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The evidence. Why are there so many fucking retards.

Iranian positions in Syria. Who was it guys.

Ron Paul didn't make that meme, a Retard did. If Ron Paul another idiot said it. Play the tape of him saying it.

There is a profound sense of autism on this forum. If the press says anything it means the opposite guys. If anybody says anything it's the opposite.

It's not a conspiracy. The only factual place such people exist is if they are foreigners. Their press claims otherwise. Go on and link your fucking press. These spastics gained an opinion where and how. It was never integration. It was never under a rational discernment of facts. It's always stunk of foreign manipulation.

Clear cut bias. No percentage of half, one, or the other way. A percentage every forum would lean towards, percentages, disagreement. These shills are what, doing what, causing what?

Rearranging headlines. Denying facts constantly. It's not even a conspiracy anymore. It's autistic little dumb monkeys making retarded memes. Sure it might appeal to niggers. You fool no one else. That same counter propaganda has even doing it for years to any demographics. Until they real shine with Palestine. Conspiracy is the easiest place to insert it. There is obviously look at that manipulation, a foreign counter OP programming the dumbest.

What evidence. Read it.

Intelligent people discern facts, they don't make retarded memes, claiming the opposite of a fact, while inserting another person who never claimed it. That is autism. Who associates like that? Retards definitely. Foreigners profoundly.

Please just say a nigger did. It would be easier. No, most are smarter. Most. Until you enter this forum.

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Read the paper fucks Turtles. Read the Wiki. You can't read anything that has an explanation. You believe in animal fucking. Read your username. It's autism

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Tacoking, guys look, is calling, a chimp smart than me. On what Planet.

Because the A.I didn't address the question of whether a Tacoking, is a literal monkey. If the dictionary, or let's ask ChatGPT if Tacoking is synonymous with a monkey? Tacoking didn't understand ChatGPT.

Read it, is Palenestine Free, bits/bites, on/off. Yes/No. ChatGTP. Umm umm. Yes. Umm what is implied by freedom. No answer.

Palestinians are free, but they choose terrorism.

There Tacoking. Go ahead and chimp out why don't you. You fucking monkey

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Who knows. What happens. Any probability is no negotiation, because it is absurd.

It's not even being covered. In the meantime it escalates into???

My personal gripe it's unrelated is why do they lie to you. Why do they turn up, and lie. Why are they dishonest like that. What do they gain. Why do they stand there and mock. Why do they think they're better? Constant judgement. Why is this? Answer why? It's unrelated to this post. Why? Simply making a comment sends the dogs. Why?

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Nobody likes me. Sick of seeing ghosts. They come and play dumbass everywhere. Dislike it. Angry noticing it. Why you bother me. Help. No. Just that radar.

Nobody understands. The news says shit anyway.

Anybody can find those rumors if they look.

However it's probably wrong offering them. Dunno what difference it makes? Here. It's full of bullshit.

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The implications of demanding to hand over the remaining number of hostages to Iran and its axis are the statistics that Iran perpetrated it. It obvious thinks to what it had done previously with hostages and the West dealing, Correct. Squeeze it for billions. That problem is there categorically won't be that exchange. Neither will the release of thousands of terrorists.

Israel will not meet those demands.

These rumors are in circulation with the recent delegates.

Apparently the former demand of Hamas prisoners being exchanged was tabled to the Americans. It was ended after the 4 hostages were released. 2 on aid and 2 after it was received.

Now Hamas and Iranian delegates are in Russia. Obviously they'd need a guarantor to exchange them. Hamas obviously wants to barter to survive and drag this out, as Iran tries to gain off it. It does that by, threatening to attack for any attacks made, or it publicly tries them that audience hits the globe.

If this info is correct. Who was behind it.

It's no wonder the coverage shifted.

Of course rumors????

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For those idiots in here denying the Iranian connection. For those idiots thinking it had some other design.

Instead of the obvious. The obvious if Hamas have suggested turning them over to Iran is what? Tell us all this news.

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You're a dumb dumb.

This board is full of dumb dumbs. Try it. Try it.

Decalify your pineal gland by going without sleep.

The pineal gland produces melatonin.


Without it. Try it. Decalify your insomnia gland. By not sleeping.

Watch one of those films. Like insomnia not sure if it's called that, not the new film the 60s version it lasts like 60-72 hours. But try it.

