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Heard an interesting sentence from Russian historian Andrey Fursov recently. He told that Western elites intentionally organized conditions for moving all manufacturing to Asia in order to completely eliminate Western working class, since it become a severe threat to Western elites.

Looking deeper into that thing, I found it pretty valid.

Really, in recent times, industrial workforce changed a lot, from "proletariat" kind of low income low skill workers to educated, skilled layer of society, so middle class inflated a lot. Middle class is politically active, and have its own political demands. Doing complex work demand ability to solve complex problems and critical thinking.

So, modern Western working class would have been a direct threat to TPTB. Also, it would have been mostly white Europeans with traditional values. Imagine that kind of force in modern Western society.

Unlike industrial workers, modern office monkeys don't need to have any critical thinking and traditional values. Their relatively high salaries move them into middle class, but this middle class is competely different - it is amorthous mass of easy manipulated sheeple without any useful skills and ideas.

So, to prevent this disaster, TPTB created conditions for moving manufacturing out of the West. It was not even their greed - they don't need that profits, they print money, it was a succesfull attempt to destroy western working class who could create a lot of problems for TPTB and create middle class that would blindly follow their narratives.

Why do they need any middle class? To avoid deep society stratification and have a bait for lower class to create an illusion of perspectives and opportunities in society. So they created middle class from that useless office chair farters doing meaningless jobs for middle class salary.