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As the title suggest, I want to learn more about the Quintessence. Drop your links to reading and/or videos below, please.

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Visit the Witchcraft sub on here if you're crazy enough to dive in and see for yourself. It's a practical sub.

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its hard to really pinpoint any one reliable source of information. it contradicts aspects pf physics and quantum physics and leans more toward the concepts within electro magnetism, frequencies and fields. all areas which aren't seriously explored by mainstream science

theres also a spiritual or religious aspect to it. weirdly enough the most info i tend to find is where its talked about in passing, or mentioned

from my own understanding which is still in its infancy, is that the Aether is our magnetic field and so much more, its also the medium in which frequencies and smaller magnetic fields can interact. energy can be transferred to and from it. iv read some say that its the "spiritual realm" or an energy that certain people can tap into.

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WTF dude

You solved randomly a big memory issue of mine.

I remember reading this guy once, remaining impressed, forgetting about it, then dreaming very strongly about his theories some time later.

Never found him again and wondered if the reading also happened in dream.

Good shit.

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I'd much prefer to describe the aether or air to you. It surrounds you. the engineers call it drag. They use it in what they call pneumatic cylinders. They use it in fluid mechanics. To understand this subject clearly, I'd like you to look at the twinkling stars. I could be trolling but maybe I'm not.

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I just found out what a “fire piston” was this week and holy shit, they had these things hundreds of years ago...

Spoiler: You light fire... with air.

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Consider medium for light to induce/propagate. If you believe "photons" are "particles" of light, there is no need for aether. If you think particle theory is just garbage, you need medium for light to propagate. There comes the aether.

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Robert Bruce - Australia

New Energy Ways - it's a free download, last time I checked.

All the tingles, without having to make a deal with a douchebag.

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It may rlelate to string theory. Advanced physicists believe there is a substrate to space called strings, from which fields come and particles are formed from. So 'space' is indeed nothingness but underlying it there is something from which quarks are made.

The E/M field whose vibration makes light or photons is kind of the aether, or an aether. All photons travel in it at the speed of light, and the weird thing is that light is in kind of special state where it does not experience time; it is frozen in its time. So photons that were created billions of years ago at the start of the universe have been travelling all this time and yet for them, no time has passed from their perspective. They 'oscillate' and yet they do not 'know' they are oscillating. Special relativity theory bears this out.

The idea of the aether is interesting and I am not convinced we have disproven it yet.

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Depends on what you mean b aether. Could be this.

The Michelson-Morley Experiments


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Ahh but did you know that there were follow on experiments that seemed to show there really is an aether?


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That page is incorrect. The minchelson-morely result was not null, but rather 1/6 of what was expected. That 1/6 was the aether.