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These guys and the missing top there.. ya gotta wonder if these guys took off the top of the giza pyramid for whatever reason. I guess that's the pyramidion. But the great pyramid it's more area cleared out than that. Maybe them trying to get in. But I don't know.. sure seems like the top of this building. The pyramid on the dollar bill where the top is cut off.

Seeing about this stuff from this video somebody mentioned the other day, that I had on my bookmarks bar to check.

"Secrets In Plain Sight - Volume 1 - Complete" 3hrs 43min.


When I started watching this, and he's talking about what's coming up and says "Winnipeg".. lol.. I'm there.. I saw this years ago. But since the recent research going to check it all out again in the days ahead.

With this today.. his doodles was like.. a bit of it had how the DC whitehouse street layout is a broken pentagram.. but he'd do the full star. Then I wanted to check things for myself to see what angles things were.. also to try and distort the dollar bill pyramid in there to fit. He didn't do that.

But that's where I got the idea from and saw this stuff. I was like.. what's up with DC being that shape.. but he didn't have this diamond shape map that I found. Normally it's just the top that's diamond shape.

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Remember about the "broken pentagram" meaning in the occult.

"The broken pentagram is a symbol that has been used in various occult traditions and practices. It is usually a pentagram with one or more of its points missing or distorted, which can represent a deviation from the harmony and balance of the five elements. Some possible meanings and uses of the broken pentagram are:

In black magic, the broken pentagram can be used to invoke evil forces or to curse someone. According to Masonic writer Manly P. Hall, the pentagram may be broken at one point by not permitting the converging lines to touch, which signifies the descent of the spirit into evil.

In some forms of Satanism, the broken pentagram can be seen as a symbol of rebellion against God and the natural order. The inverted pentagram, with two points up and one point down, is often associated with Satanism and can be considered a type of broken pentagram.

In some modern occult movements, such as Chaos Magick, the broken pentagram can be used as a sign of creativity and individuality. The broken pentagram can also represent the breaking of old paradigms and the creation of new ones.

In some esoteric traditions, such as Thelema, the broken pentagram can be used as a symbol of initiation or transformation. The broken pentagram can signify the death of the old self and the rebirth of the new self.

The broken pentagram is not a fixed or universal symbol, but rather a dynamic and personal one. It can have different meanings and uses depending on the context and intention of the user. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the history and symbolism of the broken pentagram before using it in any occult practice."

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That's why this house of the temple isn't in the middle. It's offset. I think it's something to do with how the eye of horus is. To make the dollar bill pyramid match that offset eye area, had to invert it horizontally. You know these guys with everything inverted. Now the pyramid slant. I had a vertical line and rotated it clockwise 38.5 degrees clockwise to match the street angle. 45 degrees is like halfway of 90. Checked the great pyramid slope and apparently it's 51.5 degrees. That doesn't seem very steep, but that's what it is.

The original dollar bill pyramid, let me check it. That's really steep. It's almost like the top of the obelisk, washington monument. Let me check that. First.. what's going on with the image is the pyramid has one side but the top is like looking at it from directly in front, where you don't see the side.. so it's kind of messed up trying to fit it in here. Anyways, the angles of the original. Getting this odd 21.25 degrees. The back angle and the top is 27.5 degrees. Not sure if these numbers mean anything to whoever. lol.

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Let me compare my couple tables to see if their shit worked. lol. Look at those death numbers. Looks really bad in the most vaxxed countries.

Here's the post pic full sized, if you're too stupid to click on the thread title to see it.


And those least vaxxed countries.. those population numbers aren't small numbers.

But you gotta wonder.. those bush countries, who's even reporting fuck all. Whatever. lol

I also had these 2 other sorting versions. This one with the highest death percentage of their population.


What you gotta watch there is if it's high, what's the vaxxed percentage of the population. Looking at that tone.. the highest death percentage of the population, you've got pretty high vaxxed percentage of their population.

Then you got sorting it with the lowest death percentage of their population.


Also there.. are you seeing a high vaxxed percentage of their population.

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Hovering the mouse cursor over where they want me to click to, looks like


But I ain't gonna click that to check. lol.


what's the site


Searching for: what is googleapis.com used for

Generating answers for you…

The site googleapis.com is a domain owned by Google that is used to provide application programming interfaces (APIs) to Google products and services. These APIs allow developers to access and integrate the functionality of Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube, and many other Google products into their applications1. However, some cyber criminals use this domain to launch ‘tech support’ scams that try to trick people into paying for fake or unnecessary services or products2.

