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And it's funny how people are in denial. Like they think they are weed-experts who can't be fooled. I was a judge at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. I've bought, sold, and smoked weed on 4 continents. I know my shit as well or better than any of these clowns. End of story.

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Bro, I've been smoking longer than most of you have been alive.

The fake weed people sold back in the day was an utter joke.

It's now IMPOSSIBLE to tell the difference at glance, feel or smell.

Stay in denial if you want but the entire game is now changed.

This will drive people into the government's shops. Period.

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I wasn't trying to show you an exact version of what you have. I'm presenting how fake weed is no longer brown and looking like lawn clipping.

They are legit buds, full of little colors, and they are also sprayed to smell DANK AS FUCK.

Anyone can be fooled at this point, even lifetime bud smokers.

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No, that's the cover story.

Weed is now like coke and can be cut and faked extremely easily to pull huge profits and rip off anyone not buying from the government.

Go into any Delta 8 dispensary and talk to the staff. They will tell you that there is a major crime wave of Delta being sold at real weed prices or added to real weed to cut bags. What are you going to do, call the cops and tell them you were sold fake weed?

Buy an ounce of Delta for 40 bucks, sell it on the street for $400. This is on purpose. They want people ripping others off. They want to drive people into legal shops so they get the tax money.

This is the deliberate destruction of faith in the street market.

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Every single comment that challenges him gets deleted. Seriously, click on some of the threads in his history.

Because that fucker has access to all the back-end buttons.

He's a reddit employee. And one who hates anyone talking about real conspiracies.

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You don't have to believe this, but:

One time I called him out. He didn't like it and banned me (he's not even a mod) and it happened instantly.

By this point I already had a lot of strong suspicions so I did a test.

I immediately grabbed an alt account, I made sure it was one that I had never used before, never made a comment with, basically brand fucking new. I made sure to not even use the same language syntax or style I normally use and shot him a comment (not even in the same thread as the one he banned me from) that was completely innocent and not related at all to anything I'd said before.

He immediately answered like "hey buddy, I banned you" or something along those lines. Then, of course, when I called him out (because he'd clearly slipped up) all of those comments disappeared. When I made a submission into /new about it they all disappeared immediately. And I've been at this game for years so I know EXACTLY what those fascist fucks ban people for. I avoided all of that and still everything got deleted.

Believe it, or don't. Doesn't matter to me.

That dude is a paid employee of reddit. He is r/conspiracy's handler for the owners 100%.

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Look at his history (which he routinely deletes).

ALL HE DOES is pretend to be a "fighter for conspiracy" while harassing and banning any users that actually post about conspiracies.

Want to know why the conspiracy subreddit has been a controlled demolition, because of "handlers" like f_k_a_g_n who spend all day in that subreddit, from 9 - 5 making sure shit is going the way his bosses tell him.

He is wayyyy above the mods and is definitely the person tagging users and making your votes no longer register. He is also part of the team hiding in /new and manually deleting your posts and manually shadow-banning comments.

Likely he is also part of the team manually hiding relevant comments behind "load more comments" buttons while making sure all the forum sliding, troll comments, and mocking conspiracy jokes stay visible.

You don't have to believe me but I've been watching this guy for years now and you've been warned.

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The country that controls the EU is Germany and the same people who control the US also control Germany. US = EU = UN = NATO = WHO

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This is the stupidest shit I have ever read, you dumb inbred piece of human garbage.

Do you think civilization started a few hundred years ago?

Have you ever left your mommy's basement or read a single book in your life?