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The Virus Regime is Fake and Gay

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Given that Congress stole the money from Me, and We The People to pay Bill Gates and the pharma megacorps, my doses are mine to donate to anybody with "vacine envy."

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Yeah. Animal testing.

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If You trust Bill Gates, The Jews'Media, Big Tech, Corporations and the government, take the vaccine.

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This could end up a perfect way to avoid libtards, commies and sheep.

I can't stand them anyway.

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People use it to get around payment processors, and don't pay taxes on the gains back into dollars. You dont make anything if You don't exit into dollars.

It has helped people who've been banned from paypal, visa, mastercard, and dont have a bank account, so there's that.

I do agree that the potential for trouble from the Feds' ability to make allegations of tax evasion, financing terrorism, drug trafficking or human trafficking is concerning.

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Lockdowns destroy small business for the benefit of shitty and unpatriotic large corporations.

Don't take the covid vaccines, for the simple analysis of risk.

You're better off with Covid.

Vaccines are at best a mega money grift: Government robs the people to pay the vax producers, and coerces demand.

The opportunity for an agenda more nefarious are endless.

Bill Gates is an untrustworthy menace.

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Yes exactly. All this Chyna shit is a distraction from the domestic enemy.

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Its more relevant to focus on who sold us out and turned us into a nation of whining grifters, faggots and trannies.