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Well that's exactly what all the Centcom shills have been saying for years. I never believed you to be a paid shill but I guess anything is possible. A lot of people were fooled by the DEW space-beam baloney. Just like a lot of people were fooled by "nobody died at Sandy Hook" and "nobody died in Las Vegas" and lots of other intel agency larps that they've played upon the "truther"-crowd.

If you take an honest look at the evidence and use your brain it's hard to consider the DEW theory to be any more credible than the flat-earth theory. It's just nonsensical fodder for the autistic defects among us. Anyway, I don't blame people for being fooled but it's time to take your head out of the sand and stop gate-keeping a "theory" that was put forth by Judy Wood (obviously a fool or a shill just go watch any of her interviews), Morgan Reynolds (a George Bush administration member!) , James Fetzer (habitual cheerleader of the aforementioned "nobody died at.." theories)

Ironic that we come here to escape the reddit censorship and anti-freethought social media and here you are "fact-checking" the only real scientific inquiry into the collapse of the towers with your DEW space-beam no-plane theory.

Your kind are the type of people that stifled the 9/11 investigation with personal attacks and easily discredited baloney, meant to be so outrageous to the average person that they would instantly reject it upon hearing it. Dr. Stephen Jones was one of the only accredited individuals who put forth a serious investigative effort and he worked with dozens of others individuals with Scientific degrees to analyze the evidence. There has never been one legitimate credible bad thing to say about Dr Jones that I have ever heard. He was always modest and simply trying to bring the evidence to the discussion.

So please, stop gatekeeping. Your bias has shown. Your refusal to sticky anything related to 9/11 that isn't DEWtard crap shows what you believe. Your credibility has been blown in my book, just like the towers were blown, as the EVIDENCE clearly shows.

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