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Levi Barent Cohen 1747 - 1808


Merchant and communal leader

Levi Barent Cohen was the son of a wealthy merchant in Amsterdam. He moved to England with his brother in 1770, and by 1778 he had established a lucrative mercantile and financial business. Cohen was naturalised in 1798. Cohen is often regarded as the founder of the Anglo-Jewish “Cousinhood”, the interrelated groups of wealthy families who dominated Jewish life in England until the Second World War. He was the first president of the Bread, Meat and Coal charity, and of the Jews’ Hospital. He also served as Warden of the Great Synagogue. His daughters contracted distinguished marriages, connecting him with almost all the leading Jewish families in England. His eldest daughter Hannah married Nathan Mayer Rothschild, her younger sister Judith married Sir Moses Montefiore and his third daughter Jessie married Myer Davidson. By the early 20th century virtually every wealthy “old” Jewish family in Britain had married or were related to his descendants.

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lol what a dumb communist bitch, saying communist shit. these people just need a friendly reminder of what a guillotine is

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The way Bezos PR team narrated it made it sound like they were saving humanity. Calling them astronauts and shit, lmao.

I don't know how high they went because I don't care, but they never left orbit, basically a theme park attraction show.

I was hoping at least Bezos faking his death, but they never showed the crew either or anything. 10 mins of "space travel"...

And why isn't the NPC cult freaking over these millionaires not social distancing in their tight capsule, and not wearing masks during the process. You just need to have "Space tourism" kind of money and Covid will not touch you, right?

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It's the control group

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you're thinking about normal, old-school sex-ed. This is not that, this is part of the neomarxist cultural subversion agenda. It has nothing to do with teaching kids anything, nor defending minorities, nor defending LGTB... etc. Covid, climate change, overpopulation... all these garbage crises are part of the same brainwashing package.

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Parents are outraged because a commie showed harcore porn to their kids, why is this even allowed in this clown woke world? anybody's guess

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These are shitcoins that I don't think are even known in the shitcoin space. You can't say all crypto is NWO controlled, not even Bitcoin is. How many years have the Fed and central bankers fucked the world? finally something comes out that they can't control, is descentralized and non-inflationary; not to mention that it brought trading to the masses. I don't think crypto is a NWO scam because I understand how it works. Except for Ripple which is a bank-driven, centralized scam.

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Lol I hate that too, "nah man it's real I swear, my gramps got it bad", personally I've only met 3 people with so called covid, and it was ridiculous. 1 had sniffles, 1 had cat allergies, 1 was diagnosed through Skype.

Like I said elsewhere, these narcissistic idiots would LOVE to record themselves with Covid, it's weird there are more vids of nurses twerking than of people with Covid (I haven't seen one myself)

The chinese videos were hilarious, the Chinese have a particular way of acting in movies, and the videos reflect exactly that kind of acting; it's all an insult to intelligence. Michael P Senger wrote about how the Chinese used propaganda to push their agenda, it's too obvious.

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The whole thing is fake, it's just that people seem to be completely impaired to use logic or are simply unable to deprogram. Even people on forums like these saying "nah bro I totally got it'" no you didn't...

First, the obvious: You could easily just take a few mins to hear from the mRNA, PCR inventors, and reptuable scientists already saying it is all a scam.

But you don't even need to do that. All you need is common sense. None of the shit we do today is possible in a real pandemic (worth of an unprecedented lockdown). You can't have some mkultra artists tongue kissing on the emmys, or NBA, massive pool parties. All that shit, how are people still believing in Santa Claus after almost 2 fucking years?

You see how the world is a narcisissit tik-tok influencer wannabe? There are 0 videos of people virtue signaling their covid. But plenty of videos of idiots dancing on hospitals, talking about masks, and singing about Fauci and their vaccines.

