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Welcome to the inaugural Round Table discussion on conspiracies.win!

Since /r/conspiracy appears sadly disinterested in continuing the Round Table tradition, it's up to us to keep it alive!

Thanks to u/Esuomyonana for the winning suggestion:

Let's do Jesuit stuff, I can't tell if it's Zionists or them?

The Mandalay Bay event was a very close second just in case anyone wants to add anything about that:

I would like to know more about the Mandalay Bay distraction and attempted assasination of MBS/DJT.

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axolotl_peyotl [S] 24 points ago +25 / -1

The Jesuit Sinking of the Titanic to Create the Federal Reserve Corp.

Hm...so the Captain of the Titanic was a Jesuit? Funny that isn't mentioned on his Wikipedia page.

Now let's check out the Wikipedia page for "Jesuit conspiracy theories" lol.

Let's see how they "debunk" the Titanic Captain=Jesuit theory...hey look they just cite a shitty book and use appeals to emotion and logical fallacy to "debunk" the theory. SHOCKING:

In their book Titanic & Olympic: The Truth Behind the Conspiracy, historians Bruce Beveridge and Steve Hall debunk various conspiracy theories about the sinking of the Titanic, including one that the Jesuits were responsible, which they describe as falling into the category of the "completely ridiculous".

lol. OK guys, pack it up! It's ridiculous!

According to that theory, in the early 20th century, the Jesuits were seeking a means to fund their schemes and wars. In 1910, at a clandestine meeting which was hosted by J. P. Morgan, seven major financiers, all of whom were either controlled by or in league with the Jesuits, came to an agreement on the need to eliminate outside competition in the banking world and create a central bank which would be backed by the United States Government, a bank which would later be known as the Federal Reserve.

This scheme, however, was opposed by certain influential businessmen such as Benjamin Guggenheim, Isidor Straus and John Jacob Astor IV. In order to eliminate those three powerful "enemies", the Jesuits ordered Morgan to build the Titanic and arrange for them to board it for a pre-arranged fatal maiden voyage.

HOLD UP. Literally NO ONE claims this. There is NO legitimate "conspiracy theorist" in 2021 who believes the Titanic event was created SOLELY to off these three individuals. The fact that Wikipedia uses this to "debunk" this theory is so patently absurd it's almost painful.

This is the same logical fallacy embraced by NPCs regarding the COVID hoax. They love to spout this talking point: "so you think COVID was faked just to get rid of Trump? lol you're so stupid that's ridiculous!"

An actual intelligent assessment of the COVID hoax is that the removal of Trump was one of the many goals. Those who try to dismiss this theory by saying how "ridiculous" it is that COVID was staged to "get rid of Trump" fall into the same trap as those dismissing the Titanic conspiracy.

The elimination of various opponents of the imminent Federal Reserve Act was one of MANY different goals of the Titanic staged event. First, evidence suggests the ship wasn't meant to be SUNK during the false flag, and that another ship was supposed to be nearby to rescue more people. IOW, the death toll was way higher than expected...they weren't trying to kill EVERYONE.

Again, the "removal" of the Titanic for insurance purposes was a big part of it...in the ensuing confusion certain targeted individuals could be "removed" and then blamed on the disaster. You didn't need to sink an entire ship to remove 3 people. The fact that Wikipedia presents us with THIS being the theory requiring "debunking" says EVERYTHING you need to know that they are actually presenting us with a blatant cover story. Continued:

The theory includes the claim that Captain Edward Smith was a "Jesuit temporal coadjutor".

So...no attempt to debunk the theory that Captain Smith was in fact a Jesuit? Hmmmmm....

The "accidental sinking" was arranged by having Smith's "Jesuit master", Father Francis Browne, board the Titanic and order Smith to run his ship at full speed through an ice field on a moonless night, ignoring any ice warnings including those from the lookouts, with the purpose of hitting an iceberg severely enough to cause the ship to founder and the three businessmen to drown.

In other words, the Titanic was built and then sunk, and her crew and passengers sacrificed, to eliminate three men.

There it is folks, the logical fallacy of the "deboonker"

As evidence of Conspiracy on Rome's part, the conspiracy theorists cite Browne asking permission from his Jesuit superior to proceed with some potential wealthy american benefactors, in which he received the reply telegram unambiguously saying "GET OFF THAT SHIP – PROVINCIAL",[28] and that after the sinking, all opposition to the Federal Reserve disappeared. It was set up in December 1913, and eight months later the Jesuits had sufficient funding to launch a European war. Beveridge and Hall note that the theory never considers "why conspirators in 1910 would feel sinking a ship was an economical way to eliminate 'enemies' or how they would arrange for all three victims to board a specific ship on a specific voyage two years later".

Haha fuck you "Beveridge and Hall" and fuck you Wikipedia for spouting this utter drivel.

The plan wasn't necessarily to sink the ship. The elimination of the Titanic was a multi-faceted plot, and the fact that you are pigeonholing the conspiracy into one possibly fallacious conspiracy theory is as retarded as it is revealing.

Arthurshapiro 1 point ago +3 / -2

What were some of the other goals of sinking the ship?

Also, didn't a bunch of people who were supposed to be on it bail last minute?

Also, wasn't it a different ship they sunk for insurance money or something?

How do the jews differ from the jesuits?

axolotl_peyotl [S] 0 points ago +3 / -3

JP Morgan bailed last minute because his wife "had a bad feeling."

Also, wasn't it a different ship they sunk for insurance money or something?

Correct...Olympus vs. Titanic.

Anyone who tells you that's been "debunked" probably believes the government's version of 9/11.

How do the jews differ from the jesuits?

The Jesuits are the military/esoteric arm of the Catholics, so def different from the zionists/jews.

