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yeah, people dropping and twitching while some bystander thought it would be the perfect time to film someone randomly walking around right before it happened.

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seems more like the fear porn we saw pumped into western media to stoke everyones fears before everyone collectively flipped their shit over Covid in the west

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if you dont know your ancestry, there is a good chance you arent that white, but a mongrel of some kind. no need to take a test to confirm anything.

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tell me the shooter was black without telling me the shooter was black

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the western news circulating that Ukrainians are taking down a gorillion Russian tanks, thousands of soldiers, knocking out a drone with a pickle jar, trucks running out of gas paints the picture that they are winning. Then pushes the impending chemica/biological/nuclear attack to pin it on Russian desperation. They are the ones who are going to initiate a false flag chemical/biological/nuclear attack. All to draw NATO into this war.

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i cant tell if your hyperbole is an attempt to call the presented news about banning fighting aged males from leaving and the handing out of weapons to citizens as false or it is an attempt to mock me for presenting them.

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you would think on a sub called "conspiracies" the users would be up to speed on the news presented to them. Its a simple google search, yes even google, to see the Ukrainian government has forbade fighting age males up to 60 years old from leaving the country.

The handing out rifles to civilians is a separate issue. The government isnt forcing citizens to fight, just yet. They are handing out rifles to those who want them, for now. Again, another easy internet search.

That is if you believe this whole thing isnt just fake/gay theatre though. The above is what is presented to the public.

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The Russians have taken a lot of ground, and surrounded the Ukrainian strongholds.

Also the Ukrainian government has mandated 18-60 year olds to stay in the country and have handed out rifles to them. That is a sign of a defeated or soon to be defeated military.

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all of the photos i have seen of destroyed russian tanks have had incredible amounts of rust on them, and are 10 year old models

either the Russians are sending in their crap equipment or the photos are of the destroyed equipment that has been sitting there for longer than 2 weeks.

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even those Snopes articles that state something is "false" but in the article narrative state "yeah its basically true" are there so they can feed the social media algorithms that block/censor people from posting. The algorithm points to the shit article with the "false, but really true" conclusion.

As much as people dont like Trump, he is the reason they started doing this, because viral internet was behind the Trump train and got him elected.

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covid and this are currently tied for the biggest propaganda happening in the world. WTF

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About 10 days ago all western media decided, on a whim of course, to start using Kyiv after decades of using Kiev. That is what I am talking about, not the history behind it.

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there are jackasses on this site that claim "its always been spelled like that"

But no, you nailed it, normies will search for Kyiv and get newly curated sources rather than historical data on Kiev, lest they actually learn something..... like the CIA deposed of the democratically elected pro-Russia government in 2014 [thanks Obama] and installed a pro-west one instead, turned the country into the oligarchs playground, and staged NATO offensive weapons on Russia's border.

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I want these people to post their HIV status like they do with their vax status

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why the fuck would a canadian fly a confederate flag? thats how dumb they are.

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I went to a music festival and someone passed out [high as fuck] and died in a port-a-john. Their internal temperature was high enough that they would have qualified as a legal restaurant "rare"

I am dead by association

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