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When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the first set of stone tablets, he encountered the idolatry and immorality of the people. In rage Moses threw down the tablets, breaking them to pieces. After the people repented, God called Moses to climb Mount Sinai again, with new stone tablets to replace those he had broken: “When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, with the two tablets of the testimony in his hand as he came down from the mountain, Moses did not know that the skin of his face shone because he had been talking with God” (Exodus 34:29, ESV). When the people saw Moses’ shining face, they were afraid to go near him (verse 30). So Moses covered his face with a veil (verse 33). There seems to be nothing in this passage to warrant the idea that Moses had horns, yet this is indeed where the idea comes from, because of a Latin translation.

The original Hebrew word used to describe the radiant skin of Moses’ face is qaran. A related word, qeren, means “horns,” as it refers to something that “projected outward” as horns do. However, the word qaran properly means “to shine” or “to send out rays.” The Hebrew wording used in Exodus 34 was meant to indicate that Moses’ face “sent forth rays of light” or “projected light.”

The Latin Vulgate translation by Jerome in the fourth century used the Latin word cornuta to describe Moses’ face. Cornuta, related to the word cornucopia (“horn of plenty”), means “horned.” Jerome, in saying that Moses was unaware that “his face had become horned,” was most likely expressing the fact that the skin of Moses’ face radiated with “strong horns of light.” But his wording led to overly literal interpretations by artists who assumed that Moses had actual horns protruding from his face when he descended Mount Sinai.


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That is 100% the real answer. Great breakdown btw.

And for the continuity folks it’s the same divine light that shown from Jesus on Mount Tabor at the transfiguration. It’s a theme in the Bible.

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This is also considered a mandela effect. Just like the cornucopia disappearing from the fruit of the loom logo.

'Horn of plenty'

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like therer being 2 animals on king tut's burial mask now too........a snake and a bird?

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That one bugs me too..other ones are the obvious big one - Berenstein bears... ice caps on Mars... the hurricane that almost hit the east coast the morning of 9!! And Ed McMahon never working for publishers clearing house.

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I remember being 5, and asking my mom "What's that horn thing?" in reference to the Fruit of the Loom logo. That's how I learned the word cornucopia. The cornucopia was in that fuckin' logo.

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nobody knows fucking anything about astrology for fucks sake.

moses represents ares, the age of the ram. That’s why he has rams horns. That’s why he was pissed that the people were worshipping the bull, tarus, which was the previous age. It was the age of the ram now so time for that.

Then the whole jesus thing was all about the next age, pices. The two fish. That’s why the jesus symbol is the fish, that’s why he fed people with fish, that’s why the popes hat is shaped like a fish head etc etc etc.


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IIRC "Moses had horns" was symbolic to mean he was the coming of the age of the ram or something

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Moses didn't exist. Moses didn't exist at all. Not even slightly. He is a common Summerian story reworded. The Sargon of Akkad. The thirteenth commandments are from Hammurabi's code of laws.

Stop these bullshit posts, they serve no function.

https://i.etsystatic.com/19525252/r/il/fc1bbc/2130842479/il_1588xN.2130842479_98z0.jpg Glowie

https://www.britannica.com/question/What-is-Hammurabis-Code It was a stone tablet

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I have been thinking more and more about the Bible and how it has been sold in massive amount of numbers, published in countless different languages for a very long time, still being able to be sold all over... the Bible was written by man; it is possible that King James wasnt even truly a Christian.... we cant take the Bible completely at its word. It was NOT written by Jesus or God himself.... they did NOT created religion, man did.

I have been praying a lot about this lately and more and more, I just have more and more questions about

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the book of enoch is real, i have had revelatory visions with no prior knowledge or interest in christianity that took me there after i researched wtf i saw

so with this one, you can be sure

the problem is: this one being real paints a very bizarre picture of reality, but at least a cohesive one that all these dark actors of the world are actually fallen angels and we're about to see some weird shit going down in the next 10 years

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ALL books have been written by man and mankind has always had an agenda, (to the victor go to spoils.. and the story writing) whether it be good or bad, but using half-truths and half-lies in order to manipulate people into believing what they are saying. I no longer take ANY man's written/spoken word at full face value and I could care no less of when & where in time those words were spoken/written. QUESTION EVERYTHING

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The tablets were probably like modern day tablets, and his face was glowing from the light of the tablets. Not really serious, but some of the comments made me think of that.

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This is not to be overlooked as historical trivia. I suggest one may begin research with the Horns of Ammon.

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Jesus straight up told people that Moses was a false teacher, it was when some men in crowd started arguing with him about marriage, something to the effect of Moses taught that it was okay to throw away your wives when they became older and less attractive and get new younger hotter ones, and Jesus told them Moses taught false things to people in the form of telling people what they wanted to hear even if it was wrong