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With the news of Pornhub, it got me thinking why suddenly society felt it was normal to have unrestricted access to porn by people of any age. This was never the norm. Porn was always age restricted and nobody seemed to feel that was wrong. I'm not against legal porn, but there is no reason it should be freely accessible to children.

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US kids addicted to porn by 9yo

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I was 11-12 when I first started looking at it regularly.

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There is a thing called parents, who are responsible for their children, and what they do, what they have access to.

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As smug as Nomen's comment was, it's actually accurate. Parents have to be vigilant.

Because it's not just porn. It's all media. Even media that's supposed to be appropriate for children.

When my daughter was nine she was watching some show about high school kids, and they depicted a teacher and a student as star crossed lovers, not as a pedo and a victim. They also showed high school kids having serious sex scenes... like it's just a given that all high school kids will be sexually active.

Cardi B has that pornographic song WAP out now. And I actually used to be ok with Cardi B. I mean, yah, a lyric or two were usually pretty raunchy.... but this whole song is nothing but literally porn. I let my daughter, who is now 14, have a Halloween party, and I told all the girls they were absolutely NOT to play WAP. That night I heard kids down there asking them to play it, and they said "No, Mr Kitty said no WAP." But if I didn't know what that song was, I would have had 30 14 year-old's in my basement listening to literal porn.

Fucking Cartoon Network is pushing the pronoun bullshit now. Sesame Street said Bert and Ernie are gay.

It's literally everything. We have turned in to a society of disgusting degenerates who think nothing of sexualizing children. And it's shameful.

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To be fair, Apple has some pretty solid parental control tools for their products. My neighbor was showing me how he can see every app his kid uses, what they access and for how long. He can also restrict access. But I guess all it takes is a friend's computer to circumvent it however.

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It was hard enough for me to block pornography with all my devices. When I was addicted, I couldn't go two days without viewing it. Thankfully I was able to block it all on my computer and phone, but I worry for my children if I ever have them. I'll have to teach them that its wrong and dangerous, but also to come to me if they ever have issues with it. My parents never talked to me about pornography, and I want to right that.

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yeh that used to be the case.

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But most children are not being raised by their parents. Today, the majority of children are being raised by other children, under the supervision of mildly-interested teachers and daycare workers.

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Again that's the parents fault, not porns

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Back in the day I had a pretty popular TGP which for those few left on earth who don't know what that means, it's a referral site to list galleries submitted by site owners with a thumnail preview. Originally it was all fun and games where basically copyrighted content was scanned and uploaded to the net from anyone who wanted to. Then came old tired content from porn shops, followed by the new publisher photographer types. 2257 came in and age verification of models was a must, thanks to Traci Lords underage carreer. All this to say people got nervous about content so they grabbed affiliate programs that offered "free" galleries to push their paysites. The big boys, just like Google, sucked up the free porn market and channeled it to their sites. Today you have giants like xnxx based in Panama or xhamster which I believe is Europe but don't quote me , owning all the content you see. Add to that that besides money , they have a social agenda of breaking up the old world values. Infer whatever you wish from that last statement. The levels have gotten worse and worse for debauchery precisely because the ordinary has been worn out . It's not your dad's Playboy anymore. That is by design. It's not stopped because it is part of the agenda. Sorry if this was long winded.

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because addiction. hook em up for free then make em pay.

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You could use CC info to check someone's age. That way porn could be free and 18+

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England, to their credit, passed a law requiring a credit card to view all online porn.


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I often wonder if porn is easily accessible for security reasons. It keeps the population docile in general and it also gives an outlet for crazier types. For example, Perhaps old school serial killers like EARONS or the Zodiac would have been satiated and sedated, as it were, if they had been addicted to internet pornography from a young age. Then maybe they would not have engaged in those killings.

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if I don't have sex or masturbate for a couple of month I definitely want to kill everyone's who's doing shit lol.

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Or maybe you would become more peaceful

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This ^^^^

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The higher end and criminal run sites used to be. But as others have mentioned its free now to corrupt everyone.

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Because the devil wants to corrupt and destroy us.

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Because Weimar Germany

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There was the RTA (Restricted To Adults) tags, all adult sites have it. It can be blocked at router level and with parental controls in windows or Mac. That was some years back now. I think the features are there but no one enables it and it’s possibly easy to bypass. I agree 100% with you OP, adult content is for adults only. It is proven to reduce violent crimes, strange taboo or fetishes and rape if we have access to adult content. But it must be for adults only. Porn addiction is real and it ain’t normal to watch constantly, it’s gone way to far.

But now even music videos are way over the top. WAP and the stripper style dancing, it’s degenerative as fuck. There should be more done about it. Cardi B and these others are a disgrace, it should be Universal and the other music labels who get questioned but just like fuck the police and gangster rap - they profit from controversy and then hide when the shit hits the fan.

I know there are many organisations that try to prevent adult being accessible and to stop child abuse (some orgs are owned by ex adult performers, I used to be a male performer in my early 20s, it’s everything conspiracy says it is run by 100% Israeli and it’s one huge mafia, they pay the woman a dime and make huge cash live normal lives and the male performers are usually owners or involved in a higher level)

Adult content is controlled by an investment fund who’s got many covers, it is now known publicly as MindGeek, they own all brands they buy them up and also own the advertisements. The ads are degenerative, they push illegal and disgusting concepts and now the step-bro sibling porn, it’s fuckin insane. The whole game is to see how degenerative you can make the viewers.

They wanted to run a live stream ufc fuck fight when I was in adult. That was a concept. Some shit did get made in Sanfrancisco like a anal dildo tug of war and stuff, can’t remember the brand. They were always trying to hire, I thought it was a joke when I first heard about it.

They’ll do anything they can to lower the bar, while lauding about it. The owners don’t watch it, have normal families, it’s like owning cigarettes companies - and never smoking, and also owning the lobby’s and cancer treatment / health facilities.

It’s totally corrupt and the industry is quite small, to get into it just go to the Xbiz adult expo convention and talk to people, ask for their cards. It’s fuckin crazy.

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For those wondering how to block on your home network, you can run a Pi-Hole and pfSense as well.

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This could have all been solved by having all pornographic websites be designated with a .xxx domain name, and sites could therefore easily be censored out with parental restrictions. But the porn industry has consistently fought against it.

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Before: We loved and protected our children. Now: they want to morally bankrupt our kids.

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People are cheap. If there's something free and something paid, you think most people will go the paid option?