PutinLovesCats 1 point ago +3 / -2

Jesuit Francis Browne Was aboard in Europe on route to NYC and sent a telegram for permission to continue on the voyage under patronage. The reply from his senior was:


All roads lead to Rome/Venice, and all roads in Switzerland can be blocked ;). Venetians always fund both sides of the war and profit. Nothing against profiting, but, they are Demons.

Pedeville 1 point ago +1 / -0

Astor was against Fed reserve? Astors are one of the 13 families, weird

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CJGodley1776 2 points ago +2 / -0

Napoleon Bonaparate waxing eloquent about someone wanting power??

Sounds like projection.

JollyJoker 6 points ago +7 / -1

I'm not sure how the masons/Jesuits/Sabbateans overlap.

Maybe someone can help with the timeline and how the Jesuits were involved:

✨1800s Pope Pius IX (9th) had adopted/taken a Jewish kid, the media alerted everyone, the world was enraged against Pius 9 for his cruelty. Napoleon family/French military left the Pope and sided with the Sicilian Kingdom. The Papal powers were neutered. He became a bit of a hermit due to feelings of betrayal and injustice.

At the time that this happened, Jews had been kicked out of the area for a while. It was forbidden for a Catholic to be raised by a non-Catholic. So the Pope's guys took the kid after he was baptized. The kid had been baptized by a Catholic servant as he had been near death and she wanted to save him somehow. It had also been illegal for Catholics to work for Jewish families but the Jews found they essential as they could work during their holy days. The kid was happy with the Pope and became a priest. The situation was messy as technically the Pope was following the law. -he had started off liberal but became conservative due to his experiences

Note: I think Muslims have similar rules about Muslims being raised by Muslims, but for whatever reason, the Pope was villified.

✨1800s Pope Leo XIII (13) - had a vision, created a new prayer for mass (St Michael Prayer) warned that the devil would be entering the Church.

✨Early 1900s Pope Pius X (10) - anti modernist, these three seemed pretty anti-freemason. Institutes an Oath Against Modernism that all priests must take. Promotes Latin Mass, Gregorian chants, the Eucharist, a proper translation of the Latin Bible, and codified Cacon Law.

✨Vatican Bank is created around this time, not sure when, church becomes corrupt.

✨1917 Fatima Marian Apparitions, Mary warns the peasant children that Russia would spread her errors throughout the world and that there would be a war worse than the Great War. Miracle of the Sun seen by 70,000 apparently.

✨1952 Bella Dodd goes before US Senate, says that she put hundreds of radicals into the priest seminary to subvert the Church while she was a communist. Maybe other communists did the same.

✨Pope John #23 from 1958-1963, oversaw Vatican 2, possibly had Sr. Lucy murdered or imprisoned somewhere.

✨ Sr Lucia of Fatima, main Seer, is disappeared around 1959/1960. Mary had told her that the 3rd Secret must be revealed by 1960 but the Pope didn't do so. The Vatican created an Imposter Lucia and used her to deceive the world for the next 40 years (search engine Sister Lucy Truth.. they have a lot of forensic reports from various doctors and experts stating that pre1960 Lucia was a different person from post1960.) Imposter Lucia tells everyone to just trust Pope JP and ignore the 3rd Secret.

Check out the non-profit https://sisterlucytruth.org/the-evidence/

✨1960s Vatican 2 - group meeting is used as justification to change, and in some cases invert/reverse rituals, teachings. Initiates a mass falling away/apostasy, with about 99% of the nuns leaving, etc. Vatican Bank corruption continues.

✨Pope Paul VI (6) transforms Catholic Church into NWO church. 1963-1978. Gets rid of Oath against Modernism and St Michael Prayer. Said to be a homosexual mason. A witness said they had proof he was a mason but was found a few days later burned to death in his bed.

✨ 1978 new Pope after 33 days is murdered, replaced by Pope John Paul 2. Apparently, the new Pope had wanted to investigate the finances. Allegedly, JP worked with the CIA and was anti-communist, but was also a modernist, One Worlder, SJW. JP was liked by the elite because he wasn't interested in investigating the Vatican Bank nor sex scandals. Very friendly with synagogues. Oddly, appears to like women, possibly. 🤔

✨Akita miracles 1970s, warns the church is being infiltrated.

✨ Priest Malachi Martin, chief Vatican exorcist goes public with info about black masses and devil worship by the Vatican. He finds out the 3rd secret but decides not to share as it is too bad and he doesn't have the authority. Apparently some other Cardinal is the real Pope.

✨2000 Malachi dies under mysterious circumstances, then the Pope produces a version of the 3rd secret, without sharing the accompanying words/warning.

✨Pope Benedict XVI (16) takes over from JP. Probably knows a lot. He had stated that John's revelations involved the infiltration of the church, Babylon inside Jerusalem. The sex scandals were piling up. He is threatened by the St Gallen Mafia (sex scandal people). One year later the fake news media says he resigned, first time in 600 years He actually renunciated the ministry/day-to-day administration but kept the divine authority/duty aka Munus. Due to Canon law 332.2, he is still Pope. Most people can't understand Latin so they just put up a fake translation in the website. Benedict is surrounded by enemies and just does what he can to clearly state he never gave up the Munus. He is heavily monitored and controlled.

✨2013 Jesuit modernist NWO Jorge BerGOGlio is chosen to led the Vatican. Somehow Jesuits and St Gallen Mafia are connected.

✨ Jesuit Bergoglio does various modernist/NWO stuff, increases confusion, schism crisis amongst 1.2billion Catholics. People don't know who the Pope is, some believe the Peter's rock has been empty since before Vatican 2. Bergoglio says he isn't the Vicar of Christ.

✨ Bergoglio agrees with lockdowns and church shutdown. Promotes vaccine.

✨2020/2021 Benedict and Bergoglio are apparently given the vaccine. Benedict is 93.

