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clear and concise factual argument

Yep, I only ever use them.

comment some gravity

Oh, but I thought you fuck-wits don't believe in gravity? - lol.

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All the world's Astrophysicists with 0% dissention = gravity

Fuck wits at conspiracy.win = no gravity

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Ever since we have been exploring the lofty heights of mountains as well as the canyons, we have found evidence of ocean life.

Yeah, it's called tectonic plate movement. Look it up.

joining that discussion to be dismissive and combative is just plain ignorant.

Not when your opponent is a fuck-wit moron. The amount of overt stupid in this forum is painful. No mercy.

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one must ask where exactly did the water come from?

A plausible biblical 'great flood' theory is that the Black Sea had a land bridge at the now open end which cracked and flooded the once fertile valley.


So maybe avoid taking things so literally.

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Gravity is the idea that two objects attract each other, something that has not been proven.

Don't be a fuck wit and say things you don't know if it's true or not. An electron microscope can show you atoms being attracted to larger groups of atoms. Also this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym6nlwvQZnE

Moon having any sort of influence over tidal waves, is not proven,

Yes, it has dip shit. Even a child knows the moon's effect on earth's tides.

as tidal waves work independent on the position of the moon, and does not affect lakes.

Jesus, you're fucking dumb and gay. The great lakes have ~ 5cm tide

And you do not need gravity to explain why a object falls, people been able to do that using buoyancy and density before someone made up gravity to explain what is apparent.

Whatever, dip shit. You know fuck all. Go read some books.

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You're a shill for your side. Don't be a hypocrite.

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The only reason FE conspiracy exists is that the internet enables 1/2 wit morons to upload Youtube videos. Do I complain and want to censor them? Hell no! I get a chuckle seeing idiots make fools of themselves.

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This is stupid.

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irony alert.

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pilot would have to decend

Both satellites and planes orbit our ball because gravity makes them constantly fall the to centre. FE map would require them both to constantly be turning. A satellite's path would be a big circular arc requiring energy (course correction) and not a straight path which you can see them doing with your own eyes at night.

A friend of mine in the navy circumnavigated the south pole clockwise, the coastline ahead was always turning to their right as they made course correction to the right, your map would require them to always be turning left. I can send photos.

Face it, you FE's are fucking stupid, make no sense and have no common sense. You just fabricate shit up to make you look 'edgy' but really, it's all just a bunch of low-IQ garbage. I'm done with you. Good luck, and please don't have children.

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Have you even looked at a map of it?

yeah, it's fucking stupid, just like you. In a flat model, you would constantly have to be turning to get anywhere so flying from South America to Australia, for example, would take way more hours than it really does. The whole idea is retarded and not supported by anyone with any formal education. Your team is comprised of morons and idiots and no one smart. Your side can't explain anything properly without claiming 'illuminate' this or 'we're in a projection' or some other simpleton statement. Seriously, if you actually studied instead of watching YouTube for your facts, you might get it.

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Oh right. Magellan and every ship and plane that has since circumnavigated the globe is all part of a grand psyop. Got it.

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Don't waste your time. 925TheJoy is the biggest fuck wit around here. The guy thinks everything is a projection controlled by the Illuminate. Total retard Koo Koo for Coco pops level.

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Flat earth is an observation,

No one can see a flat earth - no photos, no high altitude balloons, zero observations. The 'flat' horizon you see is the edge of the curve on a HUGE ball.

no one claims to have a complete model

Yes, we do. See Magellan's ship's logs where he sailed West and came back from the East.

if you can’t see that then theirs no helping you.

See what? Lack of evidence from your side?

Globe earth needs the explanations Example: why don’t I feel the earth spinning?

Motion is felt by G-force - Do you feel like you're moving 500 miles per hour in a jet once you get to a 35K cruise? Once you are 'at speed' you no longer feel any G's

Example: why don’t I see any curvature?

Because you are an ant on a huge ball. Take a macro lens and put it on a basketball it looks flat. https://imgur.com/gallery/nSGtPtz

Example: how does the moon glow brighter than any rock we have on earth?

There is no atmosphere on the moon. Light has no hindrances or needs to go through anything. Here, we have air to affect light, oxygen to change colours of minerals through oxidization so on and so forth.