The 3 people I know that got covid: One was diagnosed through skype. The second person said she fell icky, like it was a cold (but I KNOW itis covid); the 3rd person I know for a while, and is the same fucking cat alergies that he thinks is covid (his doctor already hinted about intubation)

Finally... All these rich kids on tiktok should just come visit a poor country. Where I live there are very poor commnities outside of the cities that would've been a total sanitary nightmare to the whole country in such a deadly pandemic.

Every day people are less logical, it's incredible. Now you see it with the so-called vaccines, lol like people are getting magnetic, having seizures, developing all kinds of lifelong neurological problems (and who knows what else in the future) WTF!

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And yet NPCs seem to be completely impaired to process this simple logic. Corruption exists. It is all that is happening today: the so-called scientific community is funded by corrupt, psychotic individuals, it's not difficult to understand. It's just too much for a normie to process.

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Faucis got a lot of blood on his hands, he murdered people with the AZT scam. Even children (like today) ... a lot of people was misdiagnosed and murdered with AZT.

Dumb kids today that love to spread virtue on Tik Tok weren't there, but I remember the HIV/AIDS hysteria. News weren't as nuts as today but still said that everyone could get it, you could get it by shaking hands, by saliva. I remember my dad talking to me about it and how the narrative slowly changed to what we know today. But children were misdiagnosed and died because of this fucker.

You could also see the lack of common sense even back then; a weak inmmune system treated with AZT, makes zero sense. Now with covid it is pretty clear that scientists are clueless a lot of the times, and you can convince people about everything with just some guy on a lab coat like Fauci who "knows nothing about nothing" according to Karry Mullis.

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All this clown show comes down to this coin flip of a test.

PCRs are used like pregnancy tests, in tents, by people who are barely trained (not medical professionals), and at wh knows how many cyles...

recently talked to a biologist, he said they don't even do one single PCR, but many, but the thing is they don't even use PCRs for shit like this, it is more of a lab tool that needs lab conditions, and is useful to solving "piece of a puzzle", not disease detection. Karry Mullis says it here clearly, it is NOT designed to detect a virus, let alone an active virus.

People today are basically locked down, even in these "hotel" (concentration) camps, with the chance of a flipped coin to go free, every 2 weeks. And that is considering that a fascist gov like Trudeau's wouldn't alter the results of an undesirable person. (in other words it is extremely easy for a corrupt gov to misuse PCRs for shit like this, and it is actually happening)

Real scientists and doctors already went through this nonsense with the HIV scam, many of these videos of Karry Mullis, are from these discussions about HIV.

Karry Mullis also understood there were some kind of "personal agendas" in some of these political pseudo scientists, such as Fausci.

"And I would say that to his face" said Mullis about Fauci.

imo he would've been a huge voice against this scam, and he had the brains and reputation to dismantle this bullshit crisis. Too bad he died previous to the scam.

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not at all but showing an asshole on yt is a new low

agree, modern society is pure cancer, I bet people weren't this ignorant in the dark ages, jfc

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Dude is this your alt? lol

Writing "I" instead of "ayh" is not exactly academic level writing skills; maybe you went to retard school.

And no person wants to decipher made up words like ayh and ayhm (cringe) when browsing headlines on the frontpage. Also makes the community look like we are retarded people who can't type and makes the information lose credibility.

Your last comment is the dumbest of all, there is nothing more liberal than these invented "progressive" words.

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Just saying you lose credibility when you type like a 15 year-old tik toker.

I was trying to read whatever you typed but your pronouns or whatever tf they are keep getting in the way and it's just impossible.

You could type I and I'm like a normal person, and your shit would be easier to read. That's all I am saying.

I usually upvote your posts, too, just not when you type like a dumbass and make me cringe. You can make your spelling philosophical statement in some teen poetry sub or something, I don't know.

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You ruin all your good posts by sounding like an edgy idiot

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An expected dumb comment from the village idiot shill.

Do you even read the shit you post? Follow some globalist mandates or get your property destroyed, that makes sense! Even with the corona fad, this is one of the dumbest things I've read in the last few months.

As always, go fuck yourself Commie ball sucker

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