If you want to learn more about Google Cloud APIs, you can visit this page or this page. You can also find some examples of how to use the client libraries for some popular APIs on this page. If you are curious about what other Google internet hosts are used for, you can check out this discussion.

1 of 30

how come it doesn't connect if I go to the www

Searching for: why www.googleapis.com does not connect

Generating answers for you…

That’s a good question. It seems that the domain www.googleapis.com is not intended to be accessed directly by a web browser, but rather by applications that use the Google APIs. If you try to go to the www prefix, you will get a network error because the domain does not have a valid SSL certificate for that subdomain1. However, if you use a different prefix, such as maps.googleapis.com or drive.googleapis.com, you will be able to connect to the API service. You can also use a tool like curl to test the connection to the domain without the www prefix1. For example, you can try this command in your terminal:

curl -v https://googleapis.com

This will show you the details of the HTTP request and response, and you will see that the connection is successful. You will also see the server certificate information, which shows that the domain is owned by Google and verified by Google Internet Authority G21. I hope this helps you understand why www.googleapis.com does not connect. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me. 😊

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Looks like a username of lmalikdiali, betcha he uses it elsewhere on the internet. lol. Let's look around.

Oopsie daisey. Looks like he's coming from Lithuania. That's by Poland.


"What is AbuseIPDB?

AbuseIPDB is a project dedicated to helping combat the spread of hackers, spammers, and abusive activity on the internet.

Our mission is to help make Web safer by providing a central blacklist for webmasters, system administrators, and other interested parties to report and find IP addresses that have been associated with malicious activity online.

You can report an IP address associated with malicious activity, or check to see if an IP address has been reported, by using the search box above."

Lithuania 11 Sep 2023 https://storage.googleapis.com/lmalikdiali/hrefly.html


<script> var tarcking_param = window.location.href.split('#')[1]; var srv_ip = ""; if(!tarcking_param){ alert("please set tracking params!"); }else{ document.location.href = 'http://'+srv_ip+'/?'+tarcking_param; } </script>

Malicious, see

https://urlscan.io/search/# show less

Email Spam

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And then look at one of these links Bing AI suggests.. lol..

Bible Stories for Kids: Abraham and Isaac, a video that tells the story in a simple and engaging way for children.

Yeah but what the fuck is this shit about, right.. yahweh making this Abraham kill his fucking son and the guy's gonna do it cause he fears Yahweh. Well, no shit.

Let's see where that fucking link went to. Jeez. It's a fucking cartoon. 2 minutes, I gotta watch this super twisted shit, man.

Bible Stories for Kids: Abraham and Isaac


Bible Stories for Kids Podcast

7.03K subscribers

57,374 views Nov 24, 2020

"In this Bible Stories for Kids video, you''ll learn about the story of God speaking to Abraham about the birth of Isaac is found in the book of Genesis. Thank you for watching this episode of Bible Stories for Kids! For even more fun in the Bible, follow the Bible Stories for Kids YouTube channel, and subscribe to the Bible Stories for Kids Podcast."

Wait.. did he say "fun in the bible"? WTF with these guys.

Let's get the transcript.

abraham was 100 and his wife sarah was


when just as god had promised they had a

son and named him isaac

isaac was their only child and they

loved him with all their hearts

as isaac grew into a young boy abraham

taught isaac

to love god and to follow all the

commands that god put before them

one day god spoke to abraham

abraham very quickly abraham replied

here i am lord then god said

i want you to take your son isaac your

only son

that you love so much and go to a

mountain in the region of moriah

and place him on an altar and sacrifice


now this grieved and saddened the heart

of abraham because

he loved his only son isaac so much

the next morning with a heavy heart


saddled his donkey he gathered enough

wood for the burnt offering

and then he took isaac and two of his

young men that worked with him

and began the journey to the region of


they had traveled three days when

abraham looked up

and saw a mountain in the distance he

told the young men

stay here while isaac and i go to the


to worship abraham placed the wood for

the burnt offering upon isaac

picked up a stick of fire and his knife

and began to travel

toward the mountain as they were


isaac said father abraham

said yes my son isaac said

we have fire and wood for a burnt

offering but we don't have a lamb

abraham answered my son god himself will

provide a lamb for the burnt offering

so they continue to the mountain


soon they reached the place that god had

told abraham to sacrifice his son isaac

as a burnt offering he tied up isaac's

arms and gently laid him on an altar

where he had placed the wood then he

took the knife

and prepared to kill his son isaac

suddenly abraham heard an angel of the

lord call out to him from heaven

abraham abraham and abraham replied

here i am lord and the angel said

do not lay a hand upon the son that you


so much do not do anything to him

now i know that you fear god and will

obey all that i ask of you

you have proven that you will not

withhold your only son

that you love just then abraham looked


and there tangled in the branches of a

bush was a ram

caught by his horns he knew then that

god had provided this ram as a sacrifice

instead of his beloved son isaac then

the angel of the lord

said a second time abraham the lord


because you have obeyed all that i ask

and have not withheld your only son

whom you love i will multiply all your


as many as the stars in the sky and the

sand of the seashores

all nations on earth will be blessed

through your descendants

because you have obeyed me






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Independent Order of Odd Fellows, related to freemasons because they have an eye in the logo?

