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Ok, so as long as it's only a few, raping children is a-ok.

Got it.

Fucking pedo.

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Over two-thirds were 17 years old, but 985 were 14, and ten were just 12.

You are so full of shit. Why do you lie?

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I mean what's so fucking difficult about it? Just spamming some links and claiming "there it is" is maybe sufficient to get a conversation started but you really should be able to substantiate your claim but also posting quotes and data within this conversation.

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Your own words:

Sure? The CDC's own data said it did: https://imgur.com/a/SbD3U

So, now do you admit that the study you posted doesn't say that vaccines cause Autism.

Then why post it in the first place?

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he's also a well known antivaxxer and there is literally no evidence at all expect for his claims that he's in contact with the Royal Family.

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Quote the study. You claimed it says that vaccines cause Autism. Either provide the quote or admit that you are lying.

by DrLeaks
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The religious nutters here are really too funny especially when they get triggered

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Wait, I thought that Thai Princess is getting killed by the vaxx.

It's really hard to keep all these different narratives together.

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No it does not. It's hilarious that you post 20-year-old disinfo just because you have no idea what this preliminary study actually says.

But please, quote the part of this study that says that vaccines cause autism, I fucking dare you.

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successful Russian campaign


Oh lordy.

First you suck Putin's dick and if that weren't enough now you suck Chechen Muslim dick.

Gobble it all up.

by DrLeaks
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Right wingers never dropped the Satanic Panic.

It's hilarious how easily they get triggered by shit like this.

by DrLeaks
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Imagine being so fucking retarded to believe that there is a Satan and he looks like a red man with horns.

Bait, hook and sinker. Hope it was tasty.

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Typical strategy of conspiracy grifters is to latch on to a comon phenomenon, declare that this never happened before and claim that it's a conspiracy.

Edit: I have been permabanned for posting facts. Toppest of Keks.

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Sno you're ok with 12 year old children marrying and having sex?

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But that would violate basic laws of the conservation of velocity.

You are doing ecactly the same as the author. Right here.

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