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Ya my suspicion was this somehow has to do with commonwealth nations as Australia, New Zealand and Canada are the most fucked. Although it's not true of the UK and South Africa so I don't know why that is.

I definitely feel the 3 countries I named are the first 3 who are effectively going to switch to a Chinese communist style dictatorship and eventually others will follow suit.

They may even be hanging the truckers out to dry in front of a global audience to be like "See? This is what will happen to ALL of you if any of you step out of line as well".

Dark times ahead I'm afraid.

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I thought I had everything figured out about the pandemic until today.

And I didn't think the Canadian government could possibly turn this to their advantage - but it looks like they may have even anticipated this protest and made a plan for it if it did happen.

Trudeau hid for 2 straight weeks and basically did nothing while allowing the media to malign the truckers and get a lot of Canadians exceedingly mad enough to basically demand martial law.

But that's what he wanted all along. That's why he hid out like a coward and did nothing. It was strategic.

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ss: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichstag_fire

People hate the comparison, but it’s a little too convenient that Trudeau is now basically able to do whatever he wants to his own citizens on a whim with the passing of this act. Basically anything is on the table, and people will cheer it on.

People already equate the unvaxed with “the right” - who they also have conveniently and dishonestly been associating with racism, sexism, homophobia, fascism, nazis and diseased plague rats for years now.

If they were to do this, they would have the perceived moral justification to do so (with little opposition) effectively wiping out their social and political enemies and anyone who opposes the new world they are trying to usher in.

What made me think of this, aside from the othering, is the fact that they’re going for the trucker’s money and possessions - much like Hitler did before he put the Jewish people on trains.


I was going to post this on r/conspiracy but didn’t really feel like listening to Agent Marx telling me to “seethe” over and over again. I just wanted to have an honest discussion about the plausibility of this happening and if anyone sees the similarities too?

Indulge me, is this too black-pilled to even think? I actually hope to god it is.

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I find masks unattractive and grotesque on everyone including people with ugly or old wrinkly faces. There is something so inhumane, so degrading about people being forced to cover their faces that any human, regardless of what they look like, would look 1000 times more appealing to me than having to see them suffer inside a mask. They're the epitome of disgusting and nauseating apparel.

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I don't know if anyone caught the part where Dr. Steven Walker, Former Director of DARPA, on video says:

DARPA about 5 or 6 years ago set up an office called the Biotechnology Office and the real purpose of that was to understand how biology worked, and then build, design - uh, design, build and test cycles where you could engineer microorganisms to do things that you want to do.

...but... what the flying fuck is that supposed to mean?!

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Well they need to wipe out the control group. So they need the average person to agree that concentration camps are a-okay for wrong-doers. You do that by convincing them the people being loaded into the cattle cars are all "raycists" anyways so it's totally fine. NPC's not only don't step in to stop the genocide, they give it a huge thumbs up.

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It's just social pressure, much like mask wearing and all the other shit they don't have the resources to enforce so they convince the wannabe vigilantes enforce it on the government's behalf using lies.

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Great find! Thanks so much!

EDIT - They suspended the account that wrote this so it's now gone. You don't have an archived version of it handy, do you?

EDIT 2 - Found one but it looks like some pictures are missing: https://web.archive.org/web/20170515230622/https://medium.com/@getongab/the-far-left-works-with-silicon-valley-to-fight-populism-with-paid-shills-and-censorship-ff94f93d2ba3

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maybe fact-check is a bad word but the authentic subscribers would always keep you in check if you were saying something completely off-base or already disproven. Regardless, it was civil either way. It was usually a casual back and forth and not "GOTCHA YOU QANON SCUM! I JUST OWNED YOU!!" which is super fucking childish.

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Yeah they say they're just fact checking the conspiracies but the way they go about it is toxic and vile with name calling and insults. The old r/conspiracy was someone posting a conspiracy and people rationally discussing it in the comments. You don't need to be a toxic POS to disagree with someone's idea, you can do it with civility.

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All they need to do is find an offending thread, post it to TMOR and the shill brigade goes on full-on attack mode.

I've seen it happen time and time again, even with this meme which I originally posted to r/conspiracy a few months ago, it got 4000+ upvotes and lots of awards but the comment section was all people attacking me and the sub saying the usual "this place has turned into a right-wing echo chamber" right after it got shared on TMOR. It was intense!

You can see some of the comments here: https://archive.md/iIQcb

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