Searching for: Independent Order of Odd Fellows and freemasons

Generating answers for you…

Hello, this is Bing. I can help you with some information about the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Freemasons.

According to my web search results, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) is a non-political, non-sectarian international fraternal order of Odd Fellowship. It was founded in 1819 by Thomas Wildey in Baltimore, Maryland, United States1. The order is also known as the Triple Link Fraternity, referring to the order’s “Triple Links” symbol, alluding to its motto "Friendship, Love and Truth"1.

The IOOF is not affiliated with or an appendant body of Freemasonry. Although the two fraternities share similar values and symbolism, they remain mutually independent. George IV of the United Kingdom was the first documented of many Odd Fellows to also attend freemasonry, but the societies remain independent2.

The all-seeing eye is a common symbol in both the IOOF and Freemasonry, as well as other groups and cultures. It represents the watchful care of a supreme being or a higher power. The eye is often surrounded by rays of light or a glory, and sometimes accompanied by a triangle or other shapes3.

The IOOF and Freemasonry have different origins, rituals, degrees, and structures, but they both aim to promote moral and social improvement among their members and communities. They also have a history of mutual respect and cooperation, as well as inter-fraternal relations with other orders4.

I hope this information was helpful. If you want to learn more, you can check out the following links:

Independent Order of Odd Fellows - Wikipedia Are The Odd Fellows Part Of Freemasonry? - Midnight Freemasons The Odd Fellows and Freemasons: Different Paths to the Same Goal Independent Order of Odd Fellows · Illuminating Brotherhood … - Omeka

Meanwhile, notice this Midnight Freemasons.. bookmarked that the other day. Let's check that page.


"I get the question a lot. Believe it or not, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) is not affiliated with or an appendant body of Freemasonry. However, it is pretty obvious that the two Fraternities are very similar in both the symbolism they use, the values they share, and in the way they began. Both Fraternities use many of the same symbols--the "All Seeing Eye," the sun and moon, the Holy Bible, and the beehive are of a few of many symbols used by both Fraternities. Freemasons will readily recognize nearly all of the symbols on the Odd Fellows chart below. They also have an initiation and degree system much like Masonry, and use aprons as part of their regalia."

And lemme guess.. they gotta get humped in the bum on the checkered floor. lol.

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Hello, this is Bing. I see you are interested in the building height restrictions in Washington, DC. According to the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC), the federal agency that oversees the planning and development of the capital region, the Height of Buildings Act of 1910 sets maximum building heights in Washington, DC based on the width of the street, to a maximum height of 130 feet (commercial streets) and 90 feet (residential streets), and 160 feet for parts of Pennsylvania Avenue, NW1. The law is intended to preserve and enhance the historical, cultural, and natural resources and federal assets of the National Capital Region1.

The law does not depend on the height of the Capitol or the Washington Monument, which are 288 feet and 555 feet tall respectively2. In fact, the Washington Monument is not even the tallest structure in the city – the Hughes Memorial Tower is 761 feet tall3. The law also allows for some exceptions, such as towers, domes, spires, penthouses, and other similar architectural features, that can project above the nominal height limits1.

I hope this information was helpful. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me. 😊

130 feet is 13 storeys?

Searching for: how many feet is one storey

Generating answers for you…

According to the online calculator for metric conversions1, 130 feet is about 12.01 stories. However, the height of each story can vary depending on the ceiling height, floor thickness, and building material. The general average of a story is about 14 feet2, but some stories can be higher or lower. For example, the ground floor or first floor may have higher ceilings than other levels, and office buildings may have more space for air conditioning ducts, plumbing and wiring systems above the ceiling2. Therefore, the number of stories in a building is not always equal to the height in feet divided by 14.

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They'll have a few places.. first noticed it, the egyptian type obelisk, washington monument wasn't there. Then you got the capitol. The white house. But just any of these buildings around there. Meanwhile you see this outline of this area where they'll have everything as 3D.

