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I just can't understand why people stay in these terrible cities. Is it inertia? Fear? Not realizing things are better other places? I just don't get it.

Our town is open and the kids have been going to school all year. Property is cheap, crime is non-existent. Is there a commute? Yah. But it's worth it to have your kids grow up in a normal environment.

I can understand young adults staying in the cities, so they can have places to go and things to do. But once you have kids, it should be about providing the best environment you can for them to grow up in. And that is not in a city.

Our kids can go to the park, by themselves, and play all day. The worst that's going to happen to them is that another parent might buy them ice cream.

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“Hard to explain” 🙄

They decreased the threshold for the PCR tests in January. The fact checkers will tell you they didn’t decrease it, but rather told testing facilities to re-read the instructions because they were doing it wrong. But still, they changed the way the tests were being conducted and got rid of all the false positives.

But if you try to explain that to someone who hasn’t been keeping up with the news you sound like a lunatic.

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Meh. It's the same old "acting white" shaming tactic liberals have used to keep POC down forever, just dressed up in SJW language.

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I don't understand the logic behind this.

If we accept everything they say is true - then the point of the "vaccine" isn't to stop you from getting Covid, it's to make the symptoms less severe. That's the whole reason they're saying you have to keep wearing a mask... because you could still get it, but you wouldn't know because your symptoms are so slight, so you could spread it to other people.

So they're forcing people to get a vaccine.... so they don't get a severe case? Is that the logic behind this?

That's not the logic behind other vaccines, is it? If I get the MMR shot, then I should be immune to the measles, right? It's not that I'll get a less severe case of the measles, it's that I literally won't get it.

I thought the vaccine was being used as a way to introduce people's immune systems to a weakened version, so the next time they get it, their immune system doesn't go crazy and try to kill the person while killing the disease. But Covid is never going to go away.

The goal is minimize the damage, not stop the spread. So giving every single person the shot seems to imply the goa is to "stopping the spread."

Am I missing something here?

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A quick search shows Obama's estimates in the low thousands and Trumps "as high as 154"

Do you have different numbers?


The notion that the Obama Administration has carried out drone strikes only when there is “near-certainty of no collateral damage” is easily disproved propaganda. America hasn’t killed a handful of innocents or a few dozen in the last 8 years. Credible, independent attempts to determine how many civilians the Obama administration has killed arrived at numbers in the hundreds or low thousands. And there is good reason to believe that they undercount the civilians killed.


Since 2017, the US has admitted to killing between 4 to 12 civilians, although the real number could be as high as 154 — and 86, at a minimum — according to a new report, "Eroding Transparency," from the monitoring group Airwars. A disproportionate number of those killed died as a result of on-the-ground raids ordered by the Trump administration, the group found: despite accounting for less than 3% of US actions documented by Airwars, such attacks accounted for some 40% of all civilian casualties.

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My understanding is that Trump undid an order Obama made on his way out of office requiring the US to report on bystanders killed by drone strikes.

Also, Obama changed the rules to say that any man that was of military age was a combatant, and not a bystander.

So, honestly, who the fuck knows. It's all just spin at this point!

In an executive order, Mr. Trump revoked a disclosure requirement that President Barack Obama imposed in July 2016. The change was the latest in a series of ways that Mr. Trump has dismantled the architecture that Mr. Obama built over time to constrain the use of drone strikes and commando raids targeting Islamist militants in places like tribal Pakistan and rural Yemen.

But Mr. Trump’s executive order noted that since 2016, Congress has enacted a law that separately requires the Pentagon to issue annual reports about bystander deaths from all of its operations, including in conventional war zones like Afghanistan and Syria.

Citing that law, the National Security Council said in a statement that the Obama-era rule amounted to “superfluous reporting requirements, requirements that do not improve government transparency, but rather distract our intelligence professionals from their primary mission.”

