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But buy from the government-approved weed shop and you know it's real!

And before any dickhead says "hurr durr, you can tell the difference". No. You can't. There are a million version of "weed" now that are not weed, but look and smell EXACTLY like weed. If you don't get that, you probably aren't even smoking the real shit because you're clearly behind the game.

This was done on purpose to destroy the street market.

Destroy the street market and everyone needs to buy it from the government.

One of the many "totally normal coincidences" that just happens to completely benefit the people in power. Shocked face.

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I wasn't trying to show you an exact version of what you have. I'm presenting how fake weed is no longer brown and looking like lawn clipping.

They are legit buds, full of little colors, and they are also sprayed to smell DANK AS FUCK.

Anyone can be fooled at this point, even lifetime bud smokers.

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Well the rules are the same as they always were. Know your source. That's my view of it anyway. I've known people who grow since way back when I first started. The first I ever smoked was a strain called Williams Wonder, which I have never seen or heard of since then, it had bright red hairs as opposed to the orange ones you see on today's pot. One time we got some Blueberry and it actually had purple hairs, never saw that again since either. No idea why, both of those would be striking and WAAAAAY out of the ordinary.