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People that discuss conspiracy theories generally have a more solid understanding of the world and bigger picture (moreso than the average person). As such, I'm curious if you've used that information to make money through investments? If so can you share an example? If not, why not? Is conspiracy knowledge useful for investing?

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I'm debt free and run a profitable business.

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Feels good man.

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Yes. I pulled money out of my managed investment accounts in January 2020 because I watched George Gammon's

Coronavirus: Could It Trigger An Economic Collapse? YES! (Here's Why)

3 weeks later they crashed, so I put my money back in

I also started investing in Coal, Oil & Gas stocks based on George's discussion a couple of weeks ago with

Chris MacIntosh (How To Invest For Global Elite Agendas, War, Food/Energy Shortages, Inflation)

and I've got about 12% return so far

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I've long given consideration to the same idea, but there is something many might consider a type of fundamental problem.

The bulk of conspiracy eventually involves people somewhere who are being ripped off, oppressed, injured, killed, etc. It's really a primary reason anyone would consider it important to study conspiracy, which is with some idea of preventing such occurrence. To invest, you're essentially "going long" on human suffering. That seems uncomfortably close to what the Elites do.

Quite a conundrum, eh?

Anti-bonus: It turns out truth is deeply unpopular, and thus difficult to monetize. Comforting lies are consistent best sellers, though.

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Ron paul, federal reserve, bitcoin in 2013. Yes.

My prediction back then was if they will start having carbon credits then the economy will be energy = money. Which is essentially what the mining of bitcoin is. If russia and others go back to the gold standard we cant fiat our way out. This might still happen.

Have a controlled opposition like elon really push it with solar powered bitcoin mining. This still might be in play.

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This is what I mean. Using macro level conspiracy knowledge for investing

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Ignored their basic party line. Did my own thing.

After 911 i was advised to invest in defense stocks. Blood money rules the markets.

Kar ma is a thing.

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Yeah, when I think about it - PMs. For me, metal investing especially has been a result of learning about this rabbit hole of the corrupt fed, banks, etc.

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Yeah definitely if you can see the shape of things unfolding you're able to prepare

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I made money betting on Tump to win 2016. Odds were paying 25:1. Had I dumped all my savings at the time I would have made 1.5 million. All the media spooked me too much to just trust my own observations.

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I'm interested in brainstorming/thinktanking with anyone here who would like to come up with ideas to fleece fox news boomers.

I'm confident that we can find a normal product to attach "freedom" or "patriot" or "liberty" to and make money hand over fist as they compulsively buy it.

Repackage cutco knives as "Freedom Blades."

Repurpose a normal comforter as "Liberty Linnen."

Things like that.

PM me. You know it'll work.

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Why don't you create a community called patriots dot win?

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You have to be a dumb college kid if you think cutco is worth anything, let alone if you think you can "repackage" a 300 dollar knife. Stupid fuck

Fucking lefties have no sense of economics, just demand "free money" like fucking blacks.