✨2021 Legal analysis/book is published by lawyer saying that according to the law, Benedict is Pope. Major Italian paper publishes an article with this point of view. Benedict has still never said that Bergoglio is Pope, he just says that there is only one pope.

✨ High profile Conservative African Cardinal is dismissed, he considers that there is no Rock but Jesus, so there is currently no Pope.

✨ March 2021 Bergoglio goes to Babylon for first time. Continues to try to create one generic church. Bergoglio is a Peronist from Argentina. http://leozagami.com/2021/02/24/from-babylon-to-astana-the-one-world-religion-unites-for-pope-francis-and-the-antichrist/ More info about the Jesuit/Mason Bergoglio's goals as he travels to Babylon and then to Astana 👹

(Zagami has a ton of info and books as a Vatican/illuminati expert. He talks about the what the masons (Jesuits)/devil worshippers did in the Vatican. )

I don't know how the Jesuits were involved to get their guy as head of the Vatican. Probably involved the Vatican bank money laundering. They were also probably involved with the French neutering the Papal powers in the 1800s.

ghost_of_aswartz 3 points ago +4 / -1

Here is some more information you may have missed

  • Sabbateans - connection to Jacob Frank - to Alchemy
  • Sabbateans - connection to millenialism / chilaeism - cross of hendaye / fulcanelli (cathedrals) - Gnosticism (jay weidner is source)
  • Millenialism/Chilaeism -- connection to Eschatology and Phoenix symbolism (reincarnation/resurrection/rebirth cycle--great secret of freemasonry)
  • [G]nosticism/Alchemy - connection to Freemasonry


Regarding jesuits -- Jesuits and Freemasons overlap several times where Jesuits are always appropriating Freemasonic stuff and sometimes vice versa. And fighting each other

Most notable is the GUNPOWDER PLOT where jesuit guy fawkes conspired with others to blow up UK parliament and disrupt power and direction of Europe but that was only one half of the story, and not even the most significant part. No, everyone forgets this was a kidnapping plot, to snatch the 9 yr child daughter future queen who would be later Elizabeth Stuart Queen of Bohemia, after assassinating her father.

The idea was to then groom her, converting her from protestantism to catholicism and derail the Alchemical future of Europe, which would have dissolved the holy roman empire and advanced humankind by centuries in an enlightment that would have been thousands of times brighter than the one we got under the control grid of catholics, which is designed to keep the avg person mentally hobbled and mediocre and in a state of low consciousness.


ALCHEMICAL DREAM -- Terence Mckenna explains the unfortunate fate of Elizabeth Stuart and the "the Winter King"; and the death of the dream of the alchemical kingdom in europe at the hands of the holy roman empire

The freemasons were infiltrated and carried into Jesuit order with Adam Weishaupt a Jesuit who joined freemasonry and started the bavarian illuminati and essentially conjoined them in Germany but this was not a universal conjunction and started the factional disputes culminating the in the American and french revolutions....esp since illuminati was founded in the year of the Am Rev w/ french to follow just a decade later. Factional disputes between french and british masonry seemed to be almost a resonance of the war of the roses centuries previous, except on an epic and much grander scale (global regions)

Regarding appropriations there was the alleged freemasonic (or jesuit) crafted fake hate crime hoax of the jewish world domination plot, in the protocols of the elders of zion; which actually turned out to be true, or possibly a recipe hiding in plain view. History records it as a hoax, but like any good psyop, there's always a horned nazi shaman to pin the blame on, and that's what THEY did also, back then. These protocols were a retread of an alleged Jesuit plot of "the secrets of the elders of Bourg-Fontaine"

Ok so I'm getting tired and have to pick this up later. There is SO much to say about this topic. We're not even scratching the surface with this disjointed birds eye view

Arthurshapiro -1 points ago +1 / -2

I'm so confused.

Jews are good and jesuits are bad?

I know the church is evil but i also know the zionists are as well.

Or maybe they are all infiltrated by satan.

Please share more.

deleted 1 point ago +2 / -1
ghost_of_aswartz 5 points ago +5 / -0

WOW. Esuomyonana is very insightful

Here's part of what I know about it: I believe Jesuits and Freemasons have, on 9/11 specifically, gotten married in a "BIG WEDDING" (the codename of osama bin ladens 9/11 operation)

I think they finally made peace with each other and decided that "the elephant in the room is these plebs that actually BELIEVE in democracy---and are starting to "KNOW" About "US"

I think they joined up and now have made "we the people" -- not Americans, but the "Global everyperson"--the global citizen of earth....their enemy

People who want freedom. People who believe it's their true will, but know that there are forces aligned against them and are starting to wake up to who is driving it.....

These people form a NEXUS OF COMMAND AND CONTROL -- through MIND CONTROL, WEAPONIZED SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY to control society--through fear, through desire, through illusion and false promises





"The lesson of constant surveillance is that no one can be trusted, that privacy is not legitimate. Surveillance is an ancient urgency among certain influential thinkers; it was a central prescription set down by Calvin in the Institutes, by Plato in the Republic, by Hobbes, by Comte, by Francis Bacon. All these childless men discovered the same thing: Children must be closely watched if you want to keep a society under central control." --John Taylor Gatto, NY Teacher of the Year


SR-71A_Blackbird 2 points ago +3 / -1

They are allied, but never at peace. Satanic groups are always at war within to some degree. Sometimes they kill one another in extremely violent conflicts such as the war between Hitler's forces and the Soviet Union during WW2. It is never safe to assume the enemy of your enemy is your friend with them.

DavidColeIntrepid -2 points ago +2 / -4

What was "satanic" about Germany in ww2? Or the soviets for that matter?

SR-71A_Blackbird 0 points ago +2 / -2

Seriously? Someone give this dude a duh.

