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u know it. this is one of the best examples of chemtrails i have seen. if a person says this is a cloud or airplane exhaust they are an actual braindead idiot

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Yes its shocking how many serial killers/mass shootings are linked to satanic cults. Everything from Columbine to the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas. It must be more than 80% of these types of killings are linked to satanism. The media (with other powerful agencies) covers this all up because the satanists control that also. The reason they cover it up is because wise ones used to go on witch hunts and kill these evil people. But now they have influenced the masses that magic is fake so this doesnt happen anymore.

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thats fair he noticed it before me. but i never acted like i discovered it btw. i just posted about noticing it. and his post was 2 days ago so its a little late for me to try and claim that i discovered it.

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please link me to a post like this on conspiracies then. i literally watched the trailer and noticed this u dont have to be a negative nancy. tons of ppl are prob noticing the same thing.

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apparently all the vaccines have extremely high levels of graphene in them. when graphene comes into contact with radiation it reacts and starts to move, imagine this inside your body destroying your cells like a wrecking ball