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someone already figured out the plan...

attempt #1 was to use the vaxports to do social credit in the west. this failed. multiple countries are backing out.

now comes the insurance policy. they're going to force the system off a cliff, destroy supply chains, and the outer circle baffoons like trudeau, biden, macron, etc, will all take the fall. people will be desperate. the "new" system that takes its place will be rigged from the start and because people will have nothing, they'll agree to practically everything. when you're starving, you're happy to happy to accept a little bit of rice in exchange for carbon credits and permanent meat rationing.

by pkvi
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and now we're seeing more and more of this shit where drug addicts finally flipped, realized the jab was bad, but are pushing the idea that purebloods need to get the jab not because it's good for us, but because it's fairness for them. in their minds, they realized they made the wrong decision, their life is permanently worse because of it, and now you need to be forced down to their level. look at interviews on what people thought about djokovic... tons of people made this exact argument. his natural immunity, positive antibody test, and multiple negative tests, are all irrelevant... only that he is forced to do what they did.

that's communism. it's why communism always devolves to removing all choice.

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the inventor of the PCR test said it's not a diagnostic tool and that you can find anything with enough cycles. a positive result at 35 cycles means there's much less viral material than a positive result at 15 cycles, because each cycle effectively amplifies the test, and they had to amplify it many more times.

it's why jabbed people have a higher standard for cases. if you test positive at 40 cycles and are unjabbed, even if you have no symptoms, you're a case. if you get hit by a car and die while walking out of the grocery story, and your corpse tests positive at 100 cycles, you're a covid death.

but if you're jabbed, then you are not counted as a covid case unless you're hospitalized, dead, or test positive at under 28 cycles. at first they called these "breakthrough cases", and now they occasionally say the word "breakthrough", but they do not count any cases in jabbed people in the US unless it meets this higher standard.

but even worse, apparently multiple countries, including some states in the US, have been pulling this shit where if you say you're jabbed, and the name on your jab record doesn't exactly match your medical records, they will count you as unvaccinated anyways. so, if your jab card says "Blood Reign" or "Blood Shall Reign" but your medical record says "Blood S Reign", they will count you as unjabbed.

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this, they're going to push it further until people snap and attack the puppets who still survived.

let's just say hypothetically that 90% of people realized we've been conned, that virtually all of america uprises and overthrows the government. what does hanging the dementia patient in the white house actually solve? fucking nothing. he's a puppet. the same villains who are actually pulling the strings will just install new puppets with new totalitarian power structures.

you'd need total extermination of everyone in minecraft of course, who ever came within 100 miles of the WEF, the entirety of US congress, the CIA, Mossad, clinton, brennan, fauci, gates, and more... and every one of their family members. they just declared world war III on the people of this planet, they genocided millions, and tried to enslave everyone.

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because the stats are bullshit.

(1) it's deaths "with covid", not "from covid". in the US, you don't even need a positive test to be labeled a covid death. practically everyone who died who remotely could be labeled a covid death was labeled a covid death. the family got paid $12k and the hospitals made anywhere from $20k - $200k more just for writing covid on the death certificate. almost everyone counted as a covid death was extremely elderly or had terminal comorbidities. no one sounded any alarms because it was just relabeling the generalized death rate.

(2) even dumber, the CDC admits their own "excess deaths" numbers are based on estimates. if you look at their methodology, they took covid actuals and added those to historical estimates of all other causes, not actuals of all death certificates. this effectively double counted a shitload of death to produce "excess deaths".

well now the same problem exists but the other direction. either they have to admit their data and methodology was fraudulent, or that non-covid deaths are way up in almost every age group. but now it's too big because it's actually both.

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this is because prices are still denominated and contracted mentally in fiat. crypto is only being used as a payment mechanism.

at my company, we started allowing employee payments in crypto, but even still, it's just a payment mechanism. wages are still denominated in USD.

when crypto becomes more than just a payment mechanism, that it's the actual base currency for denominations, that's when shit will get real. my current biz partners would never go for that, but in my next company, i'll be doing it from the start.

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it's all part of the con.

they lied about this so they could scare the retards. the retards still think this is true, even though it's blatantly false... which is why the retards still support mandates when infection rates are higher for people with the injection than without.

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do you live under a rock? an appeals court judge overturned another appeals court injunction and it's going up to the supreme court next week.

the federal mandates are back in effect, and multiple blue states/cities are chugging along.

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demultiplexing is literally just the opposite of multiplexing.

multiplexing = combining multiple inputs into a single output.

demultiplexing = splitting an input into multiple outputs

demuxing is just shorthand for demultiplexing.

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Where in the lab alert does it say that testing for just covid is banned?

you're not understanding. the original EUA is for demuxed tests. the EUA is being withdrawn, and the CDC is requiring multiplexed tests moving forward. it's what multiplexing means in this context. it's literally the definition.

"go and purchase private manufactured covid tests".

no, the issue was never about whether they were publicly or privately manufactured. it's whether they're multiplexed or not.

Also, do you have any evidence that the tests that were put out by the CDC and that are being discontinued came back positive if you had influenza but not covid?

again, it's literally the definition of multiplexing. what is being multiplexed? the input signal. if the new tests are required to be multiplexed, it's because the prior tests weren't. so what were they combining?

we already know practically anyone with any cold symptoms was being labeled as a covid death even without a positive test. look up any source for flu deaths in the 2020 winter or 2021 winter, and it's virtually zero. we didn't magically eradicate flu. we just started counting flu as covid.

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your interpretation is incorrect.

they're pulling the EUA for demultiplexed PCR testing, and requiring multiplexed testing starting jan 1, 2022.

demultiplexed testing combines multiple inputs and if any is true, the output is true. so in a demuxed test, if you tested positive for the flu, or most common colds, the demuxed test is still positive. and with this pandemic, it was counted as covid. that's why the flu and cold numbers fell to damn near zero globally.

if they weren't doing this before, there would be no need for the announcement stating that all testing moving forward must be multiplexed, and that demuxed testing is banned. you could still just test "for covid" without testing for the flu... but nope, now that's banned.

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Dear government, tell us all the devious shit you've been plotting against us. Sincerely, the cucked.

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i dunno, in red states, they can't even keep mask mandates going. the restaurants that still tried to hold onto them either went out of business or dropped them when they realized we were done with this stupid shit.

what i see happening now is that they'll add more bullshit to blue cities, and then use federal pressure to be as annoying as possible against people looking to use public transit.

only if biden wins at SCOTUS with his mandates will he actually try more shit there.

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i got sniffles so i bought a rapid test.

it tested positive.

i took the other test in the box, and without sticking it up my nose, sprinkled the liquid on it and stuck it in the card. it tested positive too.

makes me wonder how many of these are just false positives.

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in what world do you think they're failing?

they keep pushing and pushing, and the sheep are doing nothing. just like in the matrix, the sheep are now actively defending the system that defrauds and enslaves them.

canada, australia, germany, austria, israel, france, and soon more countries will fall. multiple cities in the US have fallen. they're overrun by literal fascists.

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I lost all of my guns and ammo in a freak boating accident.

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the only major negatives on trump...

  • he let too many dirtbags on his inner circle and didn't clear them out fast enough
  • he didn't cross the rubicon, or literally do anything to stop the steal
  • he didn't denounce the "vaccine" for healthy people under 50
  • he has some anti- 2nd amendment stances
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