DavidColeIntrepid -4 points ago +2 / -6

Germany did nothing wrong, and Russia was being ran by bolsheviks. So I ask again what was "satanic" about them?

DZP1 2 points ago +2 / -0

<Germany did nothing wrong>

... Someone was sleep in history class.

Anyway, the Thule Society had some leadership interested or obsessed by the occult. This connection to dark forces did not necessarily point to Satan, but it was certainly close to demon worship.

DavidColeIntrepid 0 points ago +1 / -1

I'm familiar with the thule society, the vrill, and the cult of black sun.

How was it close to "demon worship" anymore than "mainstream" religious groups?

DZP1 2 points ago +2 / -0

Inherently, dark magik tries to invoke the supernatural including possible beings. The Thules leaned not towards Christian or at least god-related supernatural but towards more demonic or possibly Satanic activity.

DavidColeIntrepid -2 points ago +1 / -3

Someone was sleep in history class

Someone believes everything they're told without evidence, and it isn't me.

DZP1 2 points ago +2 / -0

Yes, there's absolutely no evidence of Germans doing anything wrong. I totally believe you, Adolf.

Graphenium -1 points ago +2 / -3

95% sure this guys a zionist shill. Literally impossible to get an answer or explanation to any of his unsourced claims

DavidColeIntrepid 1 point ago +2 / -1

I remember posts from the old reddit with his same name that were actually good. I think someone is trying to "edgar suit" the guys good name

PutinLovesCats 4 points ago +4 / -0

Two bloodlines of Cain and Abel

  1. Hiram Abiff

  2. The Temple Legend

  3. Free Masonry and Catholicism

  4. The Mystery of The Widow's Son - Legend of the Craft

The Flavian's of Rome:

  1. Who Wrote The New Testament

  2. Josephus

  3. The Son Of Man And The Flavians

The Venetian/Black Nobility

  1. Nobiltà nera

  2. Key Root Bloodlines:

  • Farnese
  • Borghese
  • Aldobrandini
  • Orsini
  • Medici
  • Breakspear
  • Sforza
  • Barberini
  • Conti
  • Colonna
  • Este-Welf
  • Chigi
  • Somaglia
  • Gaetani
  • Pamphili
  • Schiaratura

The Jesuits and The Vatican:

Tri Sovereign States:

  1. Ring of Power

  2. Clip 1

  3. Clip 2

This is a primer I've compiled for anyone who is interested in looking into The Tri-Sovereign States and the history behind it, along with esoteric/occult history. Take everything with a grain of salt. There are plenty of breadcrumbs here to follow. Hope you all enjoy. Cheers!

ghost_of_aswartz 3 points ago +3 / -0

Good share, Puts.

I've been having this shower thought about all the mythical messianic figures in history who have died and resurrected

  • Jesus
  • Hiram Abiff
  • Lazarus
  • Orpheus
  • Dionysis
  • Osirus
  • Horus
  • Buddha
  • Krishna
  • Hermes
  • Adonis
  • Mithra


Esuomyonana 1 point ago +1 / -0

Thanks for being here buddy. Your words are great.

Arthurshapiro 0 points ago +1 / -1

Is this trying to say Jesus is bad or that these people infiltrated?

SR-71A_Blackbird 3 points ago +5 / -2

The Jesuits are the most obviously Gnostic of the various factions of Catholicism.

Graphenium 2 points ago +4 / -2

This comment doesn’t make any sense to me. Are you trying to link the extinct Gnostics to the Catholics who exterminated them?

Arthurshapiro 0 points ago +3 / -3

Why are gnostics bad? Isn't gnostic just knowing God exists?

Graphenium 1 point ago +2 / -1

I’ve been trying to get this guy to answer that question for over a month, you should ask him lol

ghost_of_aswartz -1 points ago +2 / -3

Gnostics are NOT extinct. If you want proof of that, buy a subscription to GAIA.TV

or join a local chapter of freemasonry. The G in freemasonry is gnostic (also it's 'government')

Here are MANY more connections between jesuits, freemasonry, gnosticism and alchemy



SR-71A_Blackbird -1 points ago +2 / -3

Also there is this: https://gnosticwarrior.com/

A lot of shills still try to hide their existence. It is a sect known for its secrecy. It seems to be the mother branch for almost all of the satanic offshoots, including Freemasons, Mormons, Jesuits (and Catholicism in general), New Age, Scientology, and smaller groups like NXIVM. I have found the New Age websites to be most revealing. That group is much more open about what they do than most other sects.

Graphenium 1 point ago +3 / -2

Yeah lmfao, it’s the Karen’s talking about crystal healing, they’re the true string pullers, what a fucking genius insight from the forums resident shill for israel

Graphenium -1 points ago +3 / -4

Rofl? You really out here saying Gaia fucking tv, a YouTube channel, is proof the gnostics are around today, as a functional group of oppressors as opposed to LARPer “pagans”.

The g in freemasonry stands for grand architect, aka god you plug

Also I don’t intend to browse two random links to make your arguements for you, why not just copy and paste the best evidence you think that site has linking gnostics to the group who exterminated them 2,000 years ago for “heresy”

Edit: Just read your response to jollyjoker, great comment and I agree with a good chunk, but specifically regarding the gnostics, I’d love to see you elaborate, because my understanding is they were wiped out and anyone alive today who says they’re a gnostic is basically LARPing off the wiki page. And while there is some overlap between gnostic and freemason beliefs, the masons take literally the exact opposite stance as the gnostics, believing that their Grand Architect is God and not the Demiurge

StopTheInsurrection 1 point ago +1 / -0

With the gnostic "scriptures" , couldn't people read them, believe it and say they are gnostic? There are gnostic churches that have mass and sermons. It might not be a legitimate lineage to the original gnostics, but they use the name and scriptures.

