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How many Depends does Melania carry to the trash every day?

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For facts, his pants were on right, but he looks as good in slacks as you would in a Speedo.

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We both know that's not what he meant. If he meant that, he would have said that. Or are you saying he's too stupid to say what he actually means? If so, I'd believe that.

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The cultists did everything in their power to keep dear leader in office, and they still failed.

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The Trump cultists did everything in their power to keep the dear leader in office, and they still failed.

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So, I watched the video, and aside from the dubious blurred man who claims to be an expert, there are many, many things wrong with the premise here.

First, internet traffic is encrypted. The "expert" says nothing about he and his team decrypted the information contained in the packets. You can't know what the Chinese, in this case, were attempting to do if you cannot read what they were sending. Decryption is very hard.

Second, no one in the world would have real-time access to all of this information. Maybe a select few at the NSA. Maybe. This is government level data collection, and notice how there are zero government whistleblowers. If this was true, there would certainly have been a few people at the NSA watching this take place in real time, and this absolutely would have been on the president's desk within a matter of minutes. Trump has never really been on board with the whole, "China and Hugo Chavez hacked us" line.

Third, pre-election polling would have to be catastrophically incorrect for the numbers Lindell is suggesting to work out. Lindell says Trump won by tens of millions of votes, that's simply impossible given that every single poll conducted ahead of the election was mostly correct with regard to their margins of victory and the final results.

Fourth, why did whomever give this to Lindell wait until January 9th to do so? Is it because it happened after all of the legal challenges had been exhausted and Biden certified by Congress and there was literally nothing that could happen to change the fact that Biden would be sworn in? That's likely.

I do not believe Lindell for one micro second, and anyone who asks some very basic questions or anyone who has a beginner level understanding of infosec can clearly see this is a larp.

I do, however, hope this gets in front of a judge and jury, because Lindell needs to be slapped down. He needs to just come out and say that he's made all this up.

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Trump cultists are the true perpetrators of Cancel Culture.

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I believe you are a bit confused on my rationale in sharing this news. I share to highlight Trump's mental deficiencies, not to promote his theories.

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I absolutely do not believe that Trump will be reinstated. I have no reason to doubt Maggie Haberman, though. She's won many awards, including a Pulitzer, for her reporting.

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I wouldn't call people at patriots.win or greatawakening.win Trump's "close personal friends."

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Russia has been stepping up their efforts pretty hard in the last few weeks. I think Putin is still sore his butt boy lost the election.

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Trump clearly had no intention of ever draining the swamp or fighting the globalists. He is nothing more than a shit business man that had a hit tv show for a couple of years. His father made all the family money, and his son is trying to make sure he snorts whatever is left up his nose.

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It's going to be a sad day when all of cultists realize that, once the audits are done, their dear leader really did lose the election because he was a corrupt, ill-spoken grifter that America just didn't want back.

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