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Blowing up underground bases confirmed.

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Silver is continuously consumed in electronic waste so the amount above ground may be similar to gold. It's a better conductor so once there's a deficit it may shoot higher than gold.

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Don't underestimate their ability to sweep reality under the rug to fit in with the retarded masses. Like I've said before, a good number of them will end up in mental institutions when the truth comes out.

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That only applies to the occupied territory of Washington DC.

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Orange man bad.

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You're frustrated because you're taking things at face value. You assume the things you see on the news are what's really going on and what public figures are saying is what they're really thinking. You're wrong.

Operation Warpspeed destroyed the cabal's plans. They were supposed to lock us down for years while slow walking the vaccines all the way to official approval, destroying the economy and making us beg the government for food. Trump went to the manufacturers directly and made a them a deal they couldn't refuse. They fast tracked the shots, ending the lockdowns.

He also endorsed the vaccines because opposing them would have meant civil war. The corrupt media would have made him and all his supporters mass murderers overnight, causing riots, false flags, violence and chaos. Trump had to play along to distance himself while the fight was being fought in the background. Also notice how he opposes the mandates and said he wouldn't get the third shot.

Next up, Afghanistan. Guess who made prior deals with Taliban so Biden could be lured into a trap he couldn't recover from. Everything he has done has worked perfectly to destroy the public support of the fraudulent administration, ruin their plans and expose them for who they are.

I swear, looking at the amount of TDS in this sub now, you'll all be losing your purple hair in the coming weeks and months.

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The answer is simple once you start thinking about what would have happened if he had opposed the vaccines. There's an awful lot of TDS in this supposedly free thinking sub.

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He should of fucking done it while being president.

According to the military genius that is you. The problem with these "just arrest everyone now" comments is that their concept of war and intel is at least five decades out of date. This isn't WWII or Vietnam anymore, warfare has evolved.

This is an information war. The enemy has quietly infiltrated large parts of the government, the media, the school system, the medical industry, and some of the armed forces. Until the proper time, violence achieves nothing. Arrests achieve nothing. Either one too early would have made Trump have to contend with a public that doesn't even know there's a war going on. The media would still be controlled by the cabal so now he's a mass murderer trying to stage a coup. The result would be millions of furious citizens spurred on by the corrupt media, armed conflicts, civil war, major loss of life. By the way, the same thing would have happened if he had spoken out against vaccines which is why he promoted them.

Q was a diversion

Exactly. We've established violence was not an option. The public needed to be informed and pacified to avoid a bloodbath. That was Q. It released intel that was vague enough that only the most intelligent autists could make the connections and understand what was going on while not spilling any state secrets or concrete plans. Rumors started to spread that something was wrong in the country but patriots were working on it. However, MSM was quick to label it all a LARP by far right extremists so normies weren't convinced. They're still screeching about "QAnon" to this day, I wonder why.

To convince normies you can't tell them, you must show them. So you let the enemy "win" the election and you let them hang themselves. You let them display the depraved hellscape they have planned for everyone. You let them go wild with lockdowns, vaccine mandates and gay porn in middle school textbooks. In the process, all the traitors down to the lowest levels of local governments reveal themselves. You also make deals with Taliban to create a trap in Afghanistan that exposes the sheer idiocy and incompetence of the fraudulent administration. After eight months, even Nicki Minaj fans now hate Biden, think he stole the election, and think there's something more going on. The public has been prepared.

NOTHING came from it.

Apart from the complete destruction of the public approval of the fraudulent administration despite them controlling the mainstream media. Not an easy task.

So now things get interesting. All the legal work that's been done in the background starts getting revealed bit by bit. Audits that seemed like a joke at first won't go away and keep making progress. A top general is accused of treason. An elusive special counsel often referred to by Q makes a surprise appearance by publicly indicting Hillary's lawyer. There are claims from Glen Beck and others that public figures are being briefed on serious government crimes aginst humanity to be released soon. The massive Chinese real estate bubble is popping, threatening the world economy and drawing whiny comments from Soros. Slowly but surely they are being strangled.

This isn't some backwater tussle, it's a world war, and it's unfolding right in front of us. Time open your eyes and stop dooming. Demoralization is the tool of the enemy, no need to do their work for them.

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Nothing personal, it's just funny how Q is the one conspiracy all the free thinkers here agree with CNN on. Has their propaganda become so effective they can make TDS commies out of conspiracy subs now?

Out of all the wild theories out there, the possibility that the US government could be in devolution, working in the background to remove the CCP infiltrators while covertly informing the public through Q so they don't do anything stupid, changing the mainstream narrative to wake up and prepare the normies, despite mountains of evidence, "is a retarded LARP lol." After four years of non-stop abuse by the powers that be, "Trump is one of them lol." I'm not mad, I'm disappointed.

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Thanks. I have a feeling after the global cabal has been removed in the coming months, many such advanced technologies will suddenly be "discovered". A new era is beginning and it likely won't be powered by oil for long.

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Firstly, anyone who thinks the election wasn't stolen is delusional. Secondly, the question to ask here is, to what end? If the cabal is fully in control, why are the theatrics necessary? Why aren't we in camps after nearly two years of this? Why do they keep flopping and failing while patriots are making slow but inexorable progress?

The answer is, they're not fully in control anymore, patriots are. They're getting sloppy and making mistakes. At this stage they're losing the narrative, public approval and funding they've enjoyed for decades. Soon it'll be their freedom and lives - look at Milley. The process is slow but this is a war and wars take time.

Want to know what the second to last Q post was? It was one word: Durham. Guess who just showed up after this place called him a LARP for a year. It's time to get your heads out of your asses and start looking at what's going on.

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This isn't going to age well.

Edit: Look at this guy's history. He rambles random BS, then deletes all his own comments.

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Like an Australian saying goes: "Some people just need to piss on the electric fence for themselves." Through pain and suffering, they are being forced to ask questions they've never asked before. Soon they will be very angry and there are a lot of them. Interesting times ahead.

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If anyone really wants to go down the rabbithole, here's a summary of a 2008 dialog (with a link to the full 60 pages) with an alleged member of the 13 ruling bloodlines, The Hidden Hand. Who they are, where they're from, why they're here, why we're here, what this reality even is, and a lot of other stuff. Fair warning though, the rabbithole goes deep so keep an open mind.

There's also an update from late 2018 that predicted and explained current events.

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This is the only power they've ever had in their lives and by God, they're going to make use of it.

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That depends on the height of the viewpoint. For a normal person at sea level it's around 5 km if I remember correctly.

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