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Well, I'm back. After 69 days, my ban has expired, and I am free to post here once again. In the last two plus months, quite a lot has happened, and quite a lot will happen still. But, since I have been absent, I have noticed a distinct lack of actual facts pertaining to the most corrupt and evil entity to have ever served the American people from the White House.

Here's what you might have missed since I was gone:

Donald Trump continues to face legal troubles stemming from the Trump Organization's tax fraud case. For more than 15 years, the company was involved with a litany of fraud. Prosecutors have gone after Allen Weisselberg, Trump Organization CFO, for compensation made "off the books." Weisselberg is expected to turn state's witness against the former president as he faces more than a dozen felonies.

The fallout from the failed coup in January of this year continues. It has been revealed that Trump pressured his Justice Department to find a way to overturn the election results in several key states that he lost. The disgraced former president and his allies pressured then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to investigate Trump's false claims of fraud. Rosen, and his predecessor, William Barr, have both stated there was no widespread voter fraud.

The Arizona "audit" has been one whopping nothing burger.

While in office, the orange man seized phone records from political adversaries seemingly for the purpose of blackmail.

Trump has come under fire for how he is raising money on the back of his defeat in 2020. Watchdogs say that Trump has pocketed millions of dollars from his idiotic supporters since November.

Speaking of disgraced, Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has been banned from practicing law over his repeated lies surrounding the election and Trump's loss.

Trump ally and billionaire Thomas Barrack was arrested and charged with lobbying for the UAE as an unregistered agent.

The hammer has been coming down pretty hard on all of those who participated in the failed coup at the Capitol. More Trump supporters and rioters are expected to face sentencing in the coming weeks.

House Democrats finally have access to Trump's financial records.

Top military leaders seriously believed that Trump was planning to stage a takeover earlier this year. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley actually began planning for what to do if it happened.

The FBI, among many other organizations, has come out to declare that the January 6th riot and attempted coup was domestic terrorism and has refuted any claims of mass voter fraud.

There are still several outstanding and ongoing investigations into the Trump campaign, Trump himself, his family and his associates on a variety of crimes. Tax fraud. Bank fraud. Insurance fraud. Hush money payments. Illegal use of campaign funds. Illegal use of inauguration funds. Illegal use of charity funds. Pressuring officials across the country into overturning the legal results from the election. It's been relatively quiet on those fronts, but just like the NY AG's charges against the Trump Organization, we know that it takes time for things like this to play out.

Any way, those are some of the things you might have missed during my ban. I hope you'll take the time to investigate these things yourself and learn all that you can about how the corrupt and powerful in this country use and abuse their positions.

I'll keep sharing all of the misdeeds and revelations as long as I'm allowed.