Still, the law requiring disclosure of bystander deaths covers only the Defense Department’s operations. It does not extend to airstrikes by the C.I.A., which has carried out its own drone campaign targeting terrorism suspects in countries such as Pakistan and Yemen.

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As smug as Nomen's comment was, it's actually accurate. Parents have to be vigilant.

Because it's not just porn. It's all media. Even media that's supposed to be appropriate for children.

When my daughter was nine she was watching some show about high school kids, and they depicted a teacher and a student as star crossed lovers, not as a pedo and a victim. They also showed high school kids having serious sex scenes... like it's just a given that all high school kids will be sexually active.

Cardi B has that pornographic song WAP out now. And I actually used to be ok with Cardi B. I mean, yah, a lyric or two were usually pretty raunchy.... but this whole song is nothing but literally porn. I let my daughter, who is now 14, have a Halloween party, and I told all the girls they were absolutely NOT to play WAP. That night I heard kids down there asking them to play it, and they said "No, Mr Kitty said no WAP." But if I didn't know what that song was, I would have had 30 14 year-old's in my basement listening to literal porn.

Fucking Cartoon Network is pushing the pronoun bullshit now. Sesame Street said Bert and Ernie are gay.

It's literally everything. We have turned in to a society of disgusting degenerates who think nothing of sexualizing children. And it's shameful.

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I was trying to figure out why they're blaming Russia. It looks like it started with the Washington Post and more anonymous sources.


"The Russian hackers, known by the nicknames APT29 or Cozy Bear, are part of that nation’s foreign intelligence service, the SVR, and they breached email systems in some cases, said the people familiar with the intrusions, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter. The same Russian group hacked the State Department and the White House email servers during the Obama administration."

"The Russian Embassy in Washington on Sunday called the reports of Russian hacking “baseless.” In a statement on Facebook it said, “attacks in the information space contradict” Russian foreign policy and national interests. “Russia does not conduct offensive operations” in the cyber domain."

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I watched this doc twice, it was so interesting to me.

The first time I was convinced he killed his family and thought he was a worthless piece of shit. The second time I watched it though it seemed pretty obvious the filmmaker was pushing that belief the whole movie, and not really being objective. Which was disappointing because I loved his doc about Timothy treadwell.

The thing that made me realize he was pushing the a belief was the scene where they showed David prepping for his meeting with the mikes. They made it look like he was a manipulative bastard because he planned what to say, how to guide the conversation, how to present himself etc etc.

But once I thought about it I realized I would have done exactly the same thing. David was trying to close a $30M deal. OF COURSE he was going to prep for it. And anyone that’s ever had an important meeting would know that. And I have to assume Werner Herzog has had important meetings that intimidated him when he first started out, and he probably prepped for them too. So it stood out as weird and made me look further in to the whole thing.

You know they found another bullet? They found one in the daughter, two in Kamal, and one in David. And they found another random one in the attic. Plus he had a gun in his left hand, and his right hand was missing. The police said the dog ate his right hand. 🙄.

And they’re also using the fact that he wouldn’t see his friends as proof that he was in a downward spiral. But he was also pissed because he didn’t want to give them credit for the film, and they were insisting on credit.

But the most suspicious thing is of course the Allah ackbar. The police said he did it as a final “fuck you.” But a fuck you to who? His in laws I would assume. So if he was mad enough at his in-laws that he would make his last act on earth a fuck your to them, clearly that relationship needs to be looked in to more. But as far as I know his father in law was never questioned

I know the mother in law was in the hospital with cancer, and kept asking to see Kamal... and they didn’t want to tell her she wouldn’t come. To me, it’s not s huge stretch to imagine the father in law getting so pissed about that, that he would honor kill the whole family. His wife is dying, and begging to see her daughter and granddaughter, and they refuse to go see her. I think that would make a husband pretty freaking mad.

Plus didn’t they move to the US from Pakistan like three years before David met Kamal? Why did they leave Pakistan? From what I read they were pretty rich there.

But yah. That whole thing is suspicious.