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NASA is not who you think they are. Where do you suppose those scientists from Operation Paperclip were set up? http://www.stopthecrime.net/docs/nasa-thefutureof-war.pdf

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Somebody has been doing their homework. Nice job.

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Back in the day I had a pretty popular TGP which for those few left on earth who don't know what that means, it's a referral site to list galleries submitted by site owners with a thumnail preview. Originally it was all fun and games where basically copyrighted content was scanned and uploaded to the net from anyone who wanted to. Then came old tired content from porn shops, followed by the new publisher photographer types. 2257 came in and age verification of models was a must, thanks to Traci Lords underage carreer. All this to say people got nervous about content so they grabbed affiliate programs that offered "free" galleries to push their paysites. The big boys, just like Google, sucked up the free porn market and channeled it to their sites. Today you have giants like xnxx based in Panama or xhamster which I believe is Europe but don't quote me , owning all the content you see. Add to that that besides money , they have a social agenda of breaking up the old world values. Infer whatever you wish from that last statement. The levels have gotten worse and worse for debauchery precisely because the ordinary has been worn out . It's not your dad's Playboy anymore. That is by design. It's not stopped because it is part of the agenda. Sorry if this was long winded.