Graphenium -1 points ago +1 / -2

as a functional group of oppressors as opposed to LARPer “pagans”.

There totally are LARPers on youtube giving “gnostic sermons”, more power to them, but this whole discussion is about me wanting proof that there are any “gnostics” involved in the big power plays of historical/modern conspiracy, like those that can be readily demonstrated about the Roman Catholic Church, the zionists, or the jesuits.

deleted 1 point ago +2 / -1
Arthurshapiro 0 points ago +3 / -3

Why are gnostics bad? Isn't gnostic just knowing God exists?

JollyJoker 3 points ago +4 / -1

I'd like to know what they were doing as missionaries around the world. What benefit was it to them? I would give them the benefit of the doubt and say some lower level ones sincerely believed in saving the souls of various natives. A lot of them (and random men, women, children, of course) were horrifically tortured over days by the Indians. Especially in Canada, there wasn't much wealth to be made. Maybe in South America, the gold...?

Graphenium 5 points ago +5 / -0

Jesuit schools breed Jesuit boys, regardless of what they were before.

The creation of Jesuit schools is arguably why they are so powerful and prevalent in high ranking positions today

ghost_of_aswartz 3 points ago +3 / -0

"Birds of a shitfeather flock together, Randers" -- Mr. Leahey

CampbellKitty 2 points ago +2 / -0

Lol this was perfect.

StopTheInsurrection 1 point ago +1 / -0

Early days of Canada, fur trading was big, Hudson's Bay Company even own a huge peice of land, Ruperts land. Lumber was big too, apparently when settlers arrived the trees were huge 400 years old , most was shipped to Britain for ships and houses. But compared to gold, yea not even close.

JesusRules 2 points ago +3 / -1

Solving the Mystery of BABYLON THE GREAT Tracking the Beast from the Synagogue to the Vatican http://whale.to/c/SolvingMysteryofBabylontheGreatChaptersHDRHL.pdf

Esuomyonana 2 points ago +3 / -1

I should have archived the time stamp but somewhere in this interview, she confirms that the jesuits have fallen under the control of Israel. I suspected as much but I do not understand why this has occurred. They've been around a long time too. Were they always under control or is it just more noticeable now?


I just came across this interview recently.

ghost_of_aswartz 3 points ago +3 / -0

I think it's more appropriate to say they're working together. I believe freemasons were at the Jesuit Pope (francis') inauguration on 3/13/13

CampbellKitty 2 points ago +2 / -0

Interesting. 333 trea maera. Again symbols.

Arthurshapiro 1 point ago +2 / -1

Can you please explain how the term jesuit relates to Jesus? Is there any implication that Jesus is somehow evil? Or that they just took someone truly holy and corrupted his message?

JollyJoker 2 points ago +2 / -0

From what I understand, there have been spotty periods, but Pope Leo 13 Pope Pius 10 I the 1800s were anti-modernist/anti-freemason.

There are good Catholics, like the original Sister Lucia, before she was disappeared in 1959.

Definitely after Vatican 2, they were almost entirely infiltrated/devil worshippers. Very few Bishops/Cardinals could be considered Catholic or 'good'.

This guy has a ton of info, I just recently found him. Apparently a former insider. http://leozagami.com

But of course, use your own discernment and research everything :). I'm definitely not an expert on Jesuits/masons.

Arthurshapiro 0 points ago +2 / -2

If Jesus was good, when did the corruption start?

SR-71A_Blackbird -1 points ago +1 / -2

Catholicism has been satanic for as long as it has been called Catholicism. It was a small outpost church taken over by the gnostic arians as far back as the 300s AD. Certainly by the 500s. They allow a small Christian contingent to exist to provide camaflogue.

Graphenium 0 points ago +2 / -2

All you do is spout nonsense and when asked to back it up you move your nonsense to a different thread.

The Catholic Church exterminated the gnostics nearly 2000 years ago. Irenaeus was a founding father of the RCC and literally wrote the book called “On Heresies” to exterminate gnostic thought in Rome.

So you’ve literally completely flipped history to invert and pervert the minds of others. Classic Zionist shill.

Chairman_Jao_Bi_Den 2 points ago +2 / -0

The Jesuits are the most insidious parasites to ever plague this earth. Their souls will know eternal torment for what they've done.

Xaviermgk 1 point ago +1 / -0

One of my favorite priests died about a month and a half ago.

His name was Fr. George Restrepo, and he was a Jesuit.

Now here's the thing....he really had the Basque hair. Honestly, haven't seen this dude in like 25 years. But I know he was big into Mary, and even took people on pilgrimages to Medugorje, Yugoslavia, where he claims to have seen Mary personally.

So, I looked up the name Restrepo, and of course it's a Basque name. The Basque worshipped MARI. This is fundamental to understanding things today, and even Pope Francis. The Jesuits rolled Mari worship into Mary "veneration". There's a lot more to it, but I don't think it's coincidence in the slightest. Mary sightings, especially in Medugorje, seem awfully similar to Mari sightings (coming out of a cave/appearing on a cliffside).

I think that perhaps, in terms of "clown world", or inversion, it may just have to do with worship of the Diving Feminine instead of God as a whole.

SR-71A_Blackbird 1 point ago +1 / -0

Basks are often Muslims dating back to when the Iberian peninsula was conquered by the Moores. It was primarily Catholics that came up with the fake religion of Islam, so no surprise he would be a Jesuit priest.

JeremiahKassin 1 point ago +1 / -0

I'd heard Islam dated back to poorly translated Christian tracts into Syriac (which is related enough to standard Arabic to be mostly, but not completely intelligible) somewhere around the 6-8th century, and took on its modern form as competing leaders wrote texts documenting "Mohammed's" life both to justify their sovereignty and whatever perversions they wanted to entertain that week. "Mohammed" was originally the title the Koran used for Jesus, since it just means something along the lines of "he is deserving of praise." The false prophet was invented from whole cloth, according to my understanding.

