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When I think about what narrative they're going to run, my immediate thought is they're going to blame Putin.

They don't control him, so they hate him, and so "Russia Russia Russia" is the permanent scarecrow.

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Entire June 2011 issue as a PDF:


The whole issue is a mine of gems. It has very relevant discussions of vaccines, eugenics, and depopulation.

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What is the relationship between the globalist elite and Kaaba, though?

Kaaba is Islam's holy site, but what does that mean? Are the globalists all Muslims?

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Seriously though, what's with the black cube?

BlackRock, anyone?

What's that symbolism all about?

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They really will. The NIH treatment, which emphasizes the previously unapproved and dangerous Remdesivir, is designed to kill. In the US alone, it has probably killed some 500,000:


And then, the PREP Act removes Covid-19 liability protections for hospitals if they don't follow the murderous protocol:


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By memory:

  • Vaccines for children make no sense and have no medical justification

  • HHS under Trump knew about efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin

  • Pandemic could have been handled with no vaccines

  • Alexander respected Trump then and still supports him

  • Trump tried hard to get state governors to stop harmful lockdowns

  • Alexander does not know why Trump went for vaccines

  • Speculates it has to do with people surrounding Trump. Bad advisors?

  • Fauci and CDC should be confronted to present evidence for their claims

  • There is no evidence, anywhere in the world, for vaccinating children

  • Alexander did not state whether virus or vaccine is bioweapon, but allowed the possibility

  • Alexander calls for Trump to come out more strongly against vaccines

Apologies if I misremember. I did not re-watch right now for this.

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The main thing we have now, compared to then, is information technology, which somehow doesn't move anyone substantially faster, or with less energy, than they could be moved without it.

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You are very much on the right track! Check out "The Nature of Personal Reality" (the Seth book).

All healing is done by a person to themselves.

Likewise, all disease is done by a person to themselves. Some of it cannot be escaped by the ego (i.e. characteristics a person was born with), but the rest is caused by subconscious expectations which are influenced by consciously identifiable and malleable beliefs (about the self, about the body, about reality).

Disease can be "constructive", in the way that when the ego doesn't listen, then illness can be a way to achieve a desirable result, e.g. to avoid outcomes that would be worse than the illness.

People who listen to doctors and nurses too much can get railroaded onto a "map of disease" where doctors say X causes Y, and Y causes Z, so if the symptoms and tests are showing X, then the person is firmly destined for Z. This is highly disadvantageous because such beliefs, once adopted, become self-fulfilling. Then they prescribe drugs and treatments that make things worse.

For this reason, doctors and nurses are some of the sickest people out there. They believe their own, inescapable maps of disease.

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And the death rate so far appears to be around 1/500.

Several orders of magnitude more lethal than Covid is to kids.