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BuckeyePatr1ot 2 points ago +3 / -1

I'm a mod for several subs, I don't have IP tracking capability - how can you prove he has it? Also, what other "multitude of special tools" are you referring to?

HolyBaloneyTony [S] 8 points ago +8 / -0

You don't have to believe this, but:

One time I called him out. He didn't like it and banned me (he's not even a mod) and it happened instantly.

By this point I already had a lot of strong suspicions so I did a test.

I immediately grabbed an alt account, I made sure it was one that I had never used before, never made a comment with, basically brand fucking new. I made sure to not even use the same language syntax or style I normally use and shot him a comment (not even in the same thread as the one he banned me from) that was completely innocent and not related at all to anything I'd said before.

He immediately answered like "hey buddy, I banned you" or something along those lines. Then, of course, when I called him out (because he'd clearly slipped up) all of those comments disappeared. When I made a submission into /new about it they all disappeared immediately. And I've been at this game for years so I know EXACTLY what those fascist fucks ban people for. I avoided all of that and still everything got deleted.

Believe it, or don't. Doesn't matter to me.

That dude is a paid employee of reddit. He is r/conspiracy's handler for the owners 100%.