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Europe is allowing the so-called elites to commit economic homicide

There, I fixed the title for you.

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Incorrect. There's no way a medical procedure can be authorised if the father opposes it. Unless he's not present in the kid's life at all.

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Damn it, you beat me to it!

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Needless to say that if most doctors united and came forward like this guy, they wouldn't be able to silence them all and this nonsense would all be over.

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Right?! Why is it always the chubsters with their nose sticking out of the mask? Do they really expect us to take them seriously in health matters?!

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You're completely mental. And apparently you don't even know the difference between being gay and being transgender.

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Animals don't need to give their consent, and the variable dosage would be less of a concern.

I suppose most humans are considered animals by the elites, so this is very promising!

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Then again, how can you be Christian and good? Presumably goodness is not dependent on fear of burning in hell.

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