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deeplydisturbed1 2 points ago +2 / -0

Not one fucking comment on this?

For those who are even here: The World Health Organization has posted to its official website the following

It is important that all countries, particularly those with frequent travel and contacts with polio-affected countries and areas, strengthen the surveillance of AFP cases in order to rapidly detect any new poliovirus importations and to facilitate a rapid response. 22 October 2021

So last year, Polio suddenly and out of NOWHERE makes a resurgence in Ukraine - the current epicenter of chemical and biological weapons research, outside of Wuhan - and now the WHO is urging countries to prepare for "rapid response"

And this gets ZERO attention.

Every day, I become calmer and calmer. I am beginning to enjoy watching all this shit burn.

The more people complain, the more delicious the schadenfreude. That, a good cigar and a glass of bourbon make for a good evening.