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Since June of 2019, there have been some new stars in our sky.

They are a bit larger and seem to be closer. The further ones flicker a bit too much, with a green and red alternating flicker.

They used to turn on right after sunset. But it seems that was unusual for stars, so now they turn on a bit later when its dark.

They don't show up in the same spot the way stars do. They move around a bit, night to night. Sometimes they are a bit further and sometimes closer.

On a given night, you can see 3-5 of them in the sky. Occasionally, more. They are only seen near and on land masses. Never on open water.

They are all over the world. Having been seen on every continent and in every country.

If the sky is clear, you can go and see them for yourselves. At least a couple of the closer ones will stick out.

Grab a pair of binoculars, or better yet, a telescope and you will see that what appears like a star are in fact 2 distinct lights. If your telescope has a decent zoom, you will notice that the "lights" are not lights, but electric arcs.

While this may all sound very weird, it is not often that there is a phenomena that you can yourself validate.

So, a few questions come to mind:

Who put them there? Who has the resources to cover all the land masses around the world? Why aren't governments around the world talking about this? Isn't national airspace being violated? How do they stay in a geostationary orbit? Are they high altitude balloons? Or are they drones? If drones, how do they hover in one place all night (along with earth's rotation) How are they powered? Those electric arcs or lights will require a lot of power.

Now to allow the imagination to run wild. What if these objects emit EMF waves that affect humans? What if it cycles multiple wave programs? Such as high blood pressure induction, irritability/anger, libido increase. Cycling every few days. What if they have another EMF wave program which hasn't been turned on yet? A very specific frequency program that affects protein spikes in human bodies. Causing them to trigger blood clots or other instant death conditions? What if the micro metallic objects found in some vaccines act a resonance antennas to help trigger their effect?

If vaccines were the bomb, and these "stars" were the triggering mechanism, it would allow for a very clean culling of the human race. Thousands of these stars worldwide allow for a controlled city by city, nation by nation culling. All of it can be easily blamed on a new variant of the virus since the media is already corrupt.

No one would know who is the bad guy. The ones doing this, and their friends/families would all survive since the vaccine is required in order to die. This would explain the unholy push to vaccinate everyone.

I believe the culling was supposed to have happened last year. Their plans have hit a snag. Too many people are refusing the vaccine. And secondly, the vaccine itself seems to be weaker than anticipated. The human body is cleaning it out, so they have been forced to create stronger and stronger "Jabs" which have had so many undesirable effects that more and more people are seeing them as dangerous; which is causing more of the population to reject the vaccines and jabs.

What I'm trying to say is, please go out and look at these stars. The rest of the post is pointless until you see them.

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Hugo Drax is at it again.