SR-71A_Blackbird 1 point ago +1 / -0

He seems real enough but the religion attributed to him is a fake. Notice the parallels with mormonism. Both are based on information handed down from angels.

JeremiahKassin 2 points ago +2 / -0

I disagree. I'd recommend reading the book "Did Mohammed Exist?" by Robert Spencer. He presents a fairly convincing argument there's no historical evidence for the existence of Mohammed.

SR-71A_Blackbird 1 point ago +1 / -0

I had not heard that. Perhaps he was a composite. The whole thing is fake so why not Muhammad too?

Graphenium 1 point ago +3 / -2

Jesuit - original meaning, a derogatory for someone who would use the name of Jesus as a protective suit of armor for wicked ends

Jesuit - current meaning, the pope

I think the vast majority of Christendom (and Judaists and Islamists for that matter) is either a front for {them}, and/or so indoctrinated and docile they don’t see how their masters have perverted the stories that could free them into bars of a prison cell.

Arthurshapiro 1 point ago +2 / -1

I don't get what this means. Why would it be degrogatory to use Jesus for protection?

Or are they evil using someone divine as protection to confuse?

Chairman_Jao_Bi_Den 1 point ago +3 / -2

The Jesuits are among the most insidious organizations ever devised by man.

As most of you know, most of "official" history is a lie. We have been subverted and fed false information since the days of the Roman Empire. What you are about to read is my interpretation of our past, based on extensive research and discernment. I hope I can educate some of you, and welcome constructive criticism and questions! I will NOT humor trolls or pompous faggots that respond with some form of "AcKtYuAlLy".

Following the Great Deluge and the Epic of Gilgamesh, Canaan was home to the earliest human civilizations. It was first inhabited by Sumerians, who primarily worshipped a deity called El. This was actually Enki, an Anunnaki king who took a liking to humanity. His subjects prayed to he and his large family for boons, like rain water and fertility. El is who we now refer to as "God". Contrary to popular belief, Enki/El/God actually had/has a spouse named Asheara. As time passed, the Sumerians gradually migrated outward, leaving Canaan to a tribal people known as Phoenicians. It's unclear where El went (space/Heaven?), but the Phoenicians (based in Carthage) began worshipping his brother, Baal (Enlil). Unlike El, Baal viewed humanity as critically-flawed vermin, and preferred using us as slave labor. He offered the same boons as El, but demanded animal and child sacrifices in return (sick fuck). Rampant pedophilia was the biproduct of the Phoenicians viewing children as nothing but "offerings". This death cult is the origin of nearly all evil on Earth.

As centuries passed, the Canaanites migrated to Mesopotamia, establishing Babylon as their capitol. There, Baal became Moloch, and his depiction changed from a humanoid, to an owl. Similarly, El became Yahweh. These Babylonian Baalists were what we now refer to as Hebrews (originally called Hyksos). The story of Abraham and Isaac is directly linked to Baalism. In the original story, Abraham actually sacrifices his son. It was altered after the fall of Babylon, and the rise of Judaism.

On a quest for expansion, the Babylonian Hebrews attempted to invade Egypt. Here, a ton of wild shit happened, including: the Plagues of Egypt, the eruption of Mt. Thera, the Tempest Stele, and the Tablets of the Law ("I am that I am." - El/Yahweh/Jehova/God). Another long-forgotten aspect of Abrahamic (Sumerian) faiths is that God actually has a female polarity, Shekhina. She is what Christians know as the "Holy Spirit", and is responsible for sending us the Tablets of the Law, on Mt. Sinai (Great Pyramid). She isn't a physical organism, but a maternal cosmic entity. She is extremely empathetic, and embodies God's presence among us (remember that these beings are insanely advanced, and have omnipotent properties). Following the 10 Commandments energizes her, resulting in the spread of peace and harmony (high quantum frequencies). See why the Cabal has scrubbed this from history? After numerous bloody battles, the Hebrews failed to take Egypt, as Pharaoh Ahmose I expelled them from his land. This is what Exodus actually was. Sorry, the Hebrews were the aggressors.

Abrahamites will be pleased to know that Genesis (Sumerian story of creation) remains almost unaltered, with the only notable differences being that God was (in ORIGINAL Hebrew) described as being both male and female (Enki and Shekhina?), and the names Adam and Eve were retroactively added, based on names of Pharaohs.

Egypt used to be the Japan of the world (technology-wise). Cosmology and numerology were central to Egyptian culture. It's where most famous planetary dieties originated, like: Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, etc... For instance, Saturn and Venus represent Lucifer. This was really the origin of the Occult, which inspired the famous Egyptian gods and goddesses, like Horus and Anubis. A few centuries following Exodus, Pharaoh Tutmosis IV discovered the Sphinx Stele tablet, which literally described Western monotheism (I don't know where in the cinnamon toast fuck it came from). CLEARLY, some weird shit went down in Egypt, and I really can't think of any other explanation besides alien intervention.

Once Israel was established under King Solomon (AKA King David), Judaism was born, and the worship of "false idols", like Moloch/Baal (Satan), was outlawed. As one can imagine, this didn't go over well with "traditionalists". Queen Sheba corrupted Solomon, leading to the contamination of Judaism, the division of Israel, and the reimurgence of Baalism (ffs Sheba...). This was also when Ezra's Torah was written. It's unclear how much of it is an actual documentation of history, rather than an embezzlement of King Solomon's achievements. Taking advantage of a fractured Israel, Baalists began inbreeding and practicing their faith in secret. During the Second Temple Period in Judea, they masqueraded as devout Jews, and founded the Pharisees, which famously clashed with the Saducess (Hellinized sect of Judaism). Baalists deliberately claimed positions of authority within Synogogues, leading to much of the Rabbonic Priesthood being contaminated. They then used the threat of the growing Roman Empire to subvert their people through Talmudic teachings (ethnic nepotism), weaponizing them against outsiders. This is Biblically known as "The Synagogue of Satan".

