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It started Monday, construction members rallied outside their union office demanding the union chief resign for supporting the Labor Government, that is requiring mandatory vaccinations to enter construction sites. Union chief went on the radio saying they weren't even union members they were far right extremists (they most definitely were union members. every union construction site in Melbourne was locked up). Then it got violent. They started smashing down the door of the union office. Police shut it down with rubber bullets.

Tuesday, 100-150k protesters descend on Melbourne, yes it got violent.

Today (wed) - Armoured vehicles driving around with half a dozen police standing on them, shooting rubber bullets at will, fucking people up. Prison Camps are filling up.

Can't believe we're seeing this. it's really upset me.

Melbourne is now Hong Kong.

PS. OK there was armoured vehicles, 5 cops hanging off either side, driving VERY fast, chasing protesters. beating them up and shooting them with rubber bullets. crowd was split up into little groups. all just running. police bashing everyone. apparently it was moving so fast you couldn't get much good footage. So it's a lot worse than it looks in videos. cops were acting like full psychos meth-d up or something. like it wouldn't have made a difference to them if it was live ammo.