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You realize that the CDC and FDA actually follow up on these fake reports that are made by retards like you, right?

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Dude, you are a fucking retard. You should just delete your account and go back to watching TV like your parents taught you.

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So we agree that what he did isnt worthy of prison time, since you seem to feel the need to upgrade his charges.

Has anyone ever told you how much of a dumbass you are?

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What did he find out? That everything he posted was true?

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Thats why we shouldnt have hate speech laws. They are incompatible with free speech and democracy

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Well technically you are “sub human” according to Gods chosen humans

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I havent seen anyone die of COVID, so it must not actually kill people

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Kiev was once the capital of Russia

Fact check that

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Well now that we know its bullshit, we have to wonder about the motive of the jakass who posted it.

Same with VAERS.

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When theres an achievement gap, its because teachers are racist.

When the teachers are black, then its because the teacher they had last year was racist.

The school leadership has only one goal, and that is to narrow the achievement gap, and if that means ignoring the struggling white kids, and letting them fall behind, thats perfectly acceptable.

They just don’t seem to get it, that school metrics are inherently “white supremacy” because they measure things like reading and math, which certain races seems to do better in.

Could you imagine expecting every white kid to jump high enough to dunk a basketball?

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Remember when those morons rolled out “Tacos For Noah” like who tf does something like that?


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