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Feds who shill Flat Earth distractions here:

The feds want you to do as you’re told and not ask questions. They want you to believe. I want you to stop believing, and either know (and know how you know, and how you validated such knowledge) or recognize that you do not.

You may assume, as you are encouraged to through the FE psyop, that flat earth research is only a distraction - but you will never know until you earnestly research it. You should stop giving in to your fear and try to understand what it is, and why. I assure you it will be valuable/rewarding if you can only do so earnestly.

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from a retard who can't understand how seasons, atmospheric refraction and day/night work.

You make some wild assumptions ... like your “buddy”. If you want to know what i understand, and what my perspective is - you’ll have to earnestly discuss it with me first. Randomly guessing and mistakenly assuming like your “buddy” is stupid.

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Who are you talking to who believes in that?

If you want to understand my perspective, shouldn’t you try talking to me about it first? It seems really stupid for you to simply assume and guess randomly...

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For your sake, i hope you are a bot.

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You still haven't proven FE

If i had, you wouldn’t know it. You’d have to read and comprehend for that.

All you are doing is ignoring and trolling :(

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You FE cultists are so desperate for attention

What FE cultists? You seem to be having a conversation with someone who isn’t here :(

You started this “conversation”. Can’t you remember? You are making me sad for you, or your programmer :(

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I'm making fun of you because it amuses me

I know :( That makes you stupid, proud, and belligerent. It also ensures you remain ignorant. Is that really what you want to be?

Please carry on being smug and ignorant at the same time

You keep accusing me of doing what you are doing... That’s a classic shill move. Do better, if you can. You are probably too young to understand (assuming you are a human at all), but no significant intellect (which you incorrectly equate to IQ) would, or would want to, act this way.

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Typical cope I see when one has been defeated

Lol. How can you “defeat” me when all you do is ignore me and then repeat your troll taunts (“stop begging me to join your cult” etc.). What kind of a “victory” would that even be? Taunting as you do is only for losers :(

Notice how you didn't bring those out until I crushed you?

crushed annoyed and disheartened.

Not only are you unwilling to respond to the content of my responses - you seem utterly incapable. So instead you go back to taunting like a common troll. It is my sincere hope that you are a bot. It is too depressing to imagine that a real human being would waste their lives this way.

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Woah, 4 responses to my two...

What compels you to keep talking to someone you believe is an idiot who isn’t worth talking to?

What kind of an idiot would do that?

who's life revolves around FE fairytales

I encourage the eschewing of fairytales, and belief. I encourage flat earth research, not FE or belief (in fairytales, or “fact” alike).

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Why put in so much effort for little old me?

This is a good question to ask yourself. You requested this “conversation” and can’t seem to just walk away from it :(

Every time you respond you display your interest in engaging with someone you profess is too stupid to engage with. What kind of a fool does that make you?

You would do well to earnestly consider my questions.

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Just look at the wall of text

They are called words. You should try reading them, and then responding to them.

Continuing to ignore them and pat yourself on the back about it is not a good plan. Do as you will :(

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Keep trying to convert me

Lol. What would i “convert” you to? A thinking human being and competent student?

Please quote/cite what i said that you misinterpreted as “trying to convert you”.

You asked me for proof and to discuss this subject. It was and is your request. You can bail on the conversation (because it is too difficult for you) anytime you want!

I am only here to help, discuss, and exchange my research conclusions (and approach). I do it, among other reasons, not to “convert” but to subject my views to criticism in the hopes of refinement. If i am wrong, i should like to know it and know how i can validate that knowledge for myself. How about you?

I will just keep making fun

You can do whatever you wish, but you should know that attacking the thinker (instead of the thought) is merely the last resort of the intellectually feeble. Out of desperation and incompetence they attack the thinker because they can’t attack the thought. Do better if you are capable!

dA eArF bE fLaT n ShEeEiT

So says you. Why do you say such stupid things?

Again, if you think i said anything like that - please cite/quote when i did so that i can help you understand what i actually meant.

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Except for the FE cult you belong to and constantly promote

No, very much including it - though as i said, that’s not a genuine cult, it’s a funded psyop.