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According to some sources, the broken pentagram is a symbol of occult and black magic practices. It is used by black magicians to conjure up and control demons for their selfish desires. It is also called the Endless Knot because it can be drawn with a single line1. The broken pentagram may also represent God’s triumph over Satan in some Biblical interpretations1.

The broken pentagram is a variation of the inverted pentagram, which is a negative symbol of the inversion of the natural order, placing matter over the spirit world. It is also a symbol of evil, chaos, and corruption. The inverted pentagram is used by Satanists, black magicians, and some occultists who practice the left-hand path2.

The broken pentagram has five points, but the two points at the top are missing or broken. This creates a gap in the star, which may symbolize a weakness or a flaw in the dark forces1. The gap may also allow a backdoor for all kinds of things to enter and exit3. The broken pentagram is not a very common symbol, but it has been used by some bands, organizations, and individuals who are interested in the occult or black magic.

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The Pentagon has five concentric pentagons, or rings, that are connected by 10 radial corridors. Each ring has five floors above ground and two floors below ground1.

The Pentagon has five sides, five ring corridors per floor, and a central five-acre pentagonal plaza

The Pentagon has six ZIP codes, even though it is located in Arlington, Virginia. It uses the place identifier for Washington, DC2.

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The pentagon.. looks like it's supposed to be this tip area on the top. Got this hut. Wonder what's in there. What's going on with these 2 doors. There's a roof on only half. Why would they have this ladder thing on the other side when you got those 2 doors. They gotta go up top for something.


If you look closer the side of the pentagon the angle is cut by the road so the star is more where the tip would be.

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"According to the web search results, there was some construction work going on near the State Department building on September 11, 2001, which involved blasting and excavation1. This was part of a project to build a new annex for the State Department, which was scheduled to be completed in 20042. The construction site was located across the street from the State Department building, on the corner of 21st Street and Virginia Avenue NW2. Around 10:30 AM, a loud noise was heard near the State Department building, which some people thought was a car bomb1. Some news outlets, such as CNN and the Associated Press, reported this as a fact, without verifying it3. They later retracted and corrected their report, after realizing it was a false alarm3."

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I don't know.. once I'd run out.. I'd look into like what do they got for some kind of damn powders eh.. like probably some bullshit dr scholls or some shit. lol. I don't need no fuckin who knows what that does though eh.. like guys who got issues.. this was just to stop the damn squeak in the shoes. lol.

Hey wait I got the crazy russian on the horn.. hey see how I can fuckin ETH into BNB on metamask.. like holy fuck here man. So I can get this BNB outta there.. lol. See that post. Also halfway through drinking. lol. Got a couple hectors 2L peach punch.. those are made here in Winnipeg.. lol.. 7%.. they're pretty good.

I tried changing proton VPN eh so I could swap my USDT into BCH when I was logged into binance.. I'm there.. what countries are still supported by binance.. don't do US cause they got their own shit with binance us site.. so I don't know.. tired this european one.. maybe chechnia.. lol.. it was like.. no you can't do that shit.. binance is out of canada end of sept but it's not oct yet. This nerdy shit pisses me off man.. can't change my ETH into BNB on metamask in chrome browser on desktop.

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Who knows.. never heard of that.. what's your take on toothpaste. That's poison eh.. like I gotta spit for a while after brushing my teeth. I'll floss after eating.. like not at work.. but here.. but sometimes here I'll like not use toothpaste each time. Maybe like a bit couple times a day. That toothpaste there.. and this colgate total.. mint... they changed the formula the other year. yeah. lol.. "why". More poison in it. Then ya got the info on tubes heard this years ago.. call poison control.. lol.. toothpaste. lol. I picture this guy here paranoid about the baby powder in his shoes, like.. he probably buys those natural wholesome type brand toothpaste thing. Like what was that brand.. when I worked at uh.. hang on.. save on foods. Let me check them for their toothpastes. lol. See you scroll down you got all the poison ones, eh.. lol. yeah he'd probably use something like this "Tom's Of Maine - Whole Care Toothpaste". Fuck.. almost 8 bucks. WTF these biotene toothpastes are like fuckin 16 bucks. "Biotene - Dry Mouth Fluoride Toothpaste" Those are poison ones though. lol. lol.. what's this one.. "Green Beaver - Natural Toothpaste Frosty Mint, 75 MillilitreOpen product description $6.99". They're almost like hippies these save on foods guys, eh. Then you got more of this poser type hippie bullshit but you know there's poison in it. lol. "Hello - Naturally Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste, 98 MillilitreOpen product description $8.49". Oh.. this is some real hippy stuff here.. "Burts Bees - Kids Toothpaste - Fruit Fusion Fluoride Free, 95 MillilitreOpen product description $7.49". When you see the fluoride free.. see.. that's the poison. lol.. so what are they doing there, eh.. probably your idea with like the "baking soda". You just need a bit of this "abraisive" type thing, eh.. to get off the plaque. ok that's it.. i'm out.. gotta get back to my metamask window and try to get this fucking bnb outta there.

