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This guy was the premier of Manitoba until September 1 2021

He could just be referring to "the lord all mighty" "mother nature" etc in a political, friendly to all peoples and beliefs sort of way

But I of course want to believe he was publicly thanking the men behind the curtain

It's just not much of a smoking gun, is all

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It's just odd. Really odd. I hope the question mark in the title revealed my skepticism.

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That is not the Canadian PM.... The prime minister is Trudeau.

Premiers are the 'governors' of their provinces.

PM - stands for Protecting Manitobans I believe. Hence the sign behind him

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I thought it was made public that they modified the weather in order to have clear skies for sportsball matches in the middle east.

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Also China admitted it was going to be doing it over a size of Texas....then the Texas snowstorm.