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Whether you or I believe in it or not, they do.

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Through stabbing countless people in the back. Through subversion and deception. Through the injection of decadence into Godly civilizations. Through the tolerance and ignorance of Europeans who simply wanted to live their lives.

Through the use of dark arts in hollywood, media and music. Through a unity of hatred and a willingness to commit any atrocity needed. Through the power and influence of wealth, granted to them by the one they serve.

In other words, they first got into power by being the synagogue of Satan.

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What if demoralized people had not been demoralized? Righteous anger is the force that makes people stand, specifically when they are isolated from the morale of a like-minded mob.

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Correct me if I'm wrong. Didn't Barack Obama sign something into effect right before he left office, making it impossible to persecute members of congress for past crimes?

Which is to say, Donald Trump and co. needed them to commit new crimes in order to convict them?

I can't find the thread I read yesterday where someone spelled that out to me, if I do I'll try to elaborate on the facts.

by TlKr
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I hope we can keep updating these lists as time goes on. The only option for us to have a vestige of free-speech and information is to single these people out for all to see. Good job OP.

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"Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear."

We have to trust our intuition. Any truth is covered in a bacteria of lies, any honest information is indistinguishable in a sea of information irrelevance.

Our only option is to bring spiritual and emotional capacity into the game. Our mind is out-gunned by propaganda and kept from vital nourishment via censorship. The only panacea is to trust in yourself beyond what you've been taught by the society around you. If truth is what you seek, if it's more than just a wish and there is some action behind it, the universe will deliver you to it - because you are the universe.