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Why do some people not get chicken pox? An outbreak at a daycare or school or even in a home will not get 100% of the people. Why not?

Unprotected sex with an hiv+ person does not always transmit hiv. It’s actually quite rare.

Why if the virus is present and there is exposure, do some get sick and others do not?

Terrain theory seeks to understand that. Not simply that viruses are not real but that scientists are greatly incentivized to never question a virus’ role in sickness because as is means a new money making drug per every new found virus. Endless money.

But if there are ways to combat illness that have to do with how we care for our bodies and why they are exposed to, much less to profit from. And much more to sue the government for. And sue corporations for.

What if EMFs weaken how our mitochondria produce energy for our cells which leads to increase aging and ailments and reduced efficiency in all our bodily systems?

What if Monsanto chemicals in food and water destroy our gut and our immune system making us more prone to small infections and seasonal illnesses?

What if artificial lights mess with our hormones like we know they do with chickens laying eggs?

There are many environmental factors that are new and abnormal like eating pineapples and bananas in winter in the north. Not possible before. Does that impact our health and our ability to fed off sickness?

What about excessive cold or heat? We never have to experience it anymore with climate controll. Does that harm us?

These are terrain questions

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The medical industry is incentivized to believe it. Money is only given to germ theory research. And germ theory provides an endless stream of money for researching specific toxins and patenting a specific treatment tailored to that toxin.

Some may think otherwise, but then you can lose your lab, grant money, be attacked and ostracized. They’ve all blinded themselves willingly or inadvertently.

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AZT was a chemo**drug they gave to hiv positive people to fight the infection. It was poisonous and caused diseases that were explained as AIDS.

New hiv drugs are tested using AZT as a control. Botched science and covering their trail to make billions.

Also hiv started in a community of drug and popper using, multi course a year antibiotic taking, 1000+ sexual partners a year community. Hiv is theorized to be a harmless or relatively passive virus that can pass via sex/IV drugs. And the lifestyle was killing these people. It decimated their gut bacteria and damaged their bodies so they died from damn near anything which is what AIDS is.

This particular community would just have sex and take std antibiotics to continue on with their life. They rejected the “terrain” theory and demanded drugs which killed them.

Also the same manufacturer of poppers made AZT. They damaged the lungs of these people and destroyed their immune systems with toxic drugs, then poisoned them to death with AZT.

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Your dialectic arguments are only useful if they support the accepted rhetoric. If they stop supporting that, you’re the enemy.

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I would guess you don’t care personally, but to anyone else: this is entirely an opinion and it assertion at the end that it’s ‘hard not to notice’ is manipulation and gaslighting.

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You know how kid movies have adult jokes and humor that goes over the kids heads? These weird clickbait articles are the same but I’m the kid and it goes over my head.

Like why add that guys quote about turning plaque wood into Colt grips? And “Weinstein” in there. And Nixon+Louisiana. 200 samples vanishing…These things mean something.

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If you have a local farmers market or organic farm, you can save seeds pretty easily from tomatoes and peppers. Some things can cross pollinate and not breed true (most squashes and melons). But you can try.

Potatoes and onions can sprout and you can plant those and save the seeds. A planted potato is a clone of the parent and will grow more tubers, but they flower and produce berries that are very poisonous, but contain seeds you can plant. Most potatoes are grown from clones as tubers or seed potatoes, but you can also plant potato seeds.

You can forage some local plants for seeds: wild onion/garlic onion is a good one. Ask gardening friends if they can divide some of their plant to you. Walking onions, raspberry/blackberry, rhubarb, horseradish… they all spread like crazy. And herbs can all be divided or propagated from cuttings if you use rooting hormone.

I highly recommended the book seed to seed if you are serious about saving seeds.

I like seed savers exchange for seeds to buy.

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You can’t be reasonably sure. But what you can know is that if information is being promoted, that information means something to somebody. I

But is this information symbolic? Is it to be taken at face value? Is it false? Is it true? Can you unlock its meaning?

Example. Tom Brady goes to White House… tells Biden 40% of people don’t think they won but they did!

Why is he there? Who does Tom represent? Why report on this specific quote? Why does this get coverage? Why is this news to the public?

This is information. It is being promoted. But what does it mean? Did it even happen? How can I know? Some news article said. Maybe someone was there to verify that quote was said. But I don’t know who picked that quote to be put in the article or why a news story was created around it. But someone does. Someone can interpret that info. And it means something to them and it means next to nothing to everybody else.

And if scientific studies are funded by government, by big businesses, can we trust “science”? We try to verify the sources the “information” presents. What if it’s a perfectly sound logical argument built on a false premise or base? It will check out unless you question the premise. And if you can’t question it you might believe something entirely false.

Honestly if you want to push a false narrative, you probably would want to make sure it reasonably checks out. Poorly crafted studies are made and science papers are written and pushed. But really, did you verify the study was done? Were you there? Did you call to confirm finding with any of the authors? Aside from that, did you scour the study to make sure it was sent up in an unbiased manner? Are you able to access the raw data that they used to draft up their charts and tables or are you just trusting them to present it fairly?

But evil and deception out there can’t possibly control everyone so some truth must come through. You can’t discredit and discount everything. But you do need to know who is sending the info? Who is funding it? Who is meant to receive the info? Is there a possible double meaning?

It’s a big club and you ain’t in it. You don’t speak the language. Information is being sent and it looks absolutely ridiculous and stupid to most people but if you speak the language you understand.

If you want to trust a source you have to know the source and be familiar with the topic enough to decide for yourself. And then not be married to that outcome if more information comes along to add to your understanding.

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Book: The Virus and the Vaccine. It’s got a lot about SV40 and the polio vaccine, but not linking baby powder. Tells a bit of Eddy’s story.

There are archived CDC webpages about sv40 that match up with what this book says too but they were removed.

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Basically the gov will funnel money into J&J with contracts and stuff about pharmaceuticals and affordable healthcare. Johnson and Johnson will siphon off part of the company to take the fall and payouts for SV40 induced cancer. J&J help by taking blame.

These are old stories resurrected because of the current vaccine push via government. It’sa way to say “hey look, we messed up, J&J takes the fall, but watch how we prop them up “