgonelab.org/miller.htm

Miller proved beyond doubt that the aether exists.

Now where does this come into play with rotating masses of metal?

Energy/electricity/magnetism/gravity are all results of the different disturbances of the underlying fundamental medium, the aether. Ken Wheeler (the bald tattooed guy you may or may not have run across) described magnetism as an “aether perturbation modality.” In other words, the aether is responsible for the phenomena we know as gravity, magnetism, and electricity. They are all just different properties of the same force.

Now with that in mind, how do you extract energy from, or aide different affects to occur, from the aether? You have to disturb it. How is the aether disturbed? I will encourage you to study the writings of Nikola Tesla.

In my own definition (which I hope isn’t entirely wrong because I cannot hope to define it as well as Tesla) by rotating metallic bodies, torsion is applied to the fabric of the aether which causes electricity, magnetism, and changes in gravity to manifest. An electric generator or motor does not create or convert anything, they are nothing more than aether-disturbing devices that cause different effects based on how they’re constructed.

If you are to disturb the aether greatly enough (by, say, counter-rotating two large masses of liquid metal and applying current and harmonics into it) it isn’t hard to believe that something could start violating the conventional laws of physics.

I’m kind of buzzed from Thanksgiving so my thoughts aren’t completely in order at the moment lol.

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Superconductors are important for standard electronics in the realm of scientific equipment and manufacturing. The formal definition of a supercomputer is:

an element or metallic alloy which, when cooled below a certain threshold temperature, the material dramatically loses all electrical resistance. In principle, superconductors can allow electrical current to flow without any energy loss (although, in practice, an ideal superconductor is very hard to produce).

What's different from the “mercury” engine?

The mercury engine relies mostly on rotation, harmonics, and sounds. It is a completely different realm of science that is kept very, very secret.

In this paradigm, the masses are governed by the laws of Newtonian physics, thermodynamics, and relativity. All of which are either seriously flawed (newton and thermodynamics) or completely false in their entirety (relativity).

Newtonian physics does not account for rotation, thermodynamics does not account for harmonics, and relativity is just a fucking joke and dead end of a theory.

(There’s a lot of very interesting science around rotation and it’s effects, that it is a compete separate topic from here)

This rotating mercury technology is so different from what we’ve been taught, that in order to even grasp it a little bit, you have to undo the programming and adopt the theory of aether, and (yes, really) ancient scriptures. The answers for how it truly works are still not even understood by the people who developed it, they just know it works.

In terms of superconducting, mercury is already a very good electrical conductor. However in this technology, it’s not cooled like standard superconductors, it may just stay room temperature or heat up a few hundred degrees.

However (emphasizing rotation here) when you introduce rotation to a large mass of liquid metal and shoot large amounts of current through it, strange things start to happen that I still haven’t found an answer to.

When it comes to the harmonics and sound, just know this:

Throughout history, witnesses to flying machines during the time of the Old Testament, the Vedas, South American esoterica, and the 1850s-1900 NYMZA and SAC experiments, all reported that they heard ‘music’ coming from these craft. The ‘music’ would change when the direction changed.

Somehow, sound is responsible for the actual flight movements of these mysterious craft. I know very little about this because it requires a lot of study of ancient technology.

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One of the historians traveling with Alexander the Great writes of 'flying chariots attacking them with fire'

(Chariots was the only 'vehicle' during that time, so naturally would call it a flying chariot)

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This is super fascinating. It's too bad websites that have info are so "conspiracy" looking. Any source material lists you could share?

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look for books by Joseph Farrell

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Awesome thanks!

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Amazing comment, thanks! You know your stuff!!!

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I love this information, set me down a great research path, thank you!

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Try aiming at it with a strong laser pointer. Fun things may happen.....

(I didn't say it was legal)

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TR3B. It’s Navy. Declass this year. They have 3 types of anti gravity planes.

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Thanks, haven't seen this. Crazy

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Your most likley seeing asw equipment.

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I saw one at the beach in Melbourne at night. Silent, low for an aircraft, gliding. Dark coloured. No lights. Could see it against the night sky. About as big as an aeroplane but not 747 size.

I saw another one go over my house at night. This one had lights, triangle, no sound, low for an aircraft. I thought it might have been an aeroplane emergency landing because of the lights and no sound probably from gliding, but it looked triangular not wings on a tube.

My new house is under a "flight path" I assume because every day all day I hear planes dropping the speed of their engines probably going to land at Melbourne Airport. This makes me think the triangles I saw weren't aeroplanes because they are so different.

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More like a blimp.the navy has em and uses them for anti sub warfare.bern around since the mid or early nineties at least.

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We also have a small airport and like you mentioned the aircraft I understand is a pretty good baseline to compare how this triangle wasn’t behaving correctly. Too quiet, no lights, it didn’t want to be seen...

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aliens don't need spaceships. Their bodies are their spaceships (just like our bodies are our most effective spaceships)

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Research Pythagoras, he was a genius of his time. They have 3 sides or do they? 🤔

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DMT tastes like triangles.

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Fake Mango