As time went on, Rome began expanding at an incredible pace. The Romans set up proxy governments all over Europe and the Middle-East, subverting foreign citizens everywhere. Strangely though, the polytheistic Roman Empire (religion adopted through Hellinization) was highly tolerant of other cultures, often integrating foreign deities into its official faith. Note that Romans were also warriors, so death and bloodshed were commonplace to them. The Colloseum was literally a stadium where they watched criminals get brutally killed for entertainment. Needless to say, Baalists were in Heaven. Among the many faiths in ancient Rome was Saturnalia. This was practiced by the Cult of Saturn (orgies and human sacrifices), which worshipped "Venus's Bloodline" (lineage of Julius Ceasar and Cleopatra VII). Their god was Lucifer, as they believed he came from Venus, and planted the seeds of life on Earth. The Pharaohs of Egypt (originally ancient Celts) were thought to be descended from the original humans. The fact that Julius Ceasar (leader of Rome) got into Cleopatra's pants was quite the achievement, in their eyes. An important side-note is that Ceasar had his armies torch the Egyptian Library of Alexandria, which is rumored to have held tons of forgotten knowledge.

During this same time period, "Jesus of Nazareth" was born. I'm sure we ALL know the story, but there is an EXTREMELY controversial detail that history points to... Jesus allegedly never proclaimed himself to be the son of God, and wasn't crucified (this is common knowledge among Jews and Muslims). Realize that the Bible has been altered COUNTLESS times to fit the goals of despots. Jesus was most likely inspired by Apollonius of Tyana, a Gnostic philosopher. He still spread the word of God across the Roman Empire, but was just a man. The "son sacrifice and resurrection" myth dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt (noticing a trend?), so this isn't far-fetched at all. Jesus wasn't actually declared the the son of God until 325 A.D., by the Council of Nicaea. Note also that his initials match Julius Ceasar's. Similarly, Saint Peter and his inverted crucifixion is thought to be entirely fabricated by the Vatican. These details were the hardest for me to accept, by far, since I was raised Catholic... however, upon doing some digging, it all lines up.

Eventually, the Baalists (and other Pagans in the Roman Empire) merged with the Cult of Saturn, and together devised an insidious plot for world domination. This was the birth of the Cabal and the New World Order agenda. Once Rome fell to the Praetoeian Guard, the cult took over and attempted to enslave the population FOUR separate times! Each time, they used monotheism as a catalyst, forcing people to swear allegiance to one god (them). The population rejected their bullshit the first three times, but took a liking to Christianity. The Luciferians had the Vatican built (Pagan fortress) to act as a base of operations. Did you ever wonder where in the flying fuck Popes come from?? They were never a part of Abrahamic faiths before the Vatican was established. It's almost as if they declared themselves rulers, and had all dissenters mercilessly slaughtered. Oh, and "Holy Communion"? Based on a cannibalistic ritual. How very "Christian"...

The Vatican eventually created Islam as an ethnic cleansing tool, to justify "Christian" imperialism, and the eradication of "infidels". Enter the Crusades... The Vatican put nearly all of Europe under the boot of the "Holy Roman Empire"; all built on lies and deception, so a handful of unfathomably evil men could have all of the world's resources to themselves. In the Dark Ages, the Vatican worked tirelessly to undermine sovereign nations, using their "CIA", the Jesuits. Its army was the Knight's Templar, which it used for expansion (while fighting the Muslim invasion). The Templars eventually established Switzerland, and settled down. It was here that Paganism was popularized, and Baphomet became a symbol of Luciferianism. Many of the Templars themselves became Pagans through Hermeticism (Occult philosophy and Black Magick), and worshipped Baphomet ("As above, so below").

At this point, the Silk Road (trade routes established between Asia and Europe) led to the rise of the Khazars. The Khazars started out as a relatively innocent Turkic tribe, based in the Eurasia Steppe. They acted as trade ambassadors between Asia and Europe, and dealt heavily with Radhanites (Jewish merchants). What's fascinating is that their ruling class consisted of Caucasians, which drives home the significance of their geographical location. Khazarian Princess Tzitzak (or "Irene") married Constantine V, of the Byzantine Empire, which officially tied her people to Rome. Decades later, under Kings Bulan and Obadiah, they converted to Judaism, and eventually migrated into Europe. Like the Templars, many Khazars became Pagans, and practiced Black Magick (Qliphoth), which involved summoning demons (aliens?), ritual sodomy (ffs...), necromancy, and other incantations. Pagans often questioned the illusionary nature of reality (perception?), and what is actually tangible. This was known as Kabbalah.

As centuries passed, King Philip IV of France got fed up with the Vatican's bullshit, declaring them heretics (BASED), and ordering the extermination of the Jesuits and Templars (Friday the 13th Massacre). His armies actually managed to assassinate the Pope! To escape persecution, the Templars went into hiding, and later emerged as the Freemasons. Similarly, the Jesuits exiled themselves (and preserved their insidious agenda). Unfortunately, the era of freedom from Luciferian oppression was short-lived. The Vatican managed to subvert Europe once again, this time through the British Empire. There was quite the struggle between the Vatican and the Crown, resulting in the Protestant Reformation. In the following decades, Jesuits hijacked the Royal Family, and established their banking operations all across London. After years of infiltration, the Rothschild Dynasty (Jesuit-controlled) rose to the top of this banking empire, and ended up essentially owning the entire City of London (Battle of Waterloo AKA utter corruption and insider trading). Through them, other Satanic dynasties were recruited from around the globe, and together, they formed an unholy union known as the Bilderbergs. Around the same time, the United Kingdom was established, pulling other portions of Europe into the fray.

