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Yes, but it's 200 million US Dollars. Those things are going to be completely worthless in a few years.

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They buy assets with 90% or more.

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omg how can this man not sell his soul for that much money? is he stupid?

these people are just awful

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he's already made a shitload of money I dont really think he cares

he's always been a bit of an oddball - IIRC he's a flat earther too lol

but good on him for having an actual spine and sticking to his convictions

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he has that 'fuck you' money so doesn't have to cave.

in fact he can likely role this into making more money from selling merchandise and endorsements for companies standing against the tyranny.

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Flat Earther is derogatory term to discredit the true nature of our earth.

You don't even understand it. Flat earth is still "round". It's the globe cut in half with the atmosphere as the dome.

Too many reddit people have transferred over here bringing that same mindset.

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Ok retard

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He needs to go golf for a couple months he can write his own ticket soon

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It stings now, but this young man is gonna have a happy life because he's smart, and he knows how, and when to say no.

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What kind of bs is it when common sense is considered "brave"?

Along with Minaj, seems more hype to get certain demographics to avoid the shot.

There have been many speak out against and refuse it, so why are certain ones actually reported on while others are considered domestic terrorists pushing misinformation.

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Are you asking why the news reports on celebrities and not any random bloke on the street?

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The easiest way to reduce the racial difference in the population is to kill all the white people with a "vaccine" while you let the coons off the leash and script too avoid it as everyone rightly should

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No. There are other celebrities and also doctors who are against the experimental gene therapy who are not black.

This is a targeted campaign.

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Like who?

megalithicallstar 2 points ago +3 / -1

He will go down as the greatest PG of all time in my book.

borga 2 points ago +2 / -0

Well, how much does he have now? Is it enough to live comfortably for the next 50-60 years? If so, he made his decision and he will live with it and stand by his principles, something that everyone should do.

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Our dude could probably get on with another team if his contract is being canceled.

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jus aks lahbron james about is vaxine. he done be udumakated!

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God will reward him for doing the right thing even if sick people on earth won’t. He’s a hero in my book. Morals>>>>>>>Money

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I just can't believe they give $200 million to athletes who are so unprepared to even handle that sort of money. Such a strange allocation of capital.

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The baseless smears and attacks on him are insane, people are fucking stupid and reprehensible!

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I just looked at a site that broke down his career earnings by year, and I didn't break out a calculator or anything, but just in rough head math it looks like he's earned in the ballpark of $200,000,000 so far already. Now, $400,000,000 would obviously be better, but at a certain point you have to stick to your principles and $200,000,000 is generational wealth on its own; he would have to be exceptionally bad with finances to run out of money in his lifetime.

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Give it time, he will give in and take the jab. A large number of people will follow him.

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And he knows the earth is flat, or maybe it is because he knows the earth is flat.

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Hes just playing a role

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same with cole beasley. these ppl are playing the role of “person being made an example of”. when i see this kinda shit i just assume it’s to avoid consequences of blackmail. i firmly believe that the last couple presidents (at least) played similar parts. anyone that actually believes donald trump or joe biden wanted to be puppet #1 is a kook (in my opinion, to each their own).

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Yup. He's smarter than most people here.