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I literally got out of the shower this morning and thought to myself: "I'm not going to last the week on reddit."

I didn't last an hour lol.

If any /r/conspiracy mod sees this, please approve my last post about Gen. Flynn and Italygate, I was suspended right before I was able to include a submission statement so it will be deleted.

I want my last /r/conspiracy thread to be a doozy heh.

I've appealed to the admins just in case.

Edit: interestingly, I was removed as mod of /r/conspiracy but not of /r/ufos or any of the other subs I moderate.

Also, AssuredlyAThrowaway is the heart of /r/conspiracy's mod team and needs to be in charge now.

Edit 2: to my fellow /con mods, I strongly recommend sorting threads by "controversial" when they're getting brigaded. You'll often find the comments that are at the top when sorted that way are the ones from /r/conspiracy regulars that are the most insightful and constructive. AATA, you should probably do this in your stickied announcement thread lest it becomes indistinguishable from TMOR/SRD, as well as the other threads.

EDIT 3: Disappointed to see the /r/con mods cuck out and remove my stickied Italygate thread. Also, you're letting actual threats and calls to violence to against me stand in that thread. Ah well, RIP /r/conspiracy.