Example: why does the moon travel the same path as the sun

Because Earth is a huge MASS that attacks other things with MASS - which is why meteors crash into the earth. The earth 'sucks' things towards it FROM ALL SIDES - which is why water stays curved all around us, water is 'pulled' from all sides. The Moon is actually drifting away from Earth (can't recall the distance per year) but it is not 'forever' in our orbit.

Example: why is the sun and moon the same size

They are not. We see it the same size during a lunar eclipse but that is like holding a basketball at arm's length converging up the sun. Try it.

Example: why do we have the same constellation for thousands of years

We don't - the earth wobbles so in ancient times, they had slightly different angles to the constellations.

Example: how do you achieve gas pressure next to a vacuum

Gas/Air has mass just like water, it is pulled towards the center of our big beautiful ball. If the earth was flat, it would defy all physics and not explain why we have an atmosphere.

Example: how do lasers travel hundreds of miles over earth curvature

Lasers are no different than other light sources, they spread out like a cone. If you are very high up, say like a very tall mast/antenna, you can receive the light, however, given enough distance, there is a limit.

Example: why don’t planes account for earth curve or spin

Planes, like water, and air are constantly being pulled towards the center. When we fly, we fly around the ball since we never overcome the constant pull of gravity. We don't fly straight off in a line because gravity would be impossible to overcome unless we had rockets strapped to the wings.

Example: why do countless emergency landing not make sense on a globe and line up with the flat earth

What? Don't understand this one.

Example: what is gravity

Lol, even the smartest people in the world don't know everything about gravity. Gravity is something that continues to be studied since all science is based on theories. The more PLAUSIBLE a theory, the more PROBABLE. Flat earth has never been theorized by anyone in academia so it is IMPLAUSIBLE. Einstein wrote a paper "The Theory of Relativity" which was originally scoffed at by some.

If you really think the earth is flat, write a paper on it and submit it to academic publications like all the other scientists do.


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I told you already dip shit. The wobble takes thousands of years to move. You do not see it because you are only here for a short time. For fuck sake, how stupid do you have to be to not do some basic research? Yes, the pole always points in the same direction even while orbiting the sun. The north star is VERY far away which is why it always appears in the relatively same position throughout the year. Next.

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Explain why the international SPACE station is only 280 miles above the surface in "low earth orbit".

Its mission is to study thousands of experiments and allow many people to come and go. If it were on or near the moon, the logistics is dramatically greater. Much easier to maintain low orbit.

Why did none of the shuttle missions go beyond the iSPACEs? Why did none go to the moon?

Why would it? See my answer above. It takes 3-4 days to get to the moon. The cost of doing 'space stuff' in near-earth orbit is far easier and cost-effective.

Project Orion is a 21st century program with a mission to send an unmanned vehicle THROUGH the belts to test for radiation exposure to the craft and instrumentation and radiation levels during exposure.

Yeah, and they discovered there is a path that does not fry people which explains how they got to the moon and debunks your statement.

The young engineer heading the program, hosting the video said this mission was a first for NASA.

Yeah, Apollo was 1969 - Orion led the way.

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More fitting for the flat earthers and fake moon landing people that lurk around here.

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There was no improvement in resolution in the closer set of images.

Yes there is. FFS - you might want to think before you post that what you say is 100% wrong.

There is nothing like that resolution in the moon images. Why not?

Because the moon does not have spy satellites orbiting around it. Gee, again, your injection of "things you know nothing about" is telling. They do today https://www.space.com/12030-moon-photos-nasa-lunar-reconnaissance-orbiter.html

The trails of the astronauts foots prints...

I have no idea what you're talking about or the 'blob' you refer to. WTF are you on about?

inconsistent lighting between photos:

Oh this one again? Hey fuck wit, it's called reflectivity. The moon's surface reflects light onto shadowy areas. The apature of the camera also changes so some photos are different than others. If you know photography you know why. People who don't know (like you) invent conspiracy bull shit facts they know shit about.

micrometeorites decades ago

Baseless conjecture without anyone of any credentials that support you.

As in Flat Earth, you morons invent shit up and claim 'science fact' when none of you know anything, you don't have any degrees in science nor do you have anyone of any accreditation to support you. Come back with someone with more than a grade 12 education and an armchair to support your claims.

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