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Are you a social media simpleton that rhetorically quotes meaningless tweets - oblivious to this common trend and its obvious association with misinformation?

I'm simply addressing you in the same form as you did with a previous poster. You challenged them for proof and at best you provide a tweet in a smug manner. Well, congratu-fucking-lations...you can read twitter.

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If a tweet is the extent of your proof, all I can do is laugh.

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The renewal of the war on terror is just another means of oppressing American citizens.

How long before vaccine refusal becomes an act of domestic terrorism? No walls on the border and yet internal walls are being created to prevent citizens from taking part in the society they helped build.

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Good find.

It's amazing how obsessed people are out here when is comes to the preservation of historical buildings, roads, sites, etc... Millions upon millions spent on preservation - - far exceeding the cost of replacing such things with modern technology, systems, etc...

In this case - hardly more than a whisper when history is altered right before our eyes.

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Satanists... too irresponsible for safe sex / contraceptives... blame TX for persecution.

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A test to see if the brainwashing and programming were effective.

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I'll wait it out.

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They don't want mass numbers of vaccinated individuals testing positive. The coverup for vaccine ineffectiveness has begun.

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Looks like Trekkies showed up as well. Oh wait.

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Funny how Christianity / the Bible was removed from public schools... but this new religion is a-o-k.

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Every time I read stories such as these, I think about the pro vaccine movement / anti-vaxx train that started years ago. Conditioning.

If you remove any and all opposition to vaccinations, than you're left with gleeful conformance. If basic questions are immediately dismissed with wild and extreme accusations -- of course people will line up to get the jab.

We're really in deep when it comes to Orwellian doublethink.

Time and time again - the corruption of governments, politicians, corporations, and individuals has been revealed. How many damn medications have been pulled from shelves due to major health risks? How many commercials have informed individuals that they might be entitled to financial compensation due to Med-X? Corruption has been dismissed in favor of comfort.

I would rather drown in truth than to tread happily in an ocean of lies.

She mocked her brother, implying he was brain damaged. She celebrated her intellectual superiority while mocking all those who thought differently. While I would never wish harm upon those who get vaccinated, I am astonished at the number of people who would wish harm upon the unvaccinated. Wonder if she'll think better of her brother now? Maybe he's not brain damaged after all? Maybe falling down stairs is a good thing? I guess we'll never know.

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These algorithms can then be used to develop “interventions” for young children deemed by other algorithms to be in danger of having underdeveloped brain function.

This is in regards to babies and children. Mind control, aka interventions concerning "underdeveloped brain function."

Looks like little Tommy doesn't love Big Brother enough. Crank up the Neuralink 3%.

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If only states were told to secede for the refusal to indoctrinate children.

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...but, according to the family, an UNVACCINATED person infected with Covid-19 exposed Joan to the virus and she ended up dying.

That must be it, right? An evil, unvaccinated, murderous person was to blame.

The woman supposedly wore gloves, mask, and isolated herself. The question remains, did she assume the vaccine would protect her 100% and revert to a 'normal' life having received the jabs? In this case, rather than using basic risk assessment, blame is assigned.

Just the same, these people that assume vaccinated individuals can't be carriers of the virus is down right fucking dumb. Again, vaccinated people believe they're immune.

I think most people here have assumed that unvaccinated people will be blamed for the next wave. NY has a 3 year contract with IBM concerning the Excelsior Pass. Countless corporations and colleges now mandate vaccinations. Non conformists are already being mocked, shamed, attacked, and blamed.

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I read about this story earlier today. More pro vaccination bullshit meant to entice the general public into trusting vax research / experts.

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White rage. Yeah.

I'm sure that's the reason, right?

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