As for me promoting it; could you cite/quote an example of what i said that you obviously misinterpreted?

The one where you cry like a bitch when it gets insulted andor proven wrong

Are you high, or just deluded? When do you think anything like that happened? Insult the FE cult [psyop] all you want. Again, please cite/quote what i said that you misinterpreted as “crying like a bitch”.

No, you are a cultist and either too weak to admit it

Looks like i struck a nerve :( This statement is for you, not me.

The hallmarks of a cult are the requirement to accept dogmas as truth and punishment for dissent. I am advocating only for free exploration, discussion, and rationally critical evaluation of the dogmas you hold dear and would be punished for questioning. Are you so afraid of being punished by your cult that you can’t even talk about other worldviews (let alone consider them earnestly)?

Refusing to question those dogmas (and attacking those who do, as your cult/religion conditions) is what stupid people do. This is regardless of what shape the world is (which in truth, has very little to do with flat earth research).

You may want to consider why you can’t even allow yourself to have an earnest or civil conversation.

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Flat. Earth. Is. Retarded.

Right? So why is there such a heavily advertised (i.e. funded) campaign to make sure that we know that? When by default it is so ostensibly retarded on its face, why bother?

The sun rises in the East and sets in the West, everywhere on the planet, year round.

True (ish).

Get a frisbee and a tennic ball and try to figure out that could possibly happen on a flat Earth.

It doesn’t seem like you’ve done this :(. Why do you think it’s impossible?

Consider the tautology. IF the earth is flat, then everything we observe/experience occurs over a flat earth.

The fact that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west doesn’t change the shape of the world, nor measure or define that shape in any significant way. Why do you think it would?

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This isn’t exactly wrong, but it isn’t quite right either.

The heavily advertised (i.e. funded) flat earth psyop’s primary purpose is making sure that you never seriously discuss or research the valuable subject.

It was, regrettably, so successful that now it can (and is) used the way you show it above.

Fundamentally, why such an ostensibly stupid idea (“the world is flat”) would warrant an expensive ad campaign “assuring” you that it was “too stupid” for you to ever bother with should tell you a lot... Methinks the woman doth protest too much, eh?

If you want to learn more about the subject and/or flat earth psyop, or merely exchange views on it - please join us on flatearthresearch!

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No, I won't join your gay little FE cult

There is no FE cult - that is a heavily advertised (i.e. funded) psyop. I encourage flat earth research, but it is a largely independent endeavor (inherently anti-cult).

Now, fuck off and seethe somewhere else.

You started this “discussion” :( You are free to abandon it any time you want!

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Why are you still trying to convert me to your religion?

I am a heretic to all religions, most notably scientism. I am merely trying to help you recognize your own beliefs and share my knowledge with you, but that is only because you asked for that.

Are you that desperate for converts or for validation from someone with an IQ over 25?

I am only interested in rational discourse. All iq’s are welcome.

I can see you wan’t to be left alone because the conversation is too difficult for you. So be it. If you change your mind and wish to actually discuss - you know where to find me.

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Are you ok?

Who do you think you are talking to?

You quoted a famous movie about freaks (delivered by them)...

You’re making me worry about you bro (or sis).

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Oh, that's it! I totally believe in FE now!

You don’t understand. If you believe the world is flat, oblate spheroid, or any other shape - you have faith not fact.

Only fools believe what they ought to know (or recognize they do not know).

allowing me to change my beliefs

This is good progress. Admitting and recognizing that you merely believe in the shape of the world is the first step to working towards knowing it for the first time.

How am I now better than everyone else?

You aren’t. Just like you aren’t now and for the exact same reasons. Vanity, ego, and pride are debilitating crutches. You would do better to try and eschew them.

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Pathetic and weak.

The feeling is mutual. But you are free to believe whatever fantasy you like.

On the other hand, if you want to know instead of merely believe - you should put some effort in and ask questions!

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Why are you trying so hard to convince me

I’m not. I would never seek to convince [manipulate] you of anything.

I was just answering your questions and providing the evidence you requested.

You seem to have trouble following conversation :(

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