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haha.. I get them cause they're 4E wide. I saw about this on the internet.. they'd squeak after a couple weeks. I use these "your sole" insoles which are kinda neat. They have arch.. but flexible. Wear them a day they form to your feet. Made in canada, eh.. like Alberta. So I put those in there. Ordered from them.. "wide" so they fit in the air monarch good. Before that, heard about these guys at this canadian footwear store, here in Winnipeg.. but they don't have the "wide". I noticed those on the yoursole site so just order them from those guys instead.

Now.. couple weeks after getting the air monarch.. you get this fuckin "squeak". Looked around.. and some guy said.. just put powder under the insole. Shake it around.. flip it over.. I do that over the bathtub. And it work.. no more squeak the whole time you got the shoes. Just put powder in it. You said you tried though? I've been using these fuckin shoes for like years now.. probably went through a dozen pairs.

I like the black, eh.. but go to the sports chek at polo park and last time.. not in store. Usually I order them but pain in the ass.. on and on.. door buzzer shit.. wireless doesn't go up here. on and on. Tried different doorbells. Just out of range. Then gotta bike it to courier depot, if they don't call.. like fuck UPS ok I got them out of my amazon options cause they don't call. Anyways.. went to the sport chek last weekend she goes down.. 15 minutes later guy says oh no black they're for an order. So got the white this time.

Try them again.. put powder in them. lol. It stops the squeak. lol

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lol.. Dr Marmot.. lol.. never seen this guy. Marmots eh.. I'd go this "garbage hill" here in town, not far from my place.. used to be a huge garbage hill like I don't know, the 50's.. now it's grass and a park. They'd have these Ricardson ground squirrels running around. I'd call them marmots. They'd do this little high pitched peep to let their buddies know there's an intruder around. I think they killed them all though in recent years. Too many like holes, eh.

Marmots, eh.. then ya got groundhogs.. but just the term marmots.. sometimes I'd refer to birds as flying marmots. lol. What's with you and the word marmot.. then he puts doctor before that.

Never seen this guy around. Sounds like knows about conspiracy stuff though.. not a noob. Looked up what the term "glowie" meant. Never heard that before. Appears to be a, lol..

"What is a glowy slang? Noun. glowie (plural glowies) (Internet slang, derogatory, far-right) A government agent or informant infiltrating an online political space, with the supposed intention of surveilling violent extremists or provoking entrapment."

oh that's like guys watching us.

Then, who's this guy he mentions.. lol..

"Jason Shurka is a spiritual teacher who focuses on teaching others how to use their mind to clear all emotional and physical blockages in order to unlock their limitless potential. He takes pleasure in traveling the world and exploring different cultures"

165k on insta.

Followed by olga__hoffmann, fenixcarriem, and my.voice.my.choice

That carrie m was who posted about oct 4 the other day.

Who's this fucking guy. It seems like some low level, entry, noob type conspiracy stuff for the larvals.

Scrolling this guy's insta page and I'm thinking, "schmaltzo", whatever that could mean. lol.

Lol.. looking up google for that term that popped up in my head.


About 2,060 results

Sounds like a good brand name. Not much traffic. 1 word username.

Top post, "after much debate and many rounds of development, she's finally ...

Instagram https://www.instagram.com › ... after much debate and many rounds of development, she's finally here. It's BA's best schmaltzo ball soup, doods. I did."

What page is that on insta. lol. mollybaz blue checkmark 722k.

Checking register.com you can go get schmaltzo.com. Start your brand name. You can go get the youtube.com/schmaltzo that's a 404. Oh, somebody's got the instagram though. lol. "Schmal Tzo". All 0's. lol. Not bad brand username with not too many characters.. 1 word too.

Anyways.. back to this schmatlzo chump. I just don't like the looks of this Jason Shurka guy. And then why didn't he get that username. Let's check that page. Page not available. Probably got sacked for being a dumbass. Probably paid to get followers, then busted. lol.

ok I gotta get back to what I was doing. lol. Ain't got time analyzing schmaltzos. lol.

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