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For those who warned that women would lie about the jab for high quality potential mates, here is at least one example.

I have a teenaged son in community college, living at home. Being over 6 ft and well proportioned, he's in that top tier, but being semi-religious, he's not on Tinder and so on.

Last night he tells me he is going out on a date. This is the first date since a high school dance a while back. He says that he met a girl who, after chatting for a time to get to know her, said she was unvaxxed. Not because, she said, it was a conspiracy, but because her parents were against it. I told him that a miss is a miss, no matter the reason, and gave him so cash in case they wanted to grab a bite to eat.

He goes on the date, and under pressure, she admits she got the jab. He was upset at her being a fraud and left her there. He didn't share any more details.

[edit: To everyone who says I'm virtue signaling or looking for fake internet points, fuck off. The point of this story is to give one data point to the supposition many of us had two years ago that vaxxed women would lie, as is their nature, to go after purebloods. Trust me, I could brag a lot more about the kid or my parenting or some such, more than this.]