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i think public sentimennt is at a point its never been as far as awarness and knowing in what ways we are all being fucked. if something like covid or trump or the blm riots raises the temperature in the future, the manifest response is going to follow the line of thinking that has the biggest market share as far as sentiment.

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i think an escape or exit is probably the right move right about now

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central banking. anything about central bankers

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i think u might have touched on what might actually be their strategy

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algorithms are artificial intelligence. its intellegence in an artificial form

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i think we need to nail down the whos and hows before we try and predict the what and why

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nah hes got money, plus the benefiecierys of the fed reserve system have an anual revenue of around a trillion dollars. you have to imagine your in their position, what would be your agenda. theres to many people, i want to be able to enjoy all the best spots on the planet without all these worthless asshole tourists. they have all the money bro, they have the technology, they want the world

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dude you just dont understand encryption. a bitcoin is made of information, that information is encrypted hence crypto, its not ones and zeros. this encryption along with blockchain is what makes it so secure. it cant be counterfitted thats why it has value. its also cant be inflated because it has a natural cap due to the fact of the encryption, in other words you need a super computer to mine any more bitcoin after a certain point. its also decentralized

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the value of bitcoin and cryto in general is that its extremely secure in that a coin cannot be duplicated. the inherant value is in its security, and also there is a limit to how many can be created, so inflation is not a problem other than increasing the fractional value of coins. its also decentralized which is direct threat to the central banking system of debt slavery.

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we need a Whitney Webb/epstein/CIA/Organized crime roundtable

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dude, the illuminati are fucking brilliant. i dont think the vaccines are even dangerous anymore. they probably made a shot the mildly harms and kills some people, not enough to scare the "sheep" away but enough to alarm anyone with their eyes open. they did this to attract the primary fear towards the vaccine and away from the masks, in which the real bioweapon is being dispensed. the more i learn the more impressed i am with how brilliant and elegant their methods are. credit where credit is due lol

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its the certain type of jew, abekenezy or something like that

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for me the explanation for jews being very successfull and very powerful is the fact that they have the highest average iq of any race except for asians. youll also notice that asians are doing extremely well too. the difference on average isnt crazy large between jews and asians and everyone else, but when you get a small difference in the middle of a bell curve, you get an extreme difference on the tails. in effect your going to get near total domination of the highest positions of competence being members of a group that only has a slight advantage on the population level. that being said, the fact that the international banking cartels come from German jews in the eighteenth century, and the fact that hitler blamed Jewish people for Germanys decline does say something. the racism was wrong because racism is factually wrong, but maybe he identified the race of the perpetrators. the nazis were occultist, and were connected to the formation of the cia after world war two ended, right around the time of paperclip.

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saw it for the first time at like 12 or 13, blew my mind. ive watched it several times since and still love it. definity ranks as one of the best ever n the conspiracy doc genre

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its also the best "film" peter joseph was a perfessional percussionist and the soundtrack really makes the movie feel as potent as the subject matter imo

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