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You realize this is a bird conservation education effort right ?

Oh wow look a "drone" but I'm not an idiot. I know it's a bird. But now I'm more aware of birds, and their colors and behaviors. Wow birdwatching is a cool hobby and wow no one does anything to protect their ecosystems etc. etc.

by pkvi
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Vitamin D from sunlight down.... More flu infections

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I hope those things have good suspension. I feel like the potholes here would fuck them otherwise. #fixthedamnroads - Gretchen Cunt

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Saliva 2x a week I have a full year left Supposedly the tests are consistently rejected even when you spit in them, but that's on the student not on the lab or the garbage test

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Mask AND a covering for your eyes. Which supposedly translates to non-contact with a covid positive person. Then you ask So then what value is the testing if it doesn't count as contact when you're with a positive person?

Oh right don't use logic. It's not logic. It's submission