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You left out the one group that has the most red flags of all of these. And THAT is why they cannot be mentioned and why this info will never be made public. Same with 911.

It is simply not discussable. In fact me even alluding to it will get some people's panties in a twist. This shit is no joke.

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Not one fucking comment on this?

For those who are even here: The World Health Organization has posted to its official website the following

It is important that all countries, particularly those with frequent travel and contacts with polio-affected countries and areas, strengthen the surveillance of AFP cases in order to rapidly detect any new poliovirus importations and to facilitate a rapid response. 22 October 2021

So last year, Polio suddenly and out of NOWHERE makes a resurgence in Ukraine - the current epicenter of chemical and biological weapons research, outside of Wuhan - and now the WHO is urging countries to prepare for "rapid response"

And this gets ZERO attention.

Every day, I become calmer and calmer. I am beginning to enjoy watching all this shit burn.

The more people complain, the more delicious the schadenfreude. That, a good cigar and a glass of bourbon make for a good evening.

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If you want to win against the Leftist communists, you have to stop buying this anti-Atheism bullshit.

Follow Jesus' example and keep your fucking mouth shut. How about that idea.

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Every. Fucking. Time.

No matter which side of the argument, when there is drama to be had, money to be made, or injustices to be inflicted, rest assured men like this will be involved.

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Fuck me. I knew this forum would have some shit in it, but FFS. I am outta here. Fucking morons and shills. Every. Fucking. Time.

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Calling me names just proves you are a Karen. And I bet you have no clue how much you just helped my argument. Do you.

The Talmud was right about women. So is the Koran. You are proof of that. If you disagree, go argue with Jewish and Muslim people.

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Jewish men mastermined marxism, and look around. Who are the main purveyors and consumers these days?

You are half right! So close, so close! Keep going.

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Mama Bears (aka Karens) are the ones who made this all happen. How the F#$K does anyone think they will suddenly back down now that they have gained all this power?

Are people really that stupid?

We were promised that "the future is female". This is that future. Enjoy it while you can.

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Fuck off shill. A few things:

  1. Why would an American patriot donate to help a Jewish Australian woman? They are almost all communist!
  2. GoFund me is a scam. They only allow their own kind to support their own causes, and can take your money at any time without your consent.
  3. Why donate money? Voting was the way to stop this, and your country overwhelmingly voted for this.
  4. "remember we have to fight till there is nothing left." No YOU fight until YOU have nothing left. We have our own fights to fight.
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This is not true. There are plenty of places on the internet where snowflakes dare not tread. They arose as the result of the censorship of which you speak, and this is a good thing.

If you poke around, and behave yourself, and find the right places, you might be invited into those spaces. The magic is still there - it is just invitation only - which is NOT a good thing.

But at least it is there.