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None of the articles reported this but Jamie Petrone-Codrington as a "Director of Finance and Administration" at Yale was pulling a salary in the range of $162,000-176,000/yr per a removed GlassDoor listing for this position at Yale with the entry listed as $166,796/yr

This is the link to the removed listing (it leads nowhere now)


You can see a description of the removed listing when scrolling down on this page. (i.e. orphan database entry)


Yale also determines final salary on " factors include: education and experience, internal equity, and budget."


Given that Jamie Petrone-Codrington was a minority, she was probably on the upper end of that pay scale due to the "internal equity" bonus

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Clearly, she felt entitled to more...

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Equity 101

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KiloRomeo 2 points ago +3 / -1

How does a school not notice $40mm of missing equipment? Seems like even poorly managed companies would notice within a few months....

meme_kat [S] 1 point ago +2 / -1

Well this was Yale.

While they are a private institution, they have large budgets and millions upon millions of grants and this was their school of medicine.

The 40 million was stolen over eight years, so 5 million a year in purchases.

I do agree that it seems strange the frequent large orders did not raise red flags.

Other people in Yale had to be aware or involved and probably got kickbacks to look the other way.

Only Petrone-Codrington seems to have been charged since she's top of the food chain.

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How did she sell that much shit

meme_kat [S] 2 points ago +2 / -0

It appears she or her husband had an associate in organized crime, which took possession of the shipments. Without details it's all speculation on how the products were sold. I'd presume the products were shipped to another region or continent where police were bought off and they could be sold without potential for any investigation.

From the article:

As part of her job, Petrone-Codrington was authorized to make purchases for her department below $10,000.

Beginning in 2013, Petrone-Codrington ordered, or had her staffers order, millions of dollars in of electronics, including Microsoft Surface Pro tablets and iPads, from Yale vendors using the school's funds and arranged to ship the goods to an out-of-state business in exchange for money, which she then pocketed, according to documents.

As part of the scheme, Petrone-Codrington falsely represented on Yale internal forms and in emails that the equipment was for Yale Med needs, such as medical studies.

To cover up her crimes, Petrone-Codrington broke up the fraudulent purchases into orders below the $10,000 threshold that would require additional approval.

The out-of-state business, which resold the electronic equipment to customers, paid Petrone-Codrington by wiring funds into an account for Maziv Entertainment, a photography and video production company co-owned by her husband, in which she is listed as a principal.

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