Chairman_Jao_Bi_Den 1 point ago +3 / -2

America was a side-note of history, for the most part, since it was a largely unexplored continent. The British Empire had its eyes set on it for some time, and sent out colonists to establish civilization. Ironically, many colonists fled there to be free of the bankers' tyranny. Many of them were actually Freemasons, but had long-abandoned the Vatican's dogma. Their Pharaonic symbolism mainly paid omage to the history of the organization. The Masons essentially became nothing more than a prestigious group of friends.

Once initial colonization was completed in America, Great Britain (Jesuit-ruled bankers) decided that it wanted a piece of the pie. You should know this part of the story... America was declared independent on July 4th, 1776. In the same year, Jesuits formed the Illuminati, in Bavaria, Germany, declaring Luciferianism as their official faith. Shortly after, they infiltrated the American Freemasons through Lodge 33, where they educated them on the Pagan origins of the Vatican, and performed Satanic rituals (many of which involved children...). See where the stereotype for Catholic Priests comes from now? The most tragic part is that George Washington was warned about this in 1798, via the book Proofs of a Conspiracy. Gee, "conspiracy theorists" have existed for a long time, haven't they? They literally blew the whistle on 32° Masons way back in the 18th Century! Anti-Mason parties rose, and aquired decent followings, but the conspirators were clever, and completely devoid of morality (part of Luciferian dogma is the numbing of the mind to rape, torture, and murder). They somehow managed to evade persecution.

This led to a chain reaction, where other Mason lodges were subverted and infiltrated by Jesuits. Now, all prominent lodges are Illuminati havens. Remember that whenever a nation has a Mason politician or corporate exec. Other Masonic "secret societies" include: the Skull and Bones Society (recruits promising young people to become Manchurian candidates for the NWO, like the Bushes and Obamas), the Hellfire Club, CFR, Bohemian Grove, Knights of the Garter, the Round Table Organization (created by Luciferian, Cecil Rhodes), etc... ALL of these are Satanic, and exist to exploit us for the benefit of a few thousand sick freaks.

Following the American Civil War, the US was reeling from all the destruction and lack of economic growth. The Vatican oportunistically offered to bail us out with bonds. And guess who would be handling the transaction? The Rothschild Banking Dynasty. The US foolishly accepted this offer, and established the District of Columbia to represent a newly established corporation called, UNITED STATES INC. Washington DC is the property of the Rothschilds, and our politicians are beholden to THEM.

The Rothschilds bought the bonds from the US in 1902, but it wasn't enough to compensate them (as planned). In 1913, quite possibly the biggest cunt in the history of America, Woodrow Wilson, made a deal with the Rothschilds, to have them forgive our debt IF they could manage ALL of our currency. But wait, there's MORE! They wanted to use a system of fractional reserve banking, which essentially means they can print money out of thin air, backed solely by national debt. Do you see how this is EXTREMELY dangerous?? In my view, this was the most destructive move in the history of America (and the world). The Rothschild filth gleefully established the US Federal Reserve, a foreign bank on American soil. They own(ed?) our entire economy, and by extension, our lives.

The US became the military muscle of the Cabal, as we continue fighting their pointless wars, while being in so much debt, we can NEVER pay it off. This established a system of feudalism and nepotism, where only friends of the Banking Cabal (horrible people) could take leadership positions in government and business. Enter blackmail rings and rampant pedophilia... The banks grew so powerful, that they could literally eliminate their enemies, as if they're mere chess pieces (JFK, Sadam, Gaddafi, etc...). They instigated both world wars, and created the UN as their governing body (Capitol = Geneva). They have fought tirelessly to keep us helpless and subservient, as they lead us to the NWO.



  • Atlantis actually existed, and was wiped out by the Great Flood (courtesy of the Anunnaki).

  • Humanity was created by a race known as the Pleiadians. We share their DNA, and they look very similar to us (imagine Aryans with even lighter skin).

  • Anunnaki = Nephilim (Pleiadians?)

  • Isis & Horus = Mary & Jesus

  • Satan = Baal/Moloch/Set/Zeus/Jupiter

  • Lucifer = Inanna/Ishtar/Isis/Aphrodite/Venus

  • Luciferian Freemasons worship Nergal, God of the Underworld.

  • The concept of banking has ties to Black Magick (owning people through superficial debt).

  • Hubal is the moon god of Mecca.

  • Identity theft originated from the Khazars ("Eaters of Blood").

  • The French Revolution was instigated by Jesuits.

  • The Napoleonic Wars saved the Jesuits, after Pope Pius VII liquidated them. Napoleon is asshoe.

  • Andrew Jackson tried to end the banking takeover of America.

  • Albert Pike (Confederate General) was an Illuminati "Grand Wizard" who planned the NWO using THREE world wars.

  • Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by Jesuits (gotta love 'em!).

  • The Titanic was sunk by Jesuits to kill individuals who opposed the FED.

  • The League of Nations was a failed attempt at establishing the NWO.

  • CERN's Hadron Collider is possibly a portal (to Hell?), hidden in plain sight (see the opening "ceremony").

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Bruh where did you even learn this

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I'm not convinced Washington was good, even given that conversation he had through letters with the dude from Maryland (can't remember his name).

Things like that could very easily be cover. He seems to play dumb a bit, imo.

Same goes for Ben Franklin.

Honestly have to reread your comments a bit and think about them, but try and check out my comment in this thread if you have a chance.

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Why not a Sticky?

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Great stuff you guys! It's appreciated.

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That ((("documentary"))) claims the Jewish Bolsheviks were Russian Christians.

What a crock of shit!