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I suspect you might be sorely misinformed about the nature of the conflict in Ukraine.

Just like you were sorely misinformed about Vietnam, WW2, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, …


by pkvi
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Why would they even “survey” to ask this question?

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“Conduct unbecoming”

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This might make a few people mad here, but …

Ronald Reagan was an actor

Donald Trump was basically an actor too.

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Shes had enough of what?

I think we have had enough of her climate propaganda

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I used to like Scott Adams, but my opinion of him sunk aftwr mask/vaccine wokeness

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whatever they have planned,

you can be sure its planned...

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lets get the word out.

lets call BULLSHIT loud and clear,

even before the BULLSHIT verdict is even read.

also Tsarnaev at SCOTUS is BULLSHIT

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there are people on the left calling rittenhouse "fake tears",

and the alt-right types are going nuts, defending rittenhouse.

the alt-right needs to figure out real quick that they are being played by scripted fake news.

just like the fake Ferguson riots, and the fake killing of "Michael Brown"

and the fake killing of George Floyd.

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for example, there is a January 4 deadline for workers who fall under OSHA rules, which is any company with over 100 employees, which is about 2/3 of the workers.

in order to be "fully vaccinated" by January 4th, you must get your first vaccine by Dec 4, which is about 3 weeks away.

so, a lot of people will be forced to either get a vaccine, or face getting fired.

some people are not in a position to risk their income.

and of course, since COVID closed so many mom-and-pop shops, there are a lot fewer job alternatives to someone who wants to find a job that doesn't require a vaccine.

additionally, the Biden regime is also pushing to have businesses that employ fewer than 100 employees also require vaccinations.

in Israel, they are on the 4th shot, and its working about as well as the first 3

in USA, they approved COVID vaccines for kids age 5 and up,

and they are studying COVID vaccines for kids as young as 6 months,

and pregnant women.

clearly, the vaccine cult knows know boundaries it will not cross

in several counties, COVID vaccines have been suspended for younger people, due to myocarditis/pericarditis

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Why would Biden need to be present in order for some low level staffer to hand out candy to kids?

by pkvi
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Its not a conspiracy theory that Obama and Brennan invented the ‘disposition matrix’, commonly called the ‘drone strike hit list’ where they killed countless people on foreign soil, based on nothing more than unproven allegations.

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Such a shame Chomsky is ruining his reputation and legacy by being on the wrong side of the vaccine debate

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First they came for the African villagers, but i didn’t say anything because i was a racist ...

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I guess i just assumed it was fake news and ignored the distraction

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