What happens? Hint most become suicidal if they can't sleep. If you manage to stay awake for days you hallucinate. You lose more and more motor functions. Your ability to remember stuff, ability to move, ability to speak coherently, ability to differentiate between real and unreal.

No wonder conspiracists love it. The linked film turned it into a giant penis. It's hilarious.

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It isn't a question. You monkey.

Are Palestinians free. Yes. What do you imly by freedom. There isn't an answer to that question. The A.I is smarter than you.

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Looks like thermobaric


I am unclear if it is. Except it is proponent of the modern arsenal and has been used repeatedly in built up urban conflicts for a long time. Iraq, Syria, Ukraine etc.

So many dumbasses on here

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Yes because of their demographic. Which is what? As religion now gaining the majority in the World. Look at how it flipped.

Where did this shit come from.

As I said info wars, tucker many more right-wing platforms, aren't vehemently inciting bias on the scale you losers are. They're central. Any conspiracy has been trying to find the source of those disasters or conspiracies. Like 9/11, the election, COVID. You losers are claiming it all was a jewspiracy. Ever since this forum emerged.

Any conspiracy in here rarely even sources from those other central right sources the above. Yet it claims to be Pro Trump. It isn't either. It simply inserted itself to spread counter propaganda.

The major demographic on this platform have been what? Where is the source?

Look at those crappy memes in here. Look at the usernames. Come on.

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No, it's freaking leftists. What's the demographic in here. Ask yourself where this programming came from.

Who cares what that excuse is. It is provided to trigger them. Who are they. This isn't your other sources. Name them. Info wars. Tucker. Anybody more central. It's which programming riding into it.

It was never conspiracy in here. Not in that sense.

Not that I care but it's a bunch of clowns. A bunch of dumb clowns. As I said and yourself where's the distinction did you see them scream about Islam killing each other. But as soon as it's Palestine. It's a big joke.

Every single conspiracy on here had the programming jewspiracy. Inserted by who? Foreign counter OP. They've never hide that fact from this forum beginning. Where did that programming emerge from, and why? So it identified as the right to bait. Now tell me what this shit is?

I am neither, simply central. But it's laughable

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It's a very low tier shill operation. I can tell you the source as well. The result was the dumbest get propagated. Until they've become the left, a bunch of triggered radicals. It's hilarious the autism today.

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Go ask him. I hated that guy. He was like a Ukrainian.

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Okay then.

I supported the War against Saddam. It was a war against a WMD. Saddam. I cared more about the dumb leftist narrative that followed. It's okay guys, there were no WMDs. 5 minutes later there are WMDs everywhere.

Did I care about another investment scam. Not really. I cared people died. Citizens.

War used to be easier. Why did it become such narratives. The narratives are the worst things about war. War is easy. People die. Narratives don't convince anybody else on why they died or why there was war.

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Hahaha. No, you don't think. You sponsor terrorism.

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You're a fucking retard. The person you named look it up is a diplomat. There for pushback against reforms. Concerns about security, obviously it affects America. What that position means. It was tied into international courts. There was also the normalisation talks. There was Ukraine. There was other regional problems like Africa.

The entire visit you could investigate. Literally reporters can to extents follow that. Any conversations are also filed and can be requested by senate reviews.

At what autistic point in your stupid little head was it a combined operation if it was that operation. It wouldn't leave a trail. None whatsoever.

Especially not for a retarded little shit for brained idiot like you to say what was he doing. He was arranging the super secret attack guys look. You inept dumbass. The biggest dumb fucking ass I have ever seen. On a scale of retards you're hitting top digits

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What are you fucking on. What drugs are you on? Literally a spaz.

80% of Israelis do not support Iranian armed terror groups. They do not support daily rocket attacks on themselves.

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You haven't said anything. You have literal autism. Stream of consciousness. What are you fucking blubbering about? It's autism. Where you assume something. Tell me what you assume. Don't it's your stupidly dumb repugnant attitude. It's autistic. Unfactual. Lives in fiction and fantasy. There's no stream of consciousness. Facts. Not bullshit fantasies and your feelings. We all know what they are.

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Nobody supports terrorists unless they're radical leftists

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Let's use that squid logic. Redsky is a faggot. He is obviously a Chinese cunt. He actively supports terrorism. Just to remind you, he is illegally occupying American servers. You nigger

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No, it didn't. At what level of autism are there these sub tier posts.

Read the usernames.

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