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What, you mean you don't simply trust the word of somebody on Twitter.... especially when they claim something outrageous?

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At this point, my default stance is to doubt every story that smells like it is meant to rile up the Right and get us angrier. Especially if the "story" is just a screenshot or a Tweet.

Remember when "the Kraken" was going to get unleashed by Trump and company? Remember when the CIA director was supposedly shot in a server farm raid in Germany?

I have no doubt there is much fuckery afoot. But there is a lot of agitprop, too.

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Definitely a good reminder to all about the ACLU. They are a shadow of their former selves, utterly co-opted by the Left now. They still proudly tout how they defended the Nazis in Skokie, but the ACLU today wouldn't touch that case.

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I'm not surprised. The amount of agitprop I've seen on the Right (and accepted wholesale by non-critical-thinkers) since the 2020 election has been stunning.

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For one, any Latvian whose representative now cannot represent them because of this rule.

Two, anybody in any other country with leaders that think this might be a good idea. And let's not pretend that we don't have that breed of idiot here.

The Founding Fathers thought it was pretty damn important, and that was largely just about taxation.

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Spoiler alert: the concerning part doesn't involve pay.

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I can't speak for everyone obviously, but for me I don't think it was ever about "trusting Trump".

It was "I trust whomever Trump is running against / pissing off this week even less."

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Fast-forward 10 years: "Biden had some issues. But that's old news, and you still need to vote Democrat!"

Same deny-deny-deny-well-maybe-yes-let's-move-on tactic used for so many things. Iraqi WMDs, Russian collusion bullshit, Hunter Biden's laptop....

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I suspect Maxwell's legal strategy, if they can't get her bail (after which she'll flee for the first country without a US extradition treaty she can find) then they'll do whatever they can to get a mistrial declared.

If she spills the beans in her defense, she's a dead woman.

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"You shat yourself? My God, what happened? Were you under fire? Did you really exert yourself carrying children out of a burning orphanage? Passengers out of a plane wreck?"

"No, I wanted to complete a foot race so I could put a '26.2' sticker on my Nissan Cube."

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How they deal with this dilemma will be interesting to watch.

It's simple: they'll ignore it.

And when they cannot ignore it, they'll claim that the NYC BLM leadership was "compromised" by some boogeyman and doesn't reflect "real" black interests. It'll be thrown under the bus and new ringers will be brought in to "fix the problem".

The white Left is both absolutely terrified by COVID and in love with having greater control over people's lives. There's no way in hell they'll sacrifice the vaccination narrative for BLM.

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I'm sure somebody said the same about the FBI, and the death of Hoover.

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What, the dozens of explanations in the other thread were insufficient?