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I'm not saying there isn't a connection...

...but also, back in my day, there were probably a lot of autistic people who were just told to, "shut up and stop being retarded" and ignored and not diagnosed. So i'm unsure which is the real cause. vaccines, or douchey society.

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I'd prefer a single spreadsheet, pdf, or large image with nice pictures and graphs that morons can understand... that i can print out and leave laying places.

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I cant take him seriously anymore.

Not because of the conspiracy theories mind you.

But because he looks too much like Team 3D member, and former WWF and ECW world tag team champion Bubba Ray Dudley.


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I've been having a hard time with search engines since Web Crawler stopped using their original algorithm and licensed googles. It's been a while.

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Style points to the cop for asking her if she was carrying a concealed bazooka. Never can be too careful these days.

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Depends on where you live. I haven't heard anything about that state side, but in Australia they sent cops door to door to talk to people who had posted anti-vax things to